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  1. nickstix

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    Amazing! Thankyou all ! Cheers
  2. nickstix

    gta Gfred Friday

    Fun crazy playlist! My girl was so slow.. Mestrual period!?
  3. nickstix


    Thank you so much I'm in the crew now. I hope see you soon online! ..note that english is not my 1st language so please be patience about that. Thankyou
  4. nickstix


    I've changed my social club privacy, now everything should be pubblic. Please let me know if i missed something else. Cheers
  5. nickstix


    Thankyou everybody for the welcome. To answer lann I didnt know your crew. Find you with a lucky google searching with keywords like friendly, organized, adult crew... Then scroll down a little
  6. nickstix


    Hallo everybody. I'm a new member from Italy. I'm new on ps4 and ready to have some fun in the amazing rockstar worlds What time zone are you active in? GMT +1 ITALY (i usually play in the evening, till late) What are some of your goals/reasons for joining a crew? I'm looking for a friendly and adult gang for both the games, gta and rdr Our tags must remain active during vetting, can you abide by this? (Afterwards you can swap at will but we should be your primary) Yes I can Will you be able to attend at least 1 event or game with the crew once per week, and visit out site frequently? Yes I will