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  1. A Star Is Born (2018) Best Picture Nominee The Awesome: Getting to see the real Stefani Germanotta a.k.a. Lady Gaga out of make-up and crazy costumes and although she has abandoned the crazy shtick for a while, it was still nice to see her not wearing cardboard. The chemistry between the leads is good although I did chuckle A LOT at moments when Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) is giving singing advice to Ally (Lady GaGa) because in real life I knew it was just the opposite while they were making the film. I really believed their love, especially early on where it isn't always lovey-dovey, like real-life and kept me from saying, "Come on, big time singer gonna hook up with a nobody." ----and since he really has no friends, little family, and is barely a functioning alcoholic, their chemistry is enhanced by all that and it worked for me, for the most part. My favorite thing in the movie was Ally's journey to stardom, especially the moment when she is delivering the lines about her being rejected because of her nose, she almost had to do any acting for those scenes since I remember reading something about Lady Gaga having to choose a gimmick to get her foot in the door IRL and is why she went with the whole Monsters theme and I say it worked out really well for her, although If i was one of those fans and see her being "normal" now, I would be a bit disappointed, anyways that had nothing to do with the film so lets move on. Watching Ally being transformed into the artist she never saw herself as but at the same time fulfilling her dream justifies the contradiction of her on-stage persona. The acting by all the supporting characters is very good although I found Ally's father, Lorenzo (Andrew Dice Clay) kind of annoying when we are introduced to him but he became less annoying as the film goes on. The Good: The music was good, I didn't find the songs annoying or sappy or out of place and in fact I kind of liked how the entire movie has no score and the only time we hear music is when there is singing and I think this was brilliant because we don't hear cheesy music in the back in the love scenes or dramatic moments, we aren't told what to feel and I really appreciated that and by the way, I think not having a score helps the songs they sing really stand out and make you pay attention to the lyrics they are singing. My fear was that this was going to be a semi-musical with tons of singing but the film is actually very balanced in that sense as the music and songs have a purpose. The contrast of both singers in the movie was tremendous as we see one rising and another trying not to fall into drunken oblivion. The cast is very good and enjoyed the cameos by entertainers playing opposite roles to their real lives. For a first time director, Bradley Cooper does a decent job and will only improve. The film is beautifully shot and I think Lady GaGa was lit beautifully as she looks great in every scene, under every lighting technique used. No spontaneous choreographed cast dancing and singing making it really feel like I was watching a film about real life singing careers. The Bad: Being that this is a remake, the story is predictable so the climax won't surprise you if you are familiar with the other versions. Being told time and time again that the film was a tear-jerker and waiting for that moment to come but since i expected something sad and in my opinion, when it happens it was handled so poorly that it felt like a death in a horror story. The scene where Ally punches the cop at the cop bar was so dumb in my opinion (and it's a shame because what comes before that is her talking about being rejected by the music executives because of her nose size) after all she initiates physical contact with a guy who was not even talking to her in the first place and Jackson had already approved the photo-op. Perhaps this scene would have fit later in the film as it would have made more sense and held more impact, since by then we had a reason for Ally to need to protect a spiritually fragile Jackson; now I accept that perhaps the scene served to foreshadow what Ally would be experiencing way later for herself when she finds fame but the sequence was just awkward for me. We see that Jackson is having tinnitus issues and I kept thinking, oh this is what is going to make him play out of tune and have fans demanding money back at his concert but it actually goes nowhere and just becomes this inconsistent plot device and just becomes a red-herring instead. The last scene is basically just a current-LadyGaga performance that for me went on too long and maybe using the flashback sequences earlier would have drawn me in more and by that point i was ready for the film to be over. There is a heavy-handed foreshadowing in the opening act that had me saying, “oh come on, really??? You are hinting at certain form of demise, already??” and that’s because unless you look away at that moment you won’t be able to miss this image that was probably meant to represent alcoholism but I interpreted as something else and I was correct. I think perhaps a more subtle version of that image would have had a better subliminal impact. The Ugly: There is a scene where Bobby (Sam Elliott) accuses Jackson of "stealing his voice" and there is a moment where the audio seems to get loud just so we can hear the 'gravelly' nuance in the voices of Bobby and Jackson and it just made me laugh as to me it came across as two actors trying to out-gravel one another and I know most people will think that scene was powerful but I felt it was silly as we learn that Jackson is such a throbbing-drunk that he forgot he was told about his father's grave, you know his "drinking buddy", but nevertheless confronts his brother in that manner, I thought his brother was stealing or sabotaging him and I think using drunken-paranoia to drive a divide between brothers would have worked better than the way the scene was written. There are some serious pacing issues because once Ally's career starts you have no concept of how much time is going by, I mean she wins an award and then is on SNL and I had no clue how long had passed between those things so I found myself working hard to figure out what the story timeline had become and I thought, hey they got a puppy when they first moved in with one another, maybe if they show us the dog we will see how big he is and use that as him to measure the passing of time, but nope, when they get the puppy it is already mid-size and the dog doesn't seem to grow throughout the film. Again, why is pacing important to me? I like to follow along with subplots throughout the film and I like to think ahead about the characters so not knowing if it's weeks later or years later in the story always throws me for a loop. I saw Lady GaGa win a Grammy and she said something about the movie revealing things about mental illness but I thought alcoholism was a bigger reason for the tragedies in the film. At no time did I sit through it and said, man, this guy has a mental health issue or he is struggling with a bipolar episode. I did find myself thinking how bad Jackson's drinking and popping pills addiction was and I didn't see him as a drug addict , in fact I can only think of one scene where he is doing cocaine. Another thing that bothered me was the timing of everyone finally deciding that Jackson had hit rock-bottom, wasn't anyone watching him before him and Ally attended the Grammys? I mean, this famous singer was waking up on sidewalks because he would get so drunk the night before, forgets things he has been told about people he claims to love, and is shown drunk or drinking so much that I began to feel drunk myself anytime he came on screen. Did I Cry ? - spoiler Final Verdict ...4/5...The technical craftsmanship and inspired performances presented in Bradley Cooper's directorial debut are outstanding. Films about singing and singers aren't films I instantly gravitate towards so keeping me interested in this genre isn't easy but I had no problem staying with these characters for their entire journey and that was because the cinematography really brought life to slow romantic moments and thrills to the performance scenes then add to that some really strong committed acting and great balance between conventional film and musical. Too much singing and I would have probably played with my phone. I did not watch La La Land so I will spare you any comparisons. I think if someone were to ask me to recommend a love story about two singers or which remake of "A Star Is Born" to watch, I'm pretty sure I will say this one and that is why i'm giving it an almost must watch for the casual fan of material like this.
  2. That's pretty fucking cool!! My only brush with popular youtubers was when Dat Saints Fan gave me a shout out during a stream for making him laugh.
  3. Con

    rdr Crew Challenge 179 - I Fought the Law

    Cool. Cause a shooting challenge without the mini map sounds pretty thrilling. ZZ what is the YouTube channel name?
  4. Believe it or not, Hatch is actually on my team in this throwback classic clip. Omar has the case. We need the case. I go stab Omar for the case. Hatch comes to help me. The End. Enjoy this little throwback clip. 
  5. Con

    gta Thursday Night Thunder

    Why are we listening to Cupid? He dont even have a drivers license. He uses wings to fly which I might add are a poor design since I have no idea how he manages to get lift. lol he's a fucking disaster.
  6. Con

    XDBX Chronicle #67

    Yeah we should hang this spring! Let's meet halfway unless you have biz to do in CT. And thanks for that brilliant idea about reviewing the GTA cinema films, never even occurred to me!! I cannot wait to do that now!!! You can now imagine the chuckle that came out of me when you posted Walter's photo for the first time!!
  7. Con

    rdr Crew Challenge 179 - I Fought the Law

    I'm in. Now my only concern are the videos online of people killing cops for XP...I don't want to chose one of those locations and possibly win over someone who did it more "legit". Should I care or not?
  8. Con


    All I want is the ability to crew vs crew. That is the only update I'm looking forward to and I have no clue why this game wasnt packaged with that...I find that frustrating af. I havent logged in in abut two weeks because all I had been doing is cougar farming so i could afford those silly ability cards...i have $4K and hate that I will spend 90% of it on ability cards just because other people are using them and I dont want to be at a disadvantage once we get the crew vs crew options, I'm guessing that will be a thing, right? If it existed in RDR1 it has to come to RDR2.
  9. Con

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    Thanks for the insight. I think why the movie did good with casual Queen fans like myself is that there was purpose in what Freddie was doing, his style, his sound...and that is what I appreciated about the movie. I gave it such a high rating because I was entertained the entire time and like I said, this isn't my fave music genre to begin with but at no time did I lose interest.
  10. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Best Picture Nominee The Awesome: @LimeGreenLegend already posted a great review on Page 16 and I don't know that I have anything better to add: The Good: Anyone that is a fan of Queen will review this film with some bias but I never bought Queen music but have appreciated listening to their hits all my life for example, the song "Eye of the Tiger" and "Rocky" films, chanting "We Will Rock You" at every sporting event I have ever attended, singing "We Are The Champions" when FSU won the National Championship, etc. I have been a fan of Queen by default. I enjoyed the film because the Freddie Mercury (Malik Remi) is so convincing and committed to the role, now I have not watched enough Queen or Freddie footage to be an expert but I felt he conveyed the personification I came to expect from someone playing Freddie Mercury. I really liked how they show the contributions of the other band members towards some of their most iconic songs. You do get the feel of how far their music reached around the world and how it positively impacted people. The Bad: At times it just feels really low-budget, more of a made-for-TV feel in some parts. I found the film too conventional and by the numbers. I mean I know its a biopic but at least tweak the formula so it fits with the eccentricity of the main character and by the way this line is actually delivered in the film by Freddie...."We don't follow formulas." The changing of directors is never a good thing and this happened to the film not sure I noticed the shift but could be the reason certain freedoms were taken and why the film feels like it's stuck between two versions of itself. I think they missed a great opportunity with the controversy that would have been a "Paki" singing lead unlike any other group at the time and while I wouldn't have wanted to watch a bunch of hate crime moments, I think there was richness in that struggle that surely, Freddie must have experienced in that political and social climate. I think they associated being gay with his downfall and I thought that was a bit unfair since straight performers have also fallen to their own addictions and no one ties that in with their sexuality but gay performers are almost always portrayed in this manner and it is done here in the third act. The Ugly: Creative freedom in a biopic can be dangerous and like I have stated, I not being the hugest Queen fan, watched this with perhaps a different point of view, but nonetheless expect for the filmmakers to be somewhat historically accurate with the important details, like the way Freddie auditions for the band, when in reality he had pestered them for months to let him sing with them. I was shocked to learn that the real Freddie already knew one of the band members from his childhood, in the film this is certainly not even implied and instead we get a parking lot audition which made me believe that is how the group was introduced to Freddie's talent. I also found out that Freddie was actually a musical prodigy by age 7 and his talent was no secret, I would have loved for the movie to have followed things more accurately and took creative freedom based on facts, this is why giving everything a Hollywood treatment is not a good idea. If you are making a Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic craft it for the Queen fans not the extra-casual fan like myself. Some of the CGI crowd during the Live Aid concert reenactment was bad which could have been avoided by just using stock footage of the real crowd. Final Verdict...4/5...While it fails in some things it really excels in other things and pays tribute to Queen in general and how their musical artistry influenced a generation and the contributions that made them musical icons. The film feels like it wants to tell two stories, the Queen and Freddie story but I felt like what I got were two half-cooked halves and that was odd because of how much substance both the story behind Queen as a group and Freddy’s personal journey both have and instead they seem to go all cautionary tale in the third act which does a disservice to the story because it comes across as if Freddie’s full embrace of the gay lifestyle was his downfall when at the time, there was no way he could have anticipated getting AIDS, as the gay lifestyle was just about having fun, being themselves, freedom from societal norms, etc, during this time. I admitted that I am not the biggest Queen fan, so my score is based more on the fact that I walked away knowing an altered version of the truth like Freddy learning about his disease before the Live Aid concert but there I was watching that moment thinking, he is singing his heart out because he knows his time is limited...nope, he was just a badass mofo when he was on that stage. This wasn't a documentary and would be impossible to fit every accuracy into a two-hour Hollywood film so I guess I have to keep that in mind. Did it deserve the Best Picture nomination? Yes. Because it accomplishes what it sets out to do and that is give us a glimpse of an amazing group and its amazing lead singer and how they created and paved the way for freedom of expression and their unique songs that became instant classics around the world.
  11. Con

    The Favourite (2018)

    Thanks for that awesome review. I was waiting for someone from across the pond to post their opinion on this movie and you make a great point, no one really knows what these folks were behind closed doors, I mean, I believed their pettiness cause what else was there to do when you didnt have to worry about food and shelter and things the peasants had to deal with. I think you hit every nail on the head and like I said in my review, if you go into this expecting a stuffy period piece with little to get excited about, then you will have a blast with this because of the funny and silly moments. And like you said about that character credit, I laughed when i saw..."Wanking Man" in the credits. lmao. I watched A Star Is Born (review to come) and while GaGa is good, there is no way she should win the Oscar over Olivia, imho of course.
  12. Con

    How it ends

    Oh yeah you can...just talk out loud as you type about how you felt. I just get long winded....lol. Someone in the crew saw this film and liked everything except the ending.
  13. You gotta check in on the ras clot H2H thread sometimes.
  14. Another clutch performance by the H2H squad vs the Pretty Lil Monsters.

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