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  1. nkaujrog

    Fail: Buzzard kills me for leaving it for Akula

    HAHA.. such good timing!
  2. nkaujrog

    Dodge hit me

    That laugh was fucking priceless!!! Hahaha. ❤️
  3. nkaujrog

    A Ghost Killing Spree

    Well done..
  4. nkaujrog

    I am aMAYzing..

  5. nkaujrog

    I am aMAYzing..

    Wanted to stop by at @no_snacks .. if you heard an explosion.. that was me. 😅
  6. nkaujrog

    1 v 1 in a DM w/ a bulletproof wearing helmet player..

    Me, too.. 😅
  7. I'm not the best at DMs.. but that being said.. I didn't pay close attention to notice that this player was wearing a helmet until later on in the match. I started to get pissed off when they were shooting me in the middle of my combat roll and getting one-shot kills on me, so I started to randomly shoot RPGs in the opposite direction where I assumed they would respawn at and it was quite effective. I suppose they got pissed off and followed suit. In the end.. I won. Yaay for keepin' up with a helmet wearin' player WHEN I AIN'T WEARIN' NO HELMET BITCHES! #WINNING
  8. nkaujrog

    What did you do today?

    I like to doodle when I'm in my feelings...
  9. nkaujrog

    GTA5 falling over compilation

    01:31 jump was my favorite. spat my drink out. LOL.
  10. nkaujrog

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    I'm too scared for VR.. I can't even handle a horror game WITHOUT VR.. :S
  11. nkaujrog

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    Haha. I bought the game, but haven't played it yet. My goal is to finish Outlast Whistleblower DLC, Outlast 2, then RE7. I panic, shout, and scream alot, so if you ever drop in on a horror game stream -- expect that. I played the RE7 Beta and literally needed to constantly talk to get distracted by the conversation in order to even move to another room in the game. Hahaha.. *sighs* .. my anxiety level is slowly rising just thinking about it..
  12. *dances around the room*
  13. I've been playing "Touch It" by Ariana Grande all day yesterday and now..
  14. nkaujrog

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    I don't know if I've posted this already.. but I bought this and have only used it once then packed it up again.. only because the cords are super long and I've no good set up in the room I'm currently in to really have a place for this.. it's fucking awesome though.. clarity FTW