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  1. VALL_es

    Why are you making money?

    First I had to buy some cars for some H2H, but now I don't have to make more money. I think I only have 2/3 million and with that I buy ammo or clothes.
  2. VALL_es

    planning A all "vs." h2h?

  3. VALL_es

    planning A all "vs." h2h?

    Trigger Happy doesn't have a lot of people like other playlists, and H2H are always first so there won't be any problem with that.
  4. VALL_es


    This guy has been in Los Santos since 2013. He killed, stole and smuggled for 5 years. Close to his retirement, he decides to take a walk and remember some of the people he fought against. People see him like a natural killer, but that killer instinct may have an origin. Will we know it? This is my first short in GTA, I know it could have been better but I think it's good to see the details when the video is uploaded and keep them in mind. And what can I say about this game, it's amazing but 5 years is a lot of time. There are still some motivations to keep playing this game, and one of those is this crew. Until the flame isn't extinguished I'll still be around. Peace.
  5. I'm pretty sure they will release a trailer of online's gameplay. What do you expect of the online mode: something similar to GTA 5 or something similar to what happened in RDR (GTA 4 had races and that stuff, the next game was RDR and they weren't very significant)? What will you focus at (apart from observing the scenary, which is obvious at this point)? I'm going to post something interesting here. It's supposed to be a leaked map. I don't really think it's real, but even though it's a rumour I'll put this in a spoiler, just imagine if it's real xD:
  6. If what I said didn't work I don't have any idea. Some people say to do a backup and restore the PS4 but I don't know if that would work.
  7. Does it happen only with that video?
  8. That's because the sniping is faster in 1st person.
  9. VALL_es

    Thanks for the extra 3 thousand lol

    0:50 It was at this moment he knew he f*cked up.
  10. VALL_es

    Double ended grenade

    Things couldn't have been better. Well done team, XDBX rules 🔝
  11. That error happened to me in a race of the COTC. That error means that the application (in this case, the game) had an error. If that error isn't usual in your PS4 it's like when your PS3 games or PS2 games got frozen, but in this case the game is an application, and due to the error you leave the game. If that error is getting usual everytime you're using your PS4 (playing GTA or other games, and when I mean usual I mean you can't play anything because you're getting kicked out always) your PS4 has a problem, theorically a hard drive problem. In your case it seems it only happens when you're exporting videos, just like my case. My theory is that it's a loading problem (I don't know how to justify this, it's just a theory because if it was a hard drive problem my PS4 would be broken). I can only tell you to keep trying until you can, sometimes I could finish the race and sometimes not. I don't know if this influences or not but I deleted some data of my PS4 (videos, photos, useless demos...), since that everything in my PS4 loads faster.
  12. VALL_es

    Wtf was that

    I'm normally in these kind of maps (say thanks to R*'s matchmaking) and this is what happened in one of the matches. It isn't the first time that I get a kill like that one, it's really difficult and I wanted to record it this time.
  13. VALL_es

    What did you do today?

    Lucky Chops went to my town last night. It's the first time that a foreign music band comes here. https://imgur.com/a/9x4syEW
  14. VALL_es

    ps4 Trigger Happy Playlist

    Maybe the playlist will be delayed half an hour or an hour this week (I will post it in the shoutbox if I don't come back on time), but it will be happening as usual. For the next week we have the same problem with the COTC: is that match happening at the same hour? If there is any h2h at that hour (cotc or other one) the event can be delayed or cancelled if needed.