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  1. DeaD_GooN

    What Is Your Favorite Movie Quotes/Scene?

    "I'm not going anywhere near that thing. Do you have any idea what one of those things can do? Suck the paint off your house, and give your family a permanent orange afro." -Spies Like Us
  2. DeaD_GooN

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    I need 2 or 3 more cargo, then I'm maxed. Sitting at 1.6M right now. Don't think I'll be on today, but should be ready to sell tomorrow.
  3. DeaD_GooN

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    That worked for me at one time, but after about a month it came back.
  4. DeaD_GooN

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    There was something in the patch notes about this being fixed. I was plagued by this bug for a long time. No matter what "fixes" I would do, it would always eventually come back. A couple months ago I reverted all the mkII weapons back to their normal state and didn't have the issue. When I saw that mentioned in the notes, I re-upgraded everything. And as of yet, haven't seen the issue return. *fingers crossed*
  5. DeaD_GooN

    What're you listening to right now?

    Greta Van Fleet I just recently found out about these guys. And I gotta say, as a huge Led Zeppelin fan, I'm digging the shit outta this.
  6. DeaD_GooN

    Real Drift Tampa

    Dodge recreated this in a race. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/dodgeservice/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/BbD8IlZ3bkqnYw504iOD4A
  7. DeaD_GooN


    This reminds me of Destruction Derby from the PS1 days. One of my favorites. Now I am also hyped for this. My PC probably couldn't handle Minesweeper, so unfortunately I'll have to wait for the PS4 release.
  8. DeaD_GooN

    Post Pics of your new shit

    I put all the cardboard shit on mine. It's hilarious. I love it.
  9. DeaD_GooN

    Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

  10. DeaD_GooN

    Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    I'll post my times when I get home tonight. I've got the screen shots on the PS4. My times weren't great. Apparently I don't hot lap well.
  11. DeaD_GooN

    Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    I'll go with Comet SR and Feltzer.
  12. DeaD_GooN

    Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    I actually haven't done this in anything other than muscle cars, but count me in for this. I'd like to use the Comet SR and the Neon, but I've got plethora of sports cars that never leave the garage that I could use if need be. Oh, and watch out for those barriers. They bite!
  13. DeaD_GooN

    Hey there, folks.

    How bout a tiny little 4 year bump. I know I haven't been as involved with crew shit as I used to be, but I also know I would have given up on this game long ago if it weren't for you guys. So thanks for that. Not gonna go into a whole big speech or anything, so yeah, that's it. Domestic Battery = good.
  14. DeaD_GooN

    Far Cry 5

    Mmmmm.... I'll have some.
  15. DeaD_GooN

    Eager beaver intro

    Hey there. Welcome.