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    Farming achievements in games.

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  1. Ultramoorine

    Hi everyone

    Welcome aboard John
  2. Ultramoorine

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    I’m not sure right now. I was going to wait and talk to JJ and ZZ in game. See what they think. I’ll keep you posted.
  3. Ultramoorine

    Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge

    That sounds interesting. I’m down
  4. Ultramoorine

    What Are You Reading?

    Huge WarHammer40k fan here. I’m in the middle of Book 33, War Without End, of the Horus Heresy.
  5. Ultramoorine

    Kerbal Space Program

    I played this game for a week on the PS4. I liked it so much, I bought it on the Mac just for the extra handeling and better control with a keyboard for EVAs and docking. (It’s like night and day going from PS4 controls to the Keyboard) There’s a new $15 update for the PC/Mac that came out in May. More parts and Apollo missions. If you’re still playing Kerbal, or plan on it in the future, skip the PS4 version and go straight to PC/Mac. I currently have 2 Kerbals living on Minimus and I have plans on a Duna Base soon thanks to Scott Manley and his tutorials.
  6. Ultramoorine

    Conan Exiles

    I just got this game a few days ago and I like it. It took me about 15 minutes to learn the controls and I’m doing well for a beginner. The game feels like a cross between a bloodier MineCraft and more realistic World of Warcraft. Just treat this game like the Discovery Channel’s ‘Naked and Afraid’ when you first start out and you’ll go far. I’m still in the beginner phase of just surviving but I know I will be gearing up to tackle dungeons with friends.
  7. Ultramoorine

    Introduction take 2

    Hey there. I ran a heist with Poohty yesterday and he seems like a cool player. We died a bunch of times but no one vented any real frustration over party chat. He kept a cool head then and was understanding on resetting his vetting process now. I think he belongs here with us.
  8. Ultramoorine

    ps4 DoomsDay Heist Photos

    This guy seemed cool. You can see him trying to be social here. Poohty_T ran a heist with ZZ and myself yesterday, December 12th. I just got my 25 posts in and went to write my first vetting note on him when I noticed there was no thread created for Poohty. He contacted me an hour later that day asking why he was just kicked from the clan during his vetting process. He received no explanation in his email. How can we rectify this situation? Can I get a crew leader/officer to tell me what to say to him? He’s on my friends list and I’ll be happy to pass the word along.
  9. I’m about to start the new Heist in 25 minutes. ZZ said he would help. Anyone is more then welcome to join.
  10. Roger that!! Setting alarm for 0600 hours. ”It’s 0600. What’s the 0 stand for? Oh my God, it’s early.” Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
  11. Ultramoorine


    Welcome aboard
  12. Ultramoorine

    Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    I’m a lvl 3 Warrior named Heineken on the I.K.S. ShinerBock
  13. Ultramoorine

    Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    I just downloaded this game. Klingon it is!
  14. Ultramoorine

    Pricise's Introduction

    Hey I had fun on that playlist with you. I hope you stick around ?
  15. I've been watching my wife play the new South Park game that came out this week, 10-17-2017, and I have to say... it's fun to watch. Although I'm not the one playing it, the game looks like a 48+ hour South Park episode. I'd say buy it if you don't mind turn-by-turn style of gaming. My wife bought the $99 Gold Edition which comes with a 1 year season pass for the PS and the game code for South Park's Stick of Truth. I usually play Clash of Clans or read my War Hammer books when my wife has the TV, however, when she's playing South Park F.B.W., I put everything down and watch. Great entertainment.