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  1. Gobbledeez

    Gobbledeez Intro

    Thanks for all the welcoming comments. See you this weekend for the playlists.
  2. Gobbledeez

    ps4 Heists

    I like heists
  3. Gobbledeez

    Gobbledeez Intro

    I'm in California, Pacific Time Zone, not sure of the GMT number (same as Pete/Omar) I'm tired of sitting out on the XDBX playlists while Pete/Omar leave our freeroam killfest to go play Been active for about 2 years... shouldn't be a problem to be active the next 2 weeks Frequent gameplay and website activity shouldn't be a problem either
  4. Gobbledeez

    Gobbledeez Intro

    Hi XDBX You may recognize me from playing in some of the playlists over the past few months. I'm a California guy in my 30's, full time law student, and real life friend of Pete and Omar. I've been on mic a few times with the crew and had fun. Looking forward to providing backup to crew mates. Thanks.