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  1. SGT Air raid

    Beta Feedback

    Hey guys idk if it’s on my end or r* but I can’t seem to play online for more than 5 to 10 minutes before the game kicks me and says sorry r* messed up. The only time the game let me play for more than an hour was early Christmas morning when I knew no one was playing. Anyone else have these issues?
  2. SGT Air raid

    yo from SGTair-raid

    hey guys im coming back for red dead online its cool going through the unvetting process should be a good time.
  3. SGT Air raid

    yo from SGTair-raid

  4. SGT Air raid

    yo from SGTair-raid

    1. EAST coast of the us time zone 5:00 2. joining to be involved with an organized crew and make some friends online. 3. tags will remain active, not involved with other crews 4.Ill be able to attend weekly events
  5. SGT Air raid

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Hey Been a fan of GTA since 2nd grade 26 from Philadelphia , I play at least 4 times a week, an hour or so on the week days and 3-4 on the weekends. got access to an MC and a hanger.