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  1. zmurko

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    14 transfers left and only need to replace 1 swiss player.
  2. zmurko

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    Hmm, I had no idea there's a daily limit of 3 transfers, now I'm stuck with Rodriguez (COL) who got injured during last match. Trying to go through with minimum required transfers. I've made my first 3 to get rid of eliminated players. I'll be screwed if both BRA & CRO are eliminated (have 5 of them in my team now). Anyway, I can again forget about the team until 1/4 finals now, Select&Forget. 🤘
  3. zmurko

    What did you do today?

    Well, apparently it is not that uncommon for the blood pressure to drop if we stand up too quickly in the morning (already lowered blood pressure and expanded arteries). Peeing actually makes things even slightly worse (something about arteries expanding even more). Not enough blood gets pumped in the brain. If there's a severe lack of blood pumped in the beain, we pass out. It's a good practice to get out of bed slowly, by sitting up first etc (and perhaps even peeing sitting down first thing in the morning). My blood pressure during the day is otherwise almost optimum 125/75. While getting stitches in ER (something I'm used to, as I had my head stitched 5 times already) it dropped from 125 to 60. Having my face covered and not getting enough oxygen didn't really help. At least I have the week off now. 😁
  4. zmurko

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    I sti have my original team. Probably why I'm near the bottom too 😁
  5. zmurko

    What did you do today?

    No idea, maybe I got up too quick. All tests were good. I'm OK now. I guess I'm getting old?
  6. zmurko

    What did you do today?

    Woke up, went to the toilet, passed out, banged my head, spent the day at ER. 🤕 Got stitches, almost passed out again, now staying for the night on observations. Woohoo! 😕
  7. zmurko

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
  8. zmurko

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    In his peak? Glory days over?! Numbers would argue otherwise. Goals: To me it just feels like Messi doesn't give 2 shits about his national team, that's all, they must have a really shitty team spirit or something, ARG would have lost against any other half decent team today. Ronaldo might be a skilled football beast (I'll give him that), but I can't stand him. That last freekick foul yesterday was an acting masterclass too. Just like LeBron in basketball, a beast and probably best player, but can't really stand him. Not talking about off the pitch personas at all, talking strictly about players during a match.
  9. zmurko

    Small Issues

    +1 really miss this too.
  10. zmurko

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Congratulations Fido and mrs.Fido! Great news! 😁
  11. zmurko

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    I've joined as well with Select-and-forget:
  12. zmurko

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Ignore my maybe rsvp, didn't realize my psn+ subscribtion ran out a while ago.
  13. zmurko

    It's happening...

    I can't decide if I should read the articles / watch demo or not. Would they reveal too much? I think I can wait until October and explore the game on my own (best part). Maybe I'll do it in few months when the hype gets unbearable.
  14. zmurko

    It's happening...

    Hmm, so coming out fall 2017 has turned into October 26th 2018 now. Give or take a year I guess.