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  1. Wren

    gta&rdr Whacked Out Wednesdays

    Unfortunately I had a family emergency and wasn't able to attend. Uh, also I'm unsure where to announce that it's pretty bad and will be out for a few weeks.
  2. Wren

    Perfect Squirrel

    If any of the upgrades sinister mentioned arent available, the most reliable method is using small arrows
  3. Wren

    Aggaran - Introduction

    hey... I like this guy
  4. Wren

    Ability Cards

    still experimenting, but the one passive i always run is eye for an eye, and I rotate around with Never Without One, Unblinking Eye, and Strange Medicine depending on the mode. as for my dead eye I run slow and steady (of course), but slippery bastard when I just wanna win
  5. Wren

    Ability Cards

    bout a quarter, i pair it with the one that drains it slower so i get like +15 secs per kill
  6. Wren

    Red Dead Online Player List

    civichx777 A pleasure.
  7. Wren

    Shotgun vs Hatchet

    Poor @LimeGreenLegend at 1:35 😞, can't wait for real playlists for consistent teams. Anyway way to tear shit up! Woo! I'm more of a tomahawk primary guy myself
  8. So.. I broke the game. Slippery Bastard, unlocked at level 50, is OP. Honesty kind of ashamed of these 
  9. My new horse hasn't accepted me as it's owner yet...
  10. Wren

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    Would love to stop by and fish somewhere as part of my rotation. I'll sign.
  11. Quick tips for the fishermen and women: Upsey downsey!!!
  12. Wren

    Aiming e'm up

    Im missing something. So having the simple reticle bypasses the accuracy cooldown? I cant seem to see the ring at all. Great shooting!
  13. The legend himself delivers a complex, emotionally touching, hall of fame worthy performance. Those calling him useless can eat their heart out!  #Deep #lumbago I hope this makes you happy.   
  14. Wren

    Beat Saber Elixia Hard and Fast - Full Combo

    This game looks so damn fun. Killed it.
  15. OHH... ddaaaammmmnnn!!!