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Everything posted by Con

  1. Full stream of the XDBX 4th Anniversary - Thru The Years Playlist ! 
  2. Don't fall out the boat. That's my suggestion, buddy.
  3. Con

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    Great job, Fido!!! looks like I can’t let Hatch surpass me. I worked too hard for 15th.
  4. I think Lann tried when we wanted to do the voice over for the XDBX RDR2 video. But hopefully him or Lime will reply.
  5. Happy Upcoming 5th Birthday XDBX!!! I'm honored to have been here for three of them!!!  
  6. @Jjss924 adding insult to XIII's H2H loss...we mocked them because of the subhuman trash talk they were spewing in the pre-match lobby. They got a taste of what they deserved and I can still to this day, taste the sweetness.
  7. Watch this epic F13 XDBX adventure!!!  If you escaped, would you go back in?? Sometimes you don't get a choice. 
  8. Counselor @Crawford1872, Counselor @The_Lady_A, and Counselor Con try and escape  @nkaujrog as Jason.  When Fri 13 the Game went on super sale a few crew members grabbed it and I thought we were going to have epic F13 matches but then the combo of griefers and the lawsuit that shut any new content down stopped us before we even began, luckily I have a few videos saved. 
  9. Con

    Hi everyone

  10. Full Stream of the XDBX 3rd Anniversary - French Theme Playlist Event 6 - Hosted by: Fido de Le Muet Le goûter d'anniversaire, ya' sick, f***s!!
  11. Found footage from the XDBX 3rd Anniversary Event 6 Hosted by: Fido Le Muet Le goûter d'anniversaire, mothafukkas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. From the Save Dodge/Kill Dodge 3rd Anniversary playlist.
  13. 3rd Anniversary TDM from the Save Dodge/Kill Dodge Internal H2H playlist. One team had to protect Dodge and the other kill his ass...fun concept even more fun being on the Kill squad. 
  14. 3rd Anniversary Air Playlist Lobby Meet-up mayhem...drinking champagne in a gold jet would never be the same. 
  15. Sinister hosted this kickass Air Racing Playlist...I still don't know how some of you fly so damn fast. 
  16. Team Save Dodge versus Team Dodge Must Die ... who will prevail? With Crew v Crew H2H matches playing such a big part of the crew's history what could be more appropriate than a H2H on our third and biggest anniversary? Dodge has stepped up to lead one side of this conflict, but who's the opposition? Limited spaces open for what could be the biggest conflict in the crews history. Full Stream of the 3rd Anniversary Internal H2H. 
  17. From the 3rd Anniv. Crew Classics playlist. Nothing gives me more belly laughs than the Dozer Capture...it's always hilarious!!!
  18. XDBX 3rd Anniversary Event 14 - Crew Classics - Hosted by: Banketelli
  19. Just some paparazzi lobby footage of Bank's 3rd Anniv. Crew Classics playlist. 
  20. 3rd Anniversary - Crew Classics Team Deathmatch Event 
  21. Gonna post some Anniversary throwback videos, sadly we lost the videos during the site upgrade so I will repost all of the 3rd and 4th Anniversary videos to hype you up to join us for the 5th Anniversary!!! So let's start with this fun racing playlist the legendary Grjkie's put together. 
  22. Con

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Gran Torino (2008) The Awesome: So many themes to explore and discuss and not just the ethnic factors as the the themes of guilt, involvement, abandonment, trauma, redemption, tradition, family, loneliness, and consequences all add up to a unique film experience. I felt the film would have worked even if Walt (Clint Eastwood) wouldn't have been written as a bigot, because I interpreted the film to be one of sacrifice when it was all said and done. The Walt character was a well written angry persona and yet tolerable because while he was racists towards some people, he had hatred for everyone, including his own family. I love how this film will flow through everyone's mind differently depending on who you are or what you have experienced...and that alone is worthy of serious respectful discussion of the themes presented. Clint did a masterful job at playing this character of Walt Kowolski and especially as we go through the subtle character arc. I thought the themes approached here were gutsy and the controversial topics handled with good intent. Having the priest follow Walt around was always funny since we know how much he despises the young priest and sets up for hilarious interactions, I also found it comical that religion wants you to really love one another, except if someone gay, of course, which is basically the same attitude Walt has towards others that are different, meanwhile he has a priest chasing him around so he can confess his sins, funny stuff! The priest isn't in many scenes but I felt that the element of religion has many underlying implications like, how does a man confess to murder when it's in his job description? The Good: Cinematography is beautiful and the lighting in some scenes was superb. I liked that every scene whether well lit or dim, always gives you the impression that something is going to happen, especially towards the end of the film where tensions are high and you don't know who Walt has pissed off more along the way. The dynamic between Walt and Thao (Bee Vang) was amusing, especially after they both kind of let their guard down as you can see they both needed one another and how it affects them outside their association. I like that the film doesn't hold back with the main character's dialogue and bigotry because it rings true to how some people really feel about other ethnicities, as "Walt's" can be found in every human community under the sun. I liked that Walt's vocabulary never really changes when he begins to tolerate his neighbors, you hear the change in tone as it takes on more of the one he uses with his Barber Martin (John Carroll Lynch), and I will add that the banter between Walt and his barber is some of the funniest stuff in the film and interestingly enough works in softening up Walt's image for the rest of the film. I really liked how Walt tries to protect Thao from the mental and physical anguish of acting out in violence and all its consequences. The Bad: The ultimate sacrifice just did not satisfy me, although I got the crux of the actual sacrifice, it rang pretty hollow for me since there is so much to cleanse in the community that made me feel that in the long term, change will only last for a little while and thought more could have been done but then that would have probably made this a different movie. Some of the acting is bad in how lines aren't delivered in a believable way...take the scene where Walt rescues Sue (Ahney Her) when she is walking with her boyfriend, Sue is given sarcastic dialogue but the actress just didn't have the attitude needed to deliver those lines, so instead of fist-pumping, i found myself saying, "meh" at that scene. Speaking of the gangs, Clint should have hired a gang consultant because every gang portrayed is a bad joke and all come across as wannabe gang members instead of actual gang bangers, none worst than the Asian gang, every time they came on screen I had to laugh because they were so unconvincing and that took away from the tension since I didn't fear them. I think the black gang was the most convincing and even their scene felt forced and seemed to just serve one purpose, to shame the character Trey (Scott Eastwood) because he was embracing a culture not his own. Again the gang members were weak and that scene were Thao is forced to go with them is just so dumb because I don't recall any gangs I was ever around that would literally kidnap someone to be in their gang, I laughed that entire scene when I was supposed to be fearing for Thao and his family. I also felt that in general there was a missed opportunity with the gangs as we are shown their disdain for one another but that isn't fully utilized which could have led to a richer story and possibly ending. I thought Walt's hate was a bit thick in the first acts of the film that I had a tough time believing he suddenly would start to care for some foreigners. The Ugly: The term lovable bigot was overused in many of the reviews I came across post-viewing, I found Walt tolerable but not lovable as he wasn't planning on becoming a different person nor was he seeking change. A lot of scenes looked like they were rehearsing and the filmmaker used that rehearsal footage instead as I found some scenes to have awkward blocking (like the actors didn't know where to stand), this could be attributed to the lack of acting experience by the cast but in a film that deals with such complex and controversial themes, better acting would have left me with the same impact the film "American History X" left with me with. The Asian gang member Smokie (Sonny Vue) was just awful, I basically cringed anytime the Asian gang shows up but when Smokie opens his mouth, I just want to tap out. The stereotypes were a bit heavy in places. Not giving using subtitles during the Hmong speaking scenes I felt was a bad move since we don't get insight on what's being said by them and I felt hurt their characterization since it really makes them come across as just being obnoxious to give Walt something to snarl about. Now I have read about how the Hmong community felt they were portrayed and upset about inaccuracies or exaggerations of their culture and that may be true but they had to know this was a film, things have to be changed for dramatic effect and should not be taken so seriously. I mean, if you watch this film and walk away thinking all Hmong people don't speak English, are gang bangers, and rape their own cousin's then you are one dumb ass fuck, that being said, I will maintain my opinion that giving the Hmong subtitles during their lines could have helped them not come across as helpless and misinterpreted as the film left the real life community to feel. Final Verdict...3/5...We all have our own prejudices and the key is seeking how to untangle them and never let them knot back up inside you. Now that is easier to do when your experiences have been mostly positive, but what happens when your experience is a negative one, do does it create generalizations and unwavering opinions about people? Although some people just watched this film and fist-pumped at Walt giving those minorities invading his "land" what they deserved, I saw a much richer film through the eyes of a character that probably never did any research on the contributions of others to the success of "his" country. I didn't grow up in a household where there was a tradition of hate and prejudice so disliking someone because of their race is a foreign concept to me and generalizing an entire group because of one negative encounter just never made sense to me. Which leads me to Walt Kowolski, where does his racism come from? Was he raised in a household where he was taught to look down at others? Was his service in the Korean War where he learned to hate other races and naturally, a hatred towards anyone appearing Asian? Well its that and the fact that he lost his Ford manufacturing job due to foreign cars growing in popularity in the USA...but I had to ask myself, whose ultimate fault was it that allowed the infiltration of these cheaper made foreign cars? Where immigrants forcing American citizens into buying cars made in Japan? I doubt that. I laugh at how time and time again us Americans always forget to look in the mirror and instead quickly look to blame the outside world. If no one bought a single exported car, guess what, guys like Walt Kowolski could have kept his job at the Ford plant, as I felt that the snow-ball effect of changes in his life forced him into bitterness. I recommend this film if you like discussing themes that no doubt divide and yet unite us at the same time. We always look for a common enemy when sometimes, it's just us that we need to find. Gran Torino is a cool character study that left me thinking about a lot of things one of them being when people say, "this movie couldn't be made in today's sensitive climate.", I don't agree with that at all because I feel it's only a small handful of people that actually get offended by something they see and get up and do something about it, a lot of people just go with the flow and media doesn't make money unless there is a buzz about something. This movie could have been made in any decade because not all of us have been sheltered from the real world. Another phrase that this movie made me think of was "...my generation was this and that." I mean, every generation has it's greatness, some generations were forced to fight in wars we had no business being involved in and how is that the younger generation's fault? This whole generational divide thing is silly to me because it all comes down to parenting the youth that are in reach. We can be taught to be compassionate and tough. Teach self-worth while having respect towards others. I think the greatest generations are the individual ones that every year have a full understanding of the past and teach unity when others are teaching the opposite.
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    Crew Challenge 174 - Holy Snowly

    Sorry DJ...I wasnt able to log in the last snow day and get a time recorded. Don't wait for me.
  24. Share Your Stories Here!!! Did you come across a rabid chipmunk? Fell of the train? Botched the bank robbery? Befriended the town bully? or just enjoyed the view from the mountains. Share the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from your adventures with us here!! Make this your XDBX RDR2 Diary! Please make sure to indicate Spoilers, if what you are sharing requires it. Thanks.
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    Lime's Book Reviews

    The 5th Circle...it just has something cinematic about it more than the rest.