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nkaujrog last won the day on December 9 2018

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  1. nkaujrog

    Post Pics of your new shit

    So, uh, guess who coughed up $400K+?
  2. Promoting today's 2 BROS PLAYLIST via Facebook and Twitter! RSVP TODAY!


  3. nkaujrog

    gta Tip Touching - Anniversary Edition

    Then nvm, I won't make it.
  4. nkaujrog

    gta Tip Touching - Anniversary Edition

    I'm free tomorrow. Hopefully I can get all my errands done to join Tip Touching!
  5. nkaujrog

    Returning member

    Welcome back!
  6. nkaujrog

    Post Pics of your new shit

    So.. I didn't read any of the recent GTA updates and saw this in the gun store when I went to go replenish my ammo. I just quickly bought the Unholy Hellbringer without taking a second look at the price and now I'm near broke. Haha. It's pretty though.. now I gotta go cough up $400K to get the Widowmaker..
  7. nkaujrog

    Going to Disney World

    I wanna go, too..
  8. Man.. I really wanted a drink and dance while watching the vid, @Lann.
  9. nkaujrog

    Hi everyone

    Welcome John!
  10. nkaujrog

    Beat Saber POP/STARS Expert - I Sweat A Lot [PSVR]

    I can watch this all day.. LOL. Man, the urge to get VR just for this..
  11. Just in my feels tonight.. slow dancing in the clouds..
  12. nkaujrog

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Food for the day... courtesy of my younger sister.
  13. nkaujrog

    Mature player looking for active crew

    god speed that recovery. happy to hear that the surgery went well. see you soon!
  14. nkaujrog

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Okay! Here we go!
  15. nkaujrog

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Starbucks morning run! White Peach Tea Lemonade, brownie, and a tomato & mozzarella panini!