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  1. Banketelli


  2. Banketelli

    What did you do today?

    Huge congratulations to you and the missus, my friend! Can imagine it being almost as big as retaking the King of the Projects title.
  3. Banketelli

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    1:30.8 something. Won't have the exact time before tommorrow. Sorry.
  4. Banketelli

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    @The_Lady_A, I'm the proud owner of the Turismo Classic. But if you are trying out both and do better in that one, I don't mind buying the Cheetah.
  5. Banketelli

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    I think I know which cars we are talking about, and I have one of them but can't remember which. Will let you know later today.
  6. Banketelli


    I'm a huge Spider-man fan so have been looking forward to this and it sounds like it's living up to all the expectations. Gonna get myself a copy somerhing this weekend.
  7. Banketelli

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    Also meant to do some biking but never got the time. Will try on this one. A great track.
  8. Banketelli

    Crew Challenge 164 - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

    Stop the snackinance! My 1st place in the crew challenge hof won't last much longer.
  9. Banketelli

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Speculations can also be fun and if you're impatiently waiting like me, 2 months still feel fucking far away. I'm pretty sure we will start out with a camp as well. Interested to see how much we can modify it, if we can camp wherever we want and how it works with other players, mainly the hostile ones. RDR Multiplayer was good fun but also very limited. It didn't offer much in terms of ownership or customization and therefore I think the blueprint will be GTAO with a range of businesses being added along the way, free roam activities, garages stables, etc. We have already seen in the trailers that customization will be taking to another level with how you can engrave your weapons and hopefully we will see more smallish but cool personalized stuff like that. It's sounds like the progressing system from RDR with ranks and legend status carries over. Hopefully there will be special items you can unlock all the way to (a realistic) max. level. Yes, let there be a ceiling instead of the endless leveling up in GTAO.
  10. Banketelli

    It's happening...

    Don't know if they're better. The horse should be the fastest but others could be better in different areas, and there hasn't been anything said about the performance of the weapons. Doubt they'll be the best online. Just imagine the shitstorm. Same with the horse. It won't be the fastest for long.
  11. Banketelli

    TV shows

    Have yet to see the latest season. Brilliant show. So glad it was saved.
  12. Banketelli

    Changes to Awards +

    If we are gonna see some RDR2 awards then no problem, we can start from scratch. I'm gonna smoke your ass.
  13. Banketelli

    Changes to Awards +

    Excited to see the return of DBucks!
  14. Banketelli

    Crew Challenge 160 - Two Wheel Wining

    Got me a time. 1:54.682 Btw very impressive laps, @no_snacks. Hard for me to see where to gain nearly 3 seconds.