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  1. Potato

    Gfred Friday (Potato)

    I will not be able to host this week. If anyone else wants to put something together they’re more than welcome to.
  2. @LimeGreenLegend is tip touching on tonight?
  3. Potato

    Crew Challenge 161 - Tank Slalom

  4. Potato

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    I see you're learning well from @Crawford1872 Thank you @djw180 @JuniorChubb and @Lann for making this happen, I really enjoyed it
  5. Potato

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    As long as people are aware semi aesthetic raceway has concrete tubes around a couple of lampposts, then it sounds good.
  6. Potato

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Personally think it’s too tight for contact racing especially when racing with people who don’t know the track. Also a couple of corners that are tighter than they seem when racing it first time (the one after the hairpin and the penultimate corner). But I love the track and it would be great non contact.
  7. Potato

    What did you do today?

    Sweet FA...
  8. Potato

    Need help grievers r rife

    Welcome to the site 😁
  9. Anything in particular I need for tonight?
  10. Potato

    Another Montage

    And then you can hear you in the background saying 'yay' 😂
  11. Potato

    Another Montage

    So yeah, I put together all the clips I had saved up on my PS4 for the last 9 months. Most clips are between 10-30s. Mixture of funny, skilful, rage, lag and of course rockstar's weird ass physics clips. A lot of crew members feature as most clips are from XDBX PLs. Also clips are in date order from late last year up to last monday. Feel free to experience GTA from my POV. Enjoy.
  12. Potato

    Crew Challenge 159 - Liberation

  13. Potato

    Gfred Friday (Potato)

    Tomorrow night I will be hosting a stupid rules racing pl followed by a gfred. With rules such as playing with a back to front controller and racing with no tyres. We will start straight after the football, so if there’s no extra time and penalties this will be a normal start time. PL length will be the same regardless of extra time or not. Get your RSVPs in
  14. Potato

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

    You bet your ass I have video footage