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  1. Crawford1872

    returning crew member

    Welcome back
  2. I'll mostly be using the Primo tonight, the Washington and fugitive are similarly performing. Tailgater is the fastest available option for tonight.
  3. Crawford1872

    What're you listening to right now?

    There is a theatre in Saint Denis. The first act I noticed immediately as being this mob who do a lot of covers in varying styles
  4. Monday will be "slow" Sedans. Ie non schafter v12 box racing. Just to give everyone who is attending time to make sure they have something
  5. Crawford1872

    Crew Challenge 169 - Purple hayes

    Going to use the time I got in last week's WOW. Thanks for the continued effort on these, DJ
  6. Endurance Racing tonight. 4/5 longer races across multiple classes
  7. Crawford1872

    RDR2 Screenshots

  8. Crawford1872

    Fallout 76 - BETA CODES

    Bought the pre order. Looking forward to trying the beta. My pc game obsessed brother mentioned it had seemed okay from what he had read
  9. Crawford1872

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Welcome back man
  10. Crawford1872

    Crew Challenge 169 - Purple hayes

    Same, probably a Monday job for me at this point. So don't worry bout it too hard @JustHatched
  11. Crawford1872

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Welcome back
  12. Crawford1872

    What're you listening to right now?

    Equally good for killing time at work as it is whilst hunting etc in the wilderness in RDR2
  13. Crawford1872

    RDR2 Screenshots

    Fuck the Twitter posting format but aye
  14. Will include this job (above post) tonight @Beez @djw180 As the other person on the RSVP list is there anything you would like me to include tonight? Same to anyone else who might attend. Open to suggestions otherwise the playlist will be filled with a bunch of off road races. No specific cars required tonight.
  15. Crawford1872

    Rejoining XDBX

    Welcome back