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    ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    lol, @Protocawlur not even man enough to admit what the whole 'racingcommunity knows since the beginnings of gtao u talk the talk, but u aint walk the walk m8 and btw who the f*ck are u to say that it doesnt disturb my concentration? you were laggy as hell in the last 3races. when u stream u allow ur 'ping' to be prioritized by said company 'twitch' which causes a 'invisible' aura around your pov. u dont see that, other ppl do experience the consequences of it do some research on it i would suggest.. since whatever i say is shuffeled in a corner and dismissed anyway by ur selfconsumed attitude (for example in lap3 when my car appeared in the top of ur screen on ur pov, i felt a laggsurge, going into that chicane, causing that crash..) about those last couple of laps of mine, yeah my concentration was all gone, not just because that annoying horn, i even considered ragequitting, it was because most u ppl shit-talking my friend, his track, and being arses of the highest order. (the reason why i left this crew) i hate shittalkers, especially if they do it behind someones back. the creator is a good friend of mine, he spent good money to make the changes u guys requested, and all u have is shittalk. kids and losers downvote. mature ppl give whatever they play a 'like' as 'thanks to the creator' and to avoid looking like a fool who wastes their time by playing something they dont like. what @Clydicality uses isnt a stockhorn, its a 'glitch' triggering the horn on every corner..another something known widely to cause lagg in the game, because it forces the game to load several different incompatible things through each other, same goes for glitched outfits.. i strongly suggest u do some research for urself..

    ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    here's my pov only thing to complain about is the lagg-issues caused by ppl who stream the event (on twitch) on 3rd lap i crashed on the end of the lap after suffering a laggspike @Protocawlwho was streaming on twitch was short behind me.., couldnt recover anymore and crashed, lost lots of places. couple of laps later @Protocawl sent me spinning with a lagg-slam, didnt wait either. (he did look back i saw on his stream, i got penalised 5sec last race because of an incident like that, where -miraculously protocawl was driving right behind me and was streaming on twitch.) i was told off when mentioned that the lagg is caused by streaming, especially on twitch. i also noticed in the race that a lagg-spike almost sent @Jc10110 into the boarding, protocawl was driving right next to him there. when @Mythaga spun out @JuniorChubb protocawl was driving right behind them. its too much too be coincidence.. i hereby request from the stewards to put an altogether 'BAN' on streaming during the race. on a different note; after a night sleeping on it(i was really pissed off last night after the race) because off all the childish behaviour, negativity, downvoting and shitty reactions after mentioning it, ive decided to go and find my joy somewhere else. hope u guys(and girls) farewell and have lots of fun, and we still can be friends and play together sometimes, but im too old, and respect myself too much for such behaviour. ciao

    ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    seriously, i feel heartbroken after all the shit-talk and downvoting u guys did, why use the track? there aren't any better ones... the creator is a friend of me from japan, he was overjoyed when i told him his track would be used for an event. he didnt have a copy of gtav for himself, he used to borrow it from a friend. when u asked to me to ask him to make some changes he even spent around $50 to buy a new gtav-game to apply the changes that were requested, within 2days time. u guys should shame urself in a corner, really sad imo

    ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    i do love the belgian beers @Jc10110

    ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    @Clydicalitypls. remove that annoying horn from your car. it f**ked up my race-concentration at silverstone, slightly less at hungaroring and today it really was very annoying would have finished in front of u on both silverstone and tonight at spa. thank you.

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    just reached the 'center' of the galaxy this afternoon, only to be spitted out into a 'new' galaxy.. miraculously filled with the notorious suicidal 'god'atlas being worshipped by the familiar warrior'slugs', merchant'birds' and scientist'robots'. was quite the anticlimax tbh. tips: collect all your stuff from your base and take it with u in your ship before entering the new 'universe', i lost all mine at my old base (couldnt go back anymore) also bring plenty of all the stuff needed to install ur tech, because most will be broken when arriving in new universe

    ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    @JuniorChubb the 'monaco'-link leads to 'retro arms race' lol, im guessing u mean 'monza'?

    Crew Challenge 133 – Racing Cheetahs

    im in wearing corduroy's atm have both cheetah's also.

    Crew Challenge 132 - Besranomics

    couldnt get any better than 02.42.096 i have screenshot, but dont know how to upload it here..

    ps4 mixed playlist

    cheers for subscribing i try to upload something weekly, but its mainly the occasional race or event. im no big-time YT'er. ps. should def. put notifications on

    ps4 mixed playlist

    i do occasionally upload stuff to YT. is there anything in particular u want to see, or just the whole playlist?

    ps4 mixed playlist

    sorry man, i have no idea what that even stands for, lol, i know bst and gmt and they're the same for 6months a year.. ill make sure to google some timeconverter for next time

    ps4 mixed playlist

    yeah, should def be finished before that the scheduled event starts at 21.00UK-time 22.00euro-time so should be finished between 30min to 1hour before that.

    ps4 mixed playlist

    Date of Event: Tuesday 15th aug. Time of Event: 19.00o'clock uk-time / 20.00o'clock eur-time Host of Event: mahaloka Amount of Players Allowed: Minimum 4 and Maximum 30 Special Rules for Event: the usual Description of Event: mixed playlist : races, tdm's and a capture (will take requests and job suggestions!!) (playlist duration: between 1hr and 1hr30min) Playlist link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/u7TNPSnDFEu5xn94LFyyVA

    ps4 No SRL/No SnG? WTF

    ill try joining, might run a bit late though. some requests: 1.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/xERKQrq64EK0BQjmIt9IWg policecar vehicle deathmatch in the 'theatre of screams' 2.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/3a3djEoJ_0ixigTZ8tMD5g customs 'off' and 'slipstream 'on' banger-race for compacts (panto) 3.https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/66ozvT112U-tdU1F39P4Rw sumo wedgy. sume derby with the 'phantom wedge' all 3 are really awesome jobs