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  1. Chri814

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Inside Man: 4.5/5 great movie
  2. Chri814

    Hi there

    Hola chico, bienvenido en la crew
  3. Chri814

    What's your profession?

    I'm studying to become an accountant.
  4. Chri814

    Recruitment Introduction

  5. Chri814

    Recruitment Introduction

    Correct, I think Rockstar removed most of it, I now have about 30mil dollars, but they come mostly from the Mastermind Challenge, the MC work I've done during the summer and a shit ton of playing Rockets VS Insurgents back on PS3
  6. Chri814

    Recruitment Introduction

    Hi my name is Chris, I live in Italy (UTC+1), I can speak english rather well and I've been a fan of the GTA series since I was 5, when I started playing Vice City. I've been playing GTAV since day one and I upgraded to PS4 about a year ago, where I finally achieved the Mastermind Challenge with a bunch of friends. I'm joining this crew cause I really enjoy having free roam fun and all crews I have joined in the past are either snapmatic obsessed hipsters or MC tryhards, I hope this crew isn't neither of those. I can probably keep the tag active during vetting period as long as it's only for two weeks. I'll surely attend to as many meetups as I can, especially if they are during weekends and festivities. I know your crew policies and guidelines and I can abide to all of them. My PSN ID is Chri814 and my SC ID is Chri814PSN.