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  1. The_Lady_A

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    Yes finally finished finished the game. The morality system did an excellent job of pretending to matter, it had me fooled. I can think of two moments that had the greatest impact for me. Arthur's diagnosis of TB, that whole sequence was a wonderful surprise with enough foreshadowing to make it stick. Rockstar railroading actually being used to further the story well rather than just protect their precious mission sequencing. It was an excellent touch of powerlessness and hopelessness. In many ways that's the point that the Redemption arc kicked off. Then clearing out the final camp with Charles, especially if you went by canoe. The oppressive darkness and brutality of that mission, I felt it was a good nod to the Heart of Darkness themes in Dutch's arc. Instead of going into the jungle after Kurtz, we were clearing the way for him to follow. But what cemented the impact of this was Molly showing up at the end of that mission, and being murdered in cold blood by Susan. That moment absolutely shocked me, it was so sudden and surprising and brutal. The infighting at the camp that followed, all of the show don't tell storytelling as every little tension that had been building up in the literal real world days of play needed to get to that point just errupting out into the open. It was just excellent payoff for such an unrelenting slow burning story.
  2. Ah okay, didn't realise that. So yes, no shafters.
  3. Yes, you can use a regular one.
  4. The_Lady_A

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    I was actually quite impressed with the character arcs of both Dutch and Arthur. Dutch in RDR1 is treated very much like Kurtz from Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now, a great man who has fully descended into darkness and brutality by the time we meet him. In RDR2 by linking the redemption of the protagonist with the fall of his icon, I feel the writers managed to personalise and add tension to what is already a foregone conclusion for anyone who completed RDR1. While most video game betrayals are a sudden affair played for shock value, Arthur's loyalty to Dutch until almost the very end adds a real sense of tragedy to it all. All of the little betrayals adding up over time finally resulting in an existential crisis for Arthur, ultimately giving him the agency to make his own decisions and to escape the spiral of madness that Dutch had fallen into. It was oddly refreshing to see the development of the villain from the inside, to be one of Kurtz followers rather than the Marlow/Willard being sent in right at the very end and only seeing them at their most villainous.
  5. The_Lady_A

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    I was wondering whether or not it was possible to avoid the TB fate entirely by skipping that mission.
  6. A few folks have finished this now, and it is most certainly a story that can provoke thoughts. Adding into the fact that there are apparently four different endings, there is going to be the risk of spoilers for a long old time I suspect. This thread is intended as the place for open discussion of the plot, or plots depending on how much impact the moral decision have, of Red Dead 2. Stop reading now if spoilers are a thing that worries you.
  7. The_Lady_A

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    Me and Ally during last night's beta session:
  8. The_Lady_A

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Hiya again! Just a heads up about how vetting for RDRO will work. You'll be given the website permissions as though you were vetting, but your actual vetting period will be the four weeks after RDR Online launches. Welcome back. ?
  9. The_Lady_A

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    A cautionary review I had read aftet the betas so far listed a bunch of 'issues', two of which kind of made me laugh. Firstly the idea that playing with others broke it's immersion... like hearing Garus Vakarian's voice out of literally ever other character was so immersive... as a BoS gunship is busy clipping through buildings in the background to boot! The second non-problem the reviewer described was the brighter colour scheme. Literally the first thing I did when I got Fallout 4 was install a regrowth mod to add tree green to the otherwise uniform brown and grey smear that was the Commonwealth!
  10. The_Lady_A

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    It is saying that I need to pre-order to download the BETA. Nevermind I found it. Guess who never had a promotional code to enter before... ?
  11. The_Lady_A

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    I would love one but I don't think my net could download it quickly enough...
  12. The_Lady_A

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    I agree, I think I just find the horses too twitchy and button mashy to be fun, while the wagons feel much more like driving.
  13. Thanks for the dates. The dialogue and meeting minutes note from that scene did imply that they weren't a real force at that time. The role of "stereotypical hick racist thugs" largely seems to be filled by the Lamont Raiders. I'd be very interested to hear if there were militia gangs like that so long after the (un)Civil War. Also my favourite line from the Klan meeting minutes: "Would it be possible to make the robes less flammable?"
  14. The_Lady_A

    Weapons Guide and Locations

    I use slugs in my shotguns to avoid the collateral damage, with the lock-on there isn't much need for the spread that usually defines shotguns. A sawn-off to act as a hand cannon, and a pump action for clearing rooms. I haven't unlocked the semi-auto yet, but it's a bit of an anachronism anyway. I intend to make a post about the semi-auto in my history thread at some point as it's pretty interesting.
  15. The_Lady_A

    Post a pic of ur horse

    Salah Ad-Din