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  1. Lann

    Post Pics of your new shit

    Beat up from Two Bros.
  2. Lann

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

    I got the Vagner, RE7B, XA-21, Autarch, Tempesta, Zentorno, Nero Customs, X80, T20, Itali GTB, Turismo R, Entity so i will try a few of them. We got this!
  3. Lann

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    Close battle for 10th!
  4. Lann

    TNT (Dodge)

    Feels like my first impression of the Hotring races. Are the Issi R* races also to be raced 30 player dirty contact to be enjoyed?
  5. Lann

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    This must be wrong?
  6. Lann

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    I love (and curse) how is really not predictable, great to see imo unexpected results.
  7. Lann

    Crew Challenge 157 - Whirling About Wiwang

    58.2 for me, no ps4 with me on holliday so thsts my entry. 58.200 ( cant remember the 1**) Struggeled with the last corner)
  8. Lann

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    I blew it. I have a schedule for my transfers and then i forget to do the last changes before the free transfers end yesterday. Now i am stuck with no Uruguay for today. Good thing my current team was my ”day 3” team and i only ”missed” one transfer. Hopefully i can make good use of the saved transfer for later.
  9. Lann

    ps4 Pegassi Bati 801RR

    Link: http://rsg.ms/44da82a
  10. Lann

    Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

  11. Lann

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    16 teams!
  12. Lann

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    Any means I am thinking "hey buddy want to be my friend" is a good starts to score as well
  13. Lann

    non-racing Crew Challenges

    How many personal vehicles (not friend or crews) can you destroy by driving or pushing it into the ocean, a lake or pool during a week? Save a video of each!
  14. Date of Event: Time of Event in UTC: Does Event Repeat: If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Amount of Players Allowed: Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: Any interest in trying to get alot of members involved in a event where we create a race locked to a specific stock vehicle. Each person picks a (one) car and create a new contact race suited just for, and locked to, that vehicle. If we get some interest and have alot of races once its time to host the races as an event I suggest each race is no longer than 5 min. If there is interest we can start picking vehicles, no vehicles can be used by more than one creator. Great opportunity to try the creator if you havent already. And maybe a good reason for others to get back in there.. We should dedicate at least two weeks for creating and fine tuning the races. Lets aim at holding 30 players.