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  1. yo_rosta


    I need to grow that mustache back out, I miss it!
  2. yo_rosta

    How did I ever get so lucky?

    Sorry Con, but I will be working in the day tomorrow. Shit! I put in 60 hours last week, and boy are my wings tired!
  3. First of all I would like to say to everyone, "I am sorry I have been such an inactive pile of refuse!" I appreciate you all overlooking my deficiencies and I would like to say, "What? You think your so f_cking perfect? Shit! No I'm just playing." I just wanted to say that I love you fine people and I hope to catch up with the times and become a more active member of this XDBX community. Any suggestions?
  4. I listened to Chris Cornell all day today, Solo, Audioslave, and Soundgarden..
  5. yo_rosta

    Crew Challenge 133 – Racing Cheetahs

    Well, my best lap time was 1:15:042 in my super Cheetah. Shit!
  6. yo_rosta

    ps4 SRL Down Under

    I like to make it out for the Aussie playlists!
  7. yo_rosta

    Team Deathmatch: Night Stalker

    Yes, I am interested in all aspects of GTA.. I am ready to do it all, thanks!
  8. Ready to play! 1) Time zone: EST 2) Goals: Play some team deathmatch, not parkour or ring fight, i don't need 80 million RP, thanks.. 3) Yes 4)Totally