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  1. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    Ok thanks guys I'm now gonna take a look at playlists and put my name down for a few I had a lot of fun with wren and zztop and wardenblade last night helped complete some mc sells and got some help in return was just a great experience in all in all.Great to meet and play and share laughs with like minded people who have what I call real life issues to hear abt and ad my 2 pence when I could instead of nappy gamers calling me out.
  2. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    Hi all and beez this also a reply to you so I'm now joined to the crew properly and have been helping members and receiving help as much as possible my family is now whole again so no more hospital trips which is a huge weight lifted from my mind.I should be able to help out now with crew stuff and will be online way more from now on if any of you see me online and need help just give me a shout I'm always willing to lend a hand .
  3. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    So I'm now flying the xdbx crew tag as requested And David core yeah we r really really close to each other then not quite a stone's throw but a couple a train stops is pretty close
  4. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    Ur welcome pretendweredead I did actually follow u in my akula in stealth mode just to make sure nobody was in tool mode and tried messin ur sale up I just don't get the incentive for ruining people's sales I like a good battle as much as the next guy but briefing for the sake of griefing is just lame in my humble opinion And David core we must be fairly close to each other judging by the Welsh Dragon I c
  5. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    I can probably find and post the confirmation emails if u need em also where do I find the crew play lists please.
  6. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    Hi all sorry I haven't been on my time is split at the min from work at home with my son and at the hospital visiting my wife so if I don't reply straight away please be a little patient.So to everybody who sent me a welcome message thanks to all you've been very welcoming and I'm sure we will have a great time and hopefully make a ton of gta $ together.Il try and figure out how to fly the crew flag asap and to all hopefully speak soon roll on Tuesday and the new doc . Also I haven't done any money cheats or glitches I did buy some shark cards at the beginning and my wife bought me a few too hope this helps and isn't a problem.
  7. Griffindylan597

    Need help grievers r rife

    So im a 33yr old guy living in cardifff uk thats gmt for those who dnt know im looking for a decent group of players to back me up during bunkersellsand the like and to just generally have a laugh with and help take my gta experience to the next level

Domestic Battery Gaming

Online communities, in particular video game communities, have a reputation for negative and abusive behavior which is not always undeserved. That isn't us, Domestic Battery takes pride in being a crew for people who are mature. This means being able to treat each other with a basic level of respect, being able to cooperate during events, and being able to have fun together. We are all from different backgrounds with different life experiences. What we have in common is that we enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and other games in a social environment which is healthy and rewarding.