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  1. zmurko

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    Zmurko 0 pts NOT 7th
  2. Subscribing to the topic, just in case (eventhough I have that weekend already planned out).
  3. zmurko

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    How the hell am I still 7th?! AND STILL AHEAD OF ALLY!
  4. zmurko

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    My NYE 6-course dinner.
  5. zmurko

    PB's cycling QOTD*

    Bump. (can't believe this has been dead for over 2 years). Stumbled across this on YT, it's LA (so GTA5) themed video: Could it be "replicated" within the game?
  6. zmurko


    He sure is. So much joy to watch him play, he's really special. Nuff said:
  7. zmurko


    Top of the East is brutal, conference semi-finals are going to be a bloodbath. TOR, BOS, PHI, MIL. West is weird this year, OKL and HOU are weaker, GSW are way ahead of everyone else (with Curry), I really like the Clippers, they actually play like a real team, with no stars on their roster (except their coach). Everyone except for the Suns is capable of reaching the playoffs. I've been watching a lot of games this season thanks to League pass, particularly every Dallas game of course, because ... LUUUUUUKA!
  8. zmurko


    Luuuuuuka!!! How's everyone enjoying the new NBA season?
  9. Bear stew by Babish. ☺
  10. Definitely! It means no more cloud simulator I guess, but actual interaction between players in a certain game mode will probably still be P2P, so it doesnt necessarly eliminates lag issues in combat for example. We'll see.
  11. Soo... any sign of RDRO in game (menus) already, or is it still story mode only? I haven't really been following rdr news lately, so no idea when are they planning to launch the online world.
  12. zmurko

    RDR2 Screenshots

    *jerking off emoji*
  13. zmurko

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Looks delicious, though I can see all the Italians rolling their eyes, shaking their heads and facepalming. ? (too many and too much toppings). I had a fun 4h session in the kitchen yesterday, making all this from scratch:
  14. zmurko

    What did you do today?

    Congratulations @Fido_le_muet and the missus! Awesome news.
  15. zmurko