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  1. SwervRunner

    I wanna join ur crew

  2. SwervRunner

    Crew Challenge 156 - Xero Muscle

    I just raced and won against a random on this track
  3. SwervRunner

    Crew Challenge 156 - Xero Muscle

    Can someone send me an in game invite to this race? RomeoAlpha13
  4. SwervRunner

    Lone Wolf Looking for A Pack...of Wolves ?

    Thanks I am in the eastern time zone I am prepared to wear the tag and commit to as many events as possible absolutely! Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
  5. Ayo whats really good up in here bros and broettes? I'm RomeoAlpha13 on PS4 im lvl 530. I would consider myself somewhat of a seasoned player ive seen my fair share of good bad and ugly and just so happen to be looking to partner with a crew that is as badass as I am .And low and behold on gtaforums I came across Domestic Battery and from that moment on i knew we would be a match forged in molten steel? So without further ado point me to the contracts ill have my lawyers look em over and this deal should be done ?