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  1. Smurf

    Aiming e'm up

    It just gives you better accuracy, the reason you're not seeing my reticle is because of another setting I changed. I don't recommend doing that though.
  2. It's not out for the PS4 as of yet but will be sometime in 2019.
  3. Smurf

    Beta Feedback

    Sent a variety of feedback like 30 times now. I wish there was a way to view them & make an itemized list to see if they got started in future DLCs as well as to see others in game issues so far.
  4. If anyone changes the metal type of their weapon, check to see if it restores the weapon degradation completely. Well. Whatever the results are if any.
  5. I hate the diving & slow movement when aiming, we shouldn't have to press an extra button to strafe faster. If only all games at minimum had division's movement & controls the world would be a better place.
  6. @pete_95973 There is a card system that has 4 card but only 3 of the 4 are usable. Each of the 4 can be updated twice. One card affects the damage you do from horse back, a next affects your dead eye shot, heal up in dead eye..ect Accuracy update with weapons at the gun store, special bullets, cleaning your weapon with cloth, oilng the weapon or pressing x everytime you aim so you can strafe left to right quicker and when using dead eye you can fire your Varment faster & when you have the third card for dead eye, marking multiple targets then shooting. Controller sensitivity as well I guess.
  7. The selling price of the salmon was cut by 40% & the guns 40% in pricing after the 1st RDR2O Update. So if you're fishing with the goal to buy a gun the price will even out.
  8. Use your map, press square if the map index is not showing then use L1/ R1 to Location to find & visit a Fence then buy it for $0 offer ends in 25 days I believe.
  9. Smurf

    Beta Feedback

    Sent it as a game mode idea A parkour relay race of 4 teams of 4 with a spectator mode. The first section: Run up to a outdoor shooting range and go through three different weapons and shoot a still or moving target with limited bullets for each weapon the better the accuracy the more points. The second section is a canoe race,the timing of the button press determine the speed. Third would use bow to kill,skin and put the pelt on the four team member horse back, then a horse race to the finish.
  10. Bro I'm innocent.
  11. Smurf

    As a crew: assisted or free aim?

    Also I don't know how this one slipped me, but why can't I press L2 to actually take out the last used weapon & immediately aim, instead the only method is to press L1 to take out the last used weapon, then L2 to aim make no sense not having the L2 ready & waiting for you to unholster & aim as well with one button press.
  12. Smurf

    As a crew: assisted or free aim?

    I didn't even bother to try free aim because the whole control system seems clunky and slow in response time even when the dead zone is set to zero and the look/aim is all the way up. When you actually kill someone it feels uneventful and shooting the wrong person is common place in free roam. Hopefully there will be a way for you to know who you're aiming at properly . I would be okay with the 1st Red Dead Redemption aim controls and reaction time for future R* games. Also has anyone figured out how to break loose from someone tackling you to the ground and you eventually getting pommeled to death, I spam the indicated O button but to no avail. If free aim lobbies are a thing I might as well switch to free aim on the next login & be clunky with verybody else in the lobby, but at lease having a fighting chance if their aiming is off a bit.
  13. I thought I'd seen every R* glitch that they could throw at me but damn. That everything is invisible now, go play RDR2 glitch, coming soon.