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  1. Potato

    gta Gfred Friday

    Of course
  2. Potato

    gta Gfred Friday

    Yep, regular playlist tonight, but with rocketfred instead of gfred. (Rocketfred = gfred in rocket voltics)
  3. Potato

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    So after ~60 laps with the Toros - 1:12.505 After 10 laps with the Contender - 1:13.006 The Contender is heaven compared to the Toros. Toros is definitely capable of <1:12 but it's pure luck whether a bump will affect you or not because of the shitty advanced handling flags.
  4. Potato

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    More like 50
  5. Potato

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    10 laps done, I've concluded that the bush is a &%$# and the piece of shit toros rolls more than the fucking hermes
  6. Potato

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    I'll do what I always do and do laps in both, so depends on what one you think you can get the max out of
  7. Potato

    gta Crew Challenge 176 - Chaparal SUVs

    I'm in
  8. Potato

    gta Gfred Friday

    Tonight's playlist will feature a mix of jobs, races, lts', deathmatches and adversary modes (depending on rsvps)
  9. Potato

    Crew Challenge 174 - Holy Snowly

    Snow - 1:55.012 Clear - 1:47.473
  10. Potato

    gta Gfred Friday

  11. Potato

    gta Gfred Friday

    Snowy gfred and snow races tonight. Get your rsvps in.
  12. Potato

    gta Gfred Friday

    Despite what I said at M5, tonight will not be hearse themed, I will save that idea for another time because I want to put more effort into it. So tonight will be a regular gfred playlist, although I will use the hearse for a couple of races. If you have one (or want to buy one) feel free to join me.
  13. Regular one is still loads quicker than the rest of the class. I'd say no Schafters whatsoever