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  1. JuniorChubb

    Catching up with Vans

    Lols me and G squabbling for first let you skip right in 😂 Great comeback 👍
  2. JuniorChubb

    What a POS this is now

    It’s a little bit meh.... The changes are bearable but broken things are not, I am having issues bookmarking some jobs
  3. JuniorChubb

    Season 3

    Congrats to DDNL, we’ll played to XDBX for setting it all up and getting us together.
  4. JuniorChubb

    ps4 Nightlife Update

    Futo liveries are on their way... ? Not sure if it will be Bennies related though, personally I would prefer if it wasn’t as it might end up in the Supers Class ?
  5. JuniorChubb

    No Man's Sky Screenshots

    Some great pics been posted... thought I would add a few of my own
  6. JuniorChubb

    Help finding a game

    You gotta bite the bullet and play Lan... Minecraft has fans of all ages, strategy games are not usually enjoyed by 8 year olds. Add to this that I soon discovered that 90% of the time when you play together if you don’t play what the kid wants to play they will lose interest. On a side note when Bing was 8 we played through Lego Star Wars the complete saga (episodes 1-6) and this was great fun for both of us. Lots of extras to unlock and the Lego Games were a lot more fun back then. Lego City Undercover is also a great game, a little short but it is basically a watered down GTA in Lego. Lego Worlds is pretty good fun too, with building, collecting and discovering it is almost a very basic No Mans Sky.
  7. JuniorChubb

    Help finding a game

    Gotta agree with Squirrel.... Minacraft, it might not be strategy but it is building and it is long term. Also a lot of his friends will be into it as well.
  8. JuniorChubb

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    Not sure if this is common knowledge or not but just in case, there is a bug linked to using Freighters.... https://dotesports.com/the-op/news/no-mans-sky-hotfix-massive-save-data-corruption-bug-31608
  9. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Cheers @Lann, it’s just a stock image with a little editing. It came out really well with not much effort.
  10. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Good fun all round peeps ? Thanks to all who turned up, thanks for all staying calm and having a laugh despite some dubious driving here and there. Was good fun and happy to go again. ?
  11. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Happy for you to host @djw180, I’ll be glad for the break ? We were wondering if Semi-Aesthetic Might be more enjoyable on non-contact. Everything else is spot on. If we are all in session and not racing I will just invite you in at 8:30.
  12. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Just to add, all our races will be Customs On, no bikes and no Pariah in Sports Class. Mille Vinewood will be best Non Contact due to twisty start and glitched small grid.
  13. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Here you go guys and gals, the VANS Races.... https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/wGyEUH4PIEyDnSnVkX-6KQ American Grand Park http://rsg.ms/ae72322 Muscle Mille Vinewood http://rsg.ms/6c09a5a Sports Classics Raton Canyon Speedway http://rsg.ms/0a3cd3a Sports Xero City 2.0 http://rsg.ms/e3ff581 Coupes Circuit La Mesa http://rsg.ms/fefca9e Sedans Apologies for the late posting ?
  14. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Sounds good to me ?
  15. JuniorChubb

    XDBX & VANS, Racing

    Will be great to have you along @The_Lady_A, it’s been ages since I raced you. @djw180 we are gonna have to check, it would be nice to have Sedans back in the mix. @Potato non contact is an option... so is a racing potato, fingers crossed we’ll se you too.