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  1. Con

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

    Oh no. The better driver picks first. So test drive a few and let me know what you prefer and I’ll adjust. Thanks.
  2. Con

    TNT (Dodge)

    I hear you. I think the Sabre Hotring races are more friendly and if you get spun out 4-5 times, you could still win, with the Issi races....fughedaboutit!
  3. Con

    TNT (Dodge)

    The Issi racing series I have done all have been for 30 players. They are fun if you aren't just focused on winning. Its too easy to be in 1st place and end up finishing in 11th because of other bad drivers. Half the people can't take a turn in the Issi and wreck you at every turn. That being said, once I just focused on learning to drive the car, i didnt mind coming in 3rd or 7th. They are unforgiving if you get knocked around the track and that isn't fun at all. Racing with crew....that would be fun. Dirty Issi Hotring Crew vs Crew baby!! Wooooooooooo!!
  4. JOINED JUNE 21, 2016 I celebrated Two Years with the crew yesterday. It's been a great ride! All thanks to Beez!!!
  5. Con

    Crew Challenge 158 - A Premium Race

    I'm in like Fido in a Speedo at the French Riviera. And I don't care if Dodge and Hatch are excluded from the random draw and are a team.
  6. Con

    The Story What I'm Writing

    Hell yeah it’s hard. Especially when you are an unknown author. Your first 10 pages better grab the script analyst by the bippy! Or you have no shot.
  7. Con

    The Story What I'm Writing

    Lime you and Pete are a fucking authors? I would love to read your material. Please send them to me. I aspire to sell a screenplay someday. I really want to co-write something with someone someday.
  8. Con

    Crew Challenge 156 - Xero Muscle

    I was going to issue the awards when we had the site update and forgot. At the moment my home internet is down but the moment I have access to my cpu, I will issue the awards. Thanks.
  9. Con

    ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Don't watch my footage for lessons. hahahaha and the Lime POV....
  10. Con

    Was this wrong? :)

    So that's what happened to my uber driver that day. hahaha the chuckle at the end....priceless.
  11. Con

    GTA V Train Stopping Powers

    See this is why you should have joined Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco The train stopping became an issue for us because we were rolling with 5 Star Levels. I think it happened to DJ first and I had to laugh to when thinking how surprised he must have been.
  12. If she likes spooking herself...you have to get the VR. Playing the horror games was one of the main reasons I got it. yes, people that travel the world and record on 360 cams and upload their videos will give you access to “travel” vids.
  13. It's 1,000% worth it....Only if you have time for it and I suggest a setup where you don't have to plug everything in like I have to do every time I want to play it. Although it is very easy to plug everything in, sometimes having to do that discourages me and I just end up loading up GTA. I can't leave it setup because occasionally wife makes a big deal about the wires, some days wires not a big deal and sometimes the wires are a national threat i guess. That being said, she asked me on Sunday to let her tour Savannah, GA in VR. The second thing is that if you don't have time to game or don't have time to enjoy VR tourism or just watching 360 videos, then don't buy it. It will just collect dust and you will feel like i do when i walk by the XBOX One that I have played exactly THREE times. Spent serious cash on XBOX One cause childhood friends were gonna play Madden but that never happened.
  14. Con

    Helping Each Other Through Resident Evil 7

    Sadly I haven't had the free time this weekend. I would be playing right now but was invited to watch the two WC matches left. But im on a mission to play it as much as possible.