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  1. bakri16


    I've started playing (electric) guitar for the past one or two months, i don't know any songs by heart, and not good with chords either, so i stick to playing riffs and simple solos from songs i like. There's a game called Rocksmith that teaches you guitar, it's like guitar hero but with real guitars, you connect your electric guitar with a special cable to your PC or Console and that's how it works.
  2. bakri16

    Crew Challenge 150 - Sprunky Speeder

    My fastest lap was 1:44.9
  3. bakri16

    special Darts Tourney?

    Lost to @WasHatched 3-2. Very close one.
  4. bakri16

    Crew Challenge 150 - Sprunky Speeder

    Yeah i had weather on clear/bright when i first started, but i saw that putting weather on rainy helped a lot
  5. bakri16

    special Darts Tourney?

    Nevermind this post Not sure how I delete them, so i'll just edit this in
  6. bakri16

    special Darts Tourney?

    @JustHatched I guess 18:30 (6:30 pm) UTC on Sunday is good.
  7. bakri16

    Crew Challenge 150 - Sprunky Speeder

    I don't know how i did it, but i managed a 1:44.9
  8. bakri16

    special Darts Tourney?

    @JustHatched Sorry i accidentally fell asleep and i wasn't on at that hour, sorry if i kept him waiting, we could try again today same hour
  9. bakri16

    special Darts Tourney?

    I can do it Thursday 8 pm UTC.
  10. bakri16

    Crew Challenge 150 - Sprunky Speeder

    I'm in as well
  11. bakri16

    Hi, Milo here.

    Welcome dude!
  12. bakri16

    special Darts Tourney?

    I won 2-0 against @Dodge We crashed at the beginning of the 2nd leg of Set 3, and Dodge conceded, good game.
  13. bakri16

    Season 3

    Sorry for the late response, I'm still up for the practice