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  1. Well, at that time there was no such thing as weight watchers (thank god) but men were fighting, hunting, robbing, riding horses on long distance and as we all know, when riding a horse you have to go along with the movements of the horse. All in all, lots of fat burning as an outlaw! How is it possible to gain that much weight? Except from exaggerated eating?
  2. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Thanks @JustHatched, I think the 2nd option is best for me. I come back later when I have some sh*t together. Play on guys!
  3. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Hi all! Just a question, I still have to do the vetting process but... I get frustrated because I still don't have time on my side because I'm in between jobs I think you call it and the time I have at home I have to fill in otherwise...at the moment. So what do you think, can you give me some extra space or should I come back later to join the crew? I know how great this crew is from my...short time 2 years ago so If I have to choose a crew, it will be XDBX all the way! Please let me know, thanks!
  4. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Thanks D-Rocks09! Good to be back!
  5. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Thanks man!
  6. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Thanks guys! Means a lot to me!
  7. Slept for 16 hours! Yeah, did use a good ol' nap!
  8. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Hey Con! Thanks man! Hope it will turn out better for me than the last 2 years. It's been crap without the crew. I do my best to turn things around and having a great time with the crew again. I really... really missed you guys.
  9. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    1: Timezone CET (UTC/GMT+1) 2: My goal is having fun online with the only crew for me XDBX. 3: There is only 1 tag on my jacket and that's XDBX 4: I will try my very best to play minimal 1 event once a week with the crew and sure will visit the website frequently. XDBX all the way!
  10. Brainstick

    Mama, I'm coming home again!

    Hello members of the finest crew there can be found! However I never left this crew it's been a while and I deeply apologize for that. Playing GTAV with this crew was a blast but my biggest enemy was and still is... time! As a truckdriver I'm often late back at home and when I have time in the weekends...well...there's the wife and social time you know? I'm not bitching about it but that's the way it goes. But I never left this crew and I'm thankful that you guys didn't kicked me out, that's of the characteristics of this crew, keeping this posse together. For the new members (already met @The_Lady_A) a short introduction (short? too late!). My nickname is Brainstick (drummer's talk for a stick through your head) but Brain will do and I also listen to my real name, Frank, 50 years old, and I'm from The Netherlands. Love gaming since the late 80's and I just love to see how graphics, gameplay and other technology is evolved through the years. Like RDR2....wauw! Much better than RDR1. Anyway, I hope to see you soon in a game of RDR2 when the online update is here. Or maybe in GTA which I don't play that anymore but there's another vetting coming up so maybe I'll play some GTA to speed up the process. Who knows? Enjoy the gaming guys and gals!
  11. The bar?? Should have known! Just a short way crawling from the bar to a comfortable bed... Thanks for that Ma'am!
  12. Hi guys! First of all, happy to be back with you all! So, back in the coolest game of the year I am exploring this great map in RDR2. Ended up in the beautiful city of Saint Denis. And after a long, long ride on my horse Patton I decided to look for a nice hot bath(with some extra service)and looking forward to a good night sleep. But uhm...just where the heck can I find a decent place to sleep in this town? No hotel? No rooms to let? Give a guy a break! Please help me...my legs and ass are killing me!
  13. Brainstick

    Weapons Guide and Locations

    Good man JustHatched!
  14. Brainstick

    Weapons Guide and Locations

    Thanks for this great guide man!?