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  1. Smurf

    Red Dead Redemption 1

    Willing to do it on both days
  2. I see where they have some with on/ off switches if that interests you but wished there was a affordable 3.0 one with type C connection for the external power source, instead of using cables that the masses never heard of or even care to know about.
  3. I think yours is USB 2.0, though the 3.0 port is always blue & carries 9 pins if you look down into the port. The only down side to that is data transfer speed will be 10 times slower when copying files. Test it with your external hdd, if it don't work it's a USB 2.0. It cost me USD $9.20 though I could have gotten it for the equivalent USD $6.15 but it was in a different currency during a purchase of multiple items that was giving me issues, so I opted for the next one that popped up in the search. Now I see one for USD $4.79, not bad at all. I'm surprised that It handles so much for you I would think a external power source would be needed.
  4. So this is my USB 3.0 hub to PS4. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, each port uses up to 900 mA/ 0.9 Amps at 5 volts output, by default right out the box. If powered by a wall adapter make sure the adapter doesn't have fast charging as that might push the voltage up to 9 volts which might fry all your devices I take no responsibility for that, do that at your own volition. I do not have a disposable non fast charge device to do that test on. The cable sizing to use with your cell/ tablet adapter or your choice will be 'USB to 3.0mm 1.1mm Barrel Jack,' any other size will be incorrect & will not work. I tested it with a 5 volts 2 Amps Samsung tablet adapter, which resulted in max 1400 Amps per USB port which is pretty safe for most devices. This is from a regular PS4 Slim. It was actually using the 4 USB 3.0 ports on the hub, but my 4th gen control was in usb mode which shows it in a different menu on the PS4. The system ran normally except for one instance where it over heated one of my usb device & not recognizing it the 1st time I plugged it into the console. It could have been a voltage spike because the PS4 was already on while doing this IDK. No issues after that, been using it for a week now. USB 3.0 4 ports Picture of the DC Power Jack 'USB to 3.0mm 1.1mm Barrel Jack cable'
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaBtjc_AaCQ
  6. @DavidCore89 No only with Bluetooth headsets. I believe the gold uses 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz instead of Bluetooth.
  7. To date hear is my best assessment of what 'wireless' headsets you should consider purchasing based off comfortability, sound quality, durability & maybe features if any, but let me get into using universal wireless headsets with your ps4 firstly, incase you currently have one & want to use it. There is a USB Bluetooth Dongle called, Avantree Leaf. It piars any wireless Bluetooth headsets to PS4, Switch, Mac & PC with a max range of, 20 meters/ 60 ft. It does not transfer data, but it's APT X approved so there will be no lag or delay when using it with your headset or Bluetooth speakers if you're going that route, & Bluetooth 4.1. All headphones below except Hyper X Cloud Fight meets my comfortability criteria so I won't talk about it. This translate to no overwhelming pressure to the crown of the head or pressure to the jawline or comfort with earpads with these headsets, unless your working with a, 'hey Arnold' I can't help. Magnet! All headsets below uses high quality magnet 'neodymium.' When it comes to any type of speakers at all, from earbuds to the big speakers in the Paradise Night Club. It really helps with getting heavy bass. Active Noise Cancelling a.k.a (ANC) this normally prevents Sound leakage so the person next to you cannot hear what's going on in the headset/ headphones. Soundstage: high's, mid's & Low's. The highest has to do with the Treble, mid's a mixture of treble and bass & Low's has to do with bass. A balanced mixture will have you fully immersed in watching movies or gaming I've been listening to music whether it's coming from your left or your right above or below and front or behind next thing come to life when they are in the finer details. { I currently use, Sony xb950bt. It's definitely one of the best headphones when it comes to sound quality, heavy in bass and has a bass button for more bass that you will probably ever listen to. though the mid's might sound more so to the low at times. The build quality of the plastic is not that great, it will most likely break on you within a year if not handled with care but would be considered the most comfortable headset within this list except it's upgraded version is almost the same. Sony xb950bt n1 it's an upgrade to the previously mentioned but now it can be folded up & there is a companion app on Android to use to set the equalizer. Not much to say here as it's basically the same as the previous version otherwise. They both use proprietary 3.5mm cable.} Hyper X Cloud Flight (not the best of mic imo but it's a detachable 3.5mm gooseneck mic, a mute button is on headset) but it sounds great & you will hear everything in game it has a great crisp sound stage, there is no 7.1 sound but you probably wouldn't notice it. Astro 50 (Gen 3)If you live in an area where there's a lot of 5ghz frequency overlaps your signal, the sound may cut off for 1sec every couple minutes. It's has Dolby Digital Surround Sound 7.1 & a host of features but it's a gamble with that sound cut off situation. Raise your mic to toggle mute & it has software to customize settings for movie, gaming ....ect bla bla bla a mixer for in game & chat from headset...bla. No wired connection available. Sony wh-1000 xm3 was released last month & would riegn as, king over all these headsets but with a USD$350 price tag I wasn't going to put it on the list but I edited the post to put it in, because everybody's limit isn't set in stone. The truth of the matter 'wired headsets' are better as you can use sound mixers, detach a mic & purchase superior aftermarket mic, plug in amp or attach two headsets. @Con Only the two Sony has the Bluetooth feature the other two uses 5Ghz radio frequency.
  8. Smurf

    Red Dead Redemption 1

    Weekend would be good, or I'll message you if I'm on and see you playing if I want to play. Want to get the online trophies and eventually platinum the game before retiring it into the sunset.
  9. @zztop911 So I decided to try the Galaxy Note 3 USB micro-b cable on my external hard drive instead of the one I bought online, & there is no interference whatsoever with this Samsung cable so I guess it's shielded. Wish I did this over a year ago. Now I'll only use Samsung cables.
  10. Smurf

    TV shows

  11. Smurf

    Battlefield V Trailer

    I played that the Beta. I changed the field of view slider to my liking under the video settings as it changed the speed of game play on screen. Glad to see that for the most part they have most of the previous controller settings except for , no Custom Controller Mapping in the menu options. I dislike the hold triangle button change, to switch between the applicable weapons, weapon fire modes. I will be out gunned in close range battles easily . Marking enemy seems pointless & the wait to revive count down is far too long. I feel like 8 out of 10 times I can't even see the enemy right infront of me, much less to shoot them. Overall the game play was not really enjoyable at all unless I was sniping from a vantage point. BF1 is kind of the same, but loved all the sound effects in BFV Beta, wish it was the same in GTAO. I think FPS games are best played in a developed area with 48 or less players. That's probably why I will still play BF Hardline & BF4 which presents both. I will probably get it for low $ in the future. Maybe!