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  1. Firebear926

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

    4:12.748 edit, DJ - screenshot sent to me via PSN
  2. Firebear926

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    I must of been half asleep yesterday I didnt see any above the comments
  3. Firebear926

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    I'll do it if none else wants to
  4. Firebear926

    gta Crew Challenge 178 - Bandito Time

  5. Firebear926

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    Hey I really do wanna host but I was trying to come up with a playlist and I basically race or play death matches. I would of replied sooner but I just got off a 13 hr shift I'll host but I only have I think 10 jobs. I'll get on after a short nap and try and add a few more
  6. Firebear926

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    Man this is so tempting. Saturdays my birthday. I could come up with a play list of my favorites and add dodges job ofcourse. Biggest challenge is catching hell for wanting to play gtav on my birthday!
  7. I dont think I'm gonna improve much but I appreciate it.
  8. Damn manny you really grinded. I had u at 102.5 a few hours ago
  9. I have the vagner and recently got the autarch. So I guess what I'm getting at is i love the vagner im not gonna buy another super if it's not gonna help
  10. If any body wants to share what vehicles they are using... I'm just trying to narrow the gap with patatoe lol
  11. Firebear926

    gta Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary

    I wouldnt miss it. But just so were clear we wont be racing with customs on
  12. Please and thank you
  13. This is 3pm central? Someone send me a invite

Domestic Battery Gaming

Online communities, in particular video game communities, have a reputation for negative and abusive behavior which is not always undeserved. That isn't us, Domestic Battery takes pride in being a crew for people who are mature. This means being able to treat each other with a basic level of respect, being able to cooperate during events, and being able to have fun together. We are all from different backgrounds with different life experiences. What we have in common is that we enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and other games in a social environment which is healthy and rewarding.