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  1. Don't fall out the boat. That's my suggestion, buddy.
  2. Con

    gta&rdr Crew Challenge: Hall of Fame

    Great job, Fido!!! looks like I can’t let Hatch surpass me. I worked too hard for 15th.
  3. I think Lann tried when we wanted to do the voice over for the XDBX RDR2 video. But hopefully him or Lime will reply.
  4. Happy Upcoming 5th Birthday XDBX!!! I'm honored to have been here for three of them!!!  
  5. Full stream of the XDBX 4th Anniversary - Thru The Years Playlist ! 
  6. @Jjss924 adding insult to XIII's H2H loss...we mocked them because of the subhuman trash talk they were spewing in the pre-match lobby. They got a taste of what they deserved and I can still to this day, taste the sweetness.
  7. Watch this epic F13 XDBX adventure!!!  If you escaped, would you go back in?? Sometimes you don't get a choice. 
  8. Counselor @Crawford1872, Counselor @The_Lady_A, and Counselor Con try and escape  @nkaujrog as Jason.  When Fri 13 the Game went on super sale a few crew members grabbed it and I thought we were going to have epic F13 matches but then the combo of griefers and the lawsuit that shut any new content down stopped us before we even began, luckily I have a few videos saved. 
  9. Con

    Hi everyone

  10. Full Stream of the XDBX 3rd Anniversary - French Theme Playlist Event 6 - Hosted by: Fido de Le Muet Le goûter d'anniversaire, ya' sick, f***s!!
  11. Found footage from the XDBX 3rd Anniversary Event 6 Hosted by: Fido Le Muet Le goûter d'anniversaire, mothafukkas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. From the Save Dodge/Kill Dodge 3rd Anniversary playlist.
  13. 3rd Anniversary TDM from the Save Dodge/Kill Dodge Internal H2H playlist. One team had to protect Dodge and the other kill his ass...fun concept even more fun being on the Kill squad. 
  14. 3rd Anniversary Air Playlist Lobby Meet-up mayhem...drinking champagne in a gold jet would never be the same. 
  15. Sinister hosted this kickass Air Racing Playlist...I still don't know how some of you fly so damn fast.