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  1. The_Lady_A

    TNT (Dodge)

    In fact, here is the link to Tall City: http://rsg.ms/7f35eee
  2. The_Lady_A

    TNT (Dodge)

    @Dodge my race At It Like Rabbits would be hell with contact. Rage quit stuff. Izzy Gonna Get Wet by Crawford comes into the same rage category. My races Mini Rally, and Round the Ranch, are both tricky courses with plenty of scope for ruining someone's day. Crawford's Vine Lines is similar. My GTA race Tall City works with just about any vehicle and is built like a Mario Kart track. Daft chaos is mandatory!
  3. The_Lady_A

    Our first wedding photo

    Awwwwww so sweet! Congratulations to you both!
  4. The_Lady_A

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    @omarcomin71 I've just built an air race that could work: http://rsg.ms/32a26ab And the mad max capture, although it's 15 mins: http://rsg.ms/46a0c28
  5. But but but it's not the same without you
  6. The_Lady_A

    ps4 Heists double $$$ for the next week

    I can help if I'm around. I have no freaking clue how you extract the guy from the prison break in four and a half minutes though!
  7. Definitely in for this. Give me something silly to play with!
  8. The_Lady_A

    Hello everybody!

    Hi Cortajamones, welcome to XDBX.
  9. The_Lady_A

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Yaaay go XDBX, being all creative and stuff! 15 minute long vehicle capture, would love to give it a proper test. Another Dock Race: http://rsg.ms/9a3c456 Would be good to test it on contact in something less insane than the cyclone.
  10. Link: http://rsg.ms/46a0c28 "Praise be, bloodbags! We got us'selves the Guzzoline to rule over all o'the wasteland just sittin there so shiney! The loot is stashed in wasteland ram vans, bristlin with murder and callin us to make war and slaughter! Take em and the precious juice they hold for your tribe! And the other tribe? Blast em into scrap and maggot food! Die historic on the fury road!" A vast vehicle capture inspired by the Mad Max franchise. Starting in the western of the wasteland, two road warrior tribes fight their way to the north eastern most point in their deadly hot rods. The prize they fight over is petrol, stored safely away in souped up boxville vans, a convoy that never departed, the former owners long corpsed. Four vans of petrol would be enough to claim the wasteland your own and crush your enemies. But the wasteland is cruel, and the competition deadly. Weaponised tampas, dune buggys, dukes of death and enduros available at the start. On death respawning in a wastelander. Vast treacherous area to cross to score. Default weapon pipe bombs with vintage pistols and sawn off shotguns available as pick ups.
  11. The_Lady_A

    Kniv3s introduction

    Hi @Kniv3s, welcome to XDBX. To proceed with vetting could you answer these three questions please: What time zone are you active in? (Ex. East Coast of the US GMT -5) Our tags must remain active during vetting, can you abide by this? (Afterwards you can swap at will but we should be your primary) Will you be able to attend at least 1 event or game with the crew once per week, and visit our site frequently? You may also want to have a read of this if you haven't already: Other than that your GTA Online stats look fine (we just have a quick look for any sign of modding, that's all) so I'll send the crew invite shortly.
  12. Races tonight in order (hopefully), along with the car or cars that can be chosen for that race: Chaparral GP - Tempesta, Nero Custom Anaconda Grand Prix - Tourismo R , Entity XF Whirligig - Banshee 900R Hungaroring Supercup - Calais Street Circuit- ETR1, Tyrus La Puerta Street Circuit - Vacca, GP1, Cheetah Maze Bank Speedway - Adder Central Park GP 2 - Infernus, Reaper Tunnel Run - Tyrant David Bowie Speedway - X-80 Prototype, Zentorno Another Dock Race - Cyclone Bad DNA - any of the options
  13. The_Lady_A

    iAm2Good4Yew's Intro

    Hi @iAm2Good4Yew, welcome to XDBX. To proceed with vetting please make your GTA stats visible on Rockstar Social Club. This is just a quick check for modded money which everyone goes through.
  14. The_Lady_A

    XDBX World Cup 2018 (Fantasy Football)

    I know nothing of football. But what the hell.
  15. The_Lady_A

    Game levels that stuck on your head.

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - the first encounter with Nemesis outside the police station where it killed me many times. Then the second encounter inside the police station where it revealed it could chase me across different rooms making me terrified of it for the next eight hours! Then later on playing on normal (hard) difficulty only to find Nemesis appeared even more frequently! Metal Gear Solid - Meryl's fucking codex number. I was playing someone else's pirated copy so that screwed me for weeks! And I wasn't bright enough to just try all 200 possibilities, 200 sounded impossible rather than the 5 minute task it would actually be. Mass Effect 2 - The End Run. One of the best climaxes in a video game of all time, it absolutely brought the story and gameplay together in such a satisfying way, and ended on such a high note. BioShock - It was the first modern PC game I played previously only having a PS2. The graphics, the lighting effects and the water was all just so stunningly beautiful I've had a thing for good water effects in games ever since. Spec-Ops: The Line That single white phosphorus scene. I had to put the game down for a while. I will never forget it.