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  1. Ebon

    Newsletter Issue #65 (1/15/19)

    @omarcomin71 and @pete_95973 resemble Tomy Vercetti and Lance from GTA Vice City on that Celeb shot, heh Props on all the work guys!
  2. Ebon

    Red Dead Setup

    Yup, someone done did it.
  3. Last week I was hunting a Grizzly Bear for a mission, I barely survived the encounter, after whistling for my horse to pick me up while I was carrying the bear's skin the horse came in with such speed he ended up tackling me and finishing the bear's job. I have never seen a horse arrive in such timely fashion, though.
  4. Ebon

    Ebontune RDR2 PS4

    I'd like to mention that I used to play GTA Online on a different account, and its been over a year since I touched GTA V. I have started a brand new GTA Online Character on this account today for crew purposes, tho it needs work until it becomes useful (its low level and broke). I gave my old PS4 to my nephew and my old PSN account with it. Would be nice if theres a possibility that the vetting process would focus mainly on RDR2 events, I'll definitely be playing it more often. Please let me know, else I'd have to work my way up on GTA Online again.
  5. Ebon

    Ebontune RDR2 PS4

    I have accepted the invite, thanks! And thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  6. Ebon

    Ebontune RDR2 PS4

    Howdy fellas, Found your crew in RDR2.org and it looks exactly like the team I'm looking for! I am for the most part a pretty chill and fun guy to have around. If you need a hardcore PVP'er or someone that rides next to you towards the pretty sunset, I am the guy. PSN: Ebontune Name: Nick Age: 28 Rank: 98 Mic: Yes What time zone are you active in? (Ex. East Coast of the US GMT -5) GMT+1 (Usually nocturnal but I can get on otherwise if needed)  What are some of your goals/reasons for joining a crew? Socializing for the most part, exchanging knowledge regarding the game. I am willing to assist in any activity if the bluescreen of death allows me to.  Our tags must remain active during vetting, can you abide by this? (Afterwards you can swap at will but we should be your primary) Yeah no sweat.  Will you be able to attend at least 1 event or game with the crew once per week, and visit out site frequently? Most definitely, I will announce if by any reason I have to be absent.