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  1. JuniorChubb

    planning XDBX & VANS, racing

    Looking forward to it @djw180 Your format sounds cool, classic Crew v Crew racing playlist 👍 Just need to iron the date and the playlist.
  2. JuniorChubb

    Thursday Summer Nights (Free-aim)

    Good luck guys, hope this takes off. i gotta warn you though, we played are round of CotC against DAMN in free aim to avoid the usual combat roll, auto aim and shoot BS that the GTA combat suckers you into.... It was great to enjoy combat again but AJ and DAMN are shit hot so we died just as much as normal 😂
  3. JuniorChubb

    How to not place a cp with default vehicle in a transform race.

    Awesome trick Lan, thanks for sharing.
  4. JuniorChubb

    Fallout 76

    Looks like it could be real good fun, fingers crossed you can play as a group away from random trolls... Actually considering getting this on launch.
  5. JuniorChubb

    Suggest/Request a Job

    The only thing I have with a big enough grid for vans is my version of the Top Gear Test Track. I could add a large grid to anything I have created though.
  6. JuniorChubb

    Suggest/Request a Job

    Would love to submit more Captures and LTS Lan but we don’t really play them at VANS, I have created a couple but can’t really vouch for their quality.
  7. JuniorChubb

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Just managed to get a party up and get in the same session after an hour 😂 you might be alright now, good luck.
  8. JuniorChubb

    ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Just to warn you DJ, we have had issues with PSN tonight and pulled the plug on our Top Gear event tonight as we could not invite players to game or party or see who was online. Get online well in advance and make sure you’re showing online, good luck.
  9. JuniorChubb

    Crew Challenge 156 - Xero Muscle

    No worries @djw180 glad to see my track being used. Enjoy the challenge guys and gals. 👍
  10. JuniorChubb


    I think somebody likes this game.....
  11. JuniorChubb

    Battlefield V Trailer

    Not often I agree with your hardline stance against MT’s but I fear you are right with this one. ’No Season Pass’ is not something to get excited about but so many do. Probably won’t be getting this for other reasons though. BF4 is sitting on a shelf gathering dust.
  12. JuniorChubb

    The Star Wars Thread

    Not sure how to take that as I thought Ep8 was shit Glad you enjoyed it though Fido.
  13. JuniorChubb

    Season 3

    Cheers and cheers again....
  14. JuniorChubb

    Season 3

    As far a timing goes we prefer two week rounds at VANS. I was hoping we could avoid jobs that need a minimum of 6 players to launch. We went to practice and could not launch the playlist so we bookmarked the jobs and practiced 4 out of the 6 jobs. This left us going into one of the DMs and the LTS completely blind.
  15. JuniorChubb

    submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Thanks for letting me in Spud, first time I have reallyenjoyed playing Golf on GTA.