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  1. Regular one is still loads quicker than the rest of the class. I'd say no Schafters whatsoever
  2. Potato

    Gfred Friday (GTA)

    Gfred Friday is back this week. Tonight will be a mix of races and adversary modes followed by a gfred
  3. Potato

    Gfred Friday (GTA)

    No pl this week. Sorry.
  4. Potato


  5. Potato

    Gfred Friday (GTA)

    Doubt we will get more, but tonight will be limited to 8 players. Mixture of races adversary modes and followed by a gfred.
  6. I’m sure his love for me is greater than his hate for the comet retro ?
  7. Drift Tampa is on the list if you click on the picture, and the elegy retro is too quick @Crawford1872 can I make a request for a supercup track (preferably Montreal) so we can all use the glorious machine aka the comet retro
  8. Potato

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    1:29.988 - Cheetah Classic Not a perfect lap, few tenths still to be found but I doubt I'll be able to hook up every corner on the same lap.
  9. Potato

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    I’ll take the cheburek and leave you with the fagaloa if that’s alright?
  10. Potato

    Crew Challenge 164 - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

    Congrats @no_snacks
  11. Potato

    Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic

    I'll give it a go
  12. Potato

    Crew Challenge 164 - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

    My final time will be 1:50.510
  13. I’ve been addicted to dead by daylight recently. It’s a free game for August (so only a few days left to get it for free) and would be great to play with crew members since strategy is required. Would recommend downloading it and giving it a go.
  14. Potato

    Gfred Friday (GTA)

    Nothing special this week, mixed pl followed by gfred. EDIT: I promote my event so well... ?