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  1. Con

    No Man's Sky Screenshots

    Gorgeous! Cannot wait to contribute!! I also have decided that when I build my first base, I will be naming the Fauna on that planet after XDBX members, so yes, there will be a LimeGreenLegend, a Protocawl, "Look, there's Fidos on this planet!", etc....JustHatch will get a flying beast named after him, etc. Can't wait! I will post the pictures of the XDBX fauna too!
  2. Con

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    Questlines as in missions? Yeah I have not done any of the questlines because I didn't feel ready for outer space or other worlds as I'm very poor and hate being teased with cool stuff I can't buy. Right now the only pending questlines are head to a distress beacon and I believe a space station, gonna have to fly to them eventually. Wish me luck!!
  3. Con

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    Drop pods contain busted suit upgrade stations. They can be found by asking locals to point out areas of interest. Some trade posts and minor settlements also sell drop pod data that will flag one up for you, although these can be expensive.To repair a busted drop pod you need chromatic metal, sodium nitrate, ionised cobalt, and antimatter. That's quite a big ask in the early game, but as you unlock more inventory you can carry it around with you. It also makes refuelling the hyperdrive less annoying as you already have all you need. (Drop Pods!! That's what they are called, I called them Open Pod Thingys above, lol, the Exosuit uprgade in those pods Ive come across need that antimatter (I have the nanotubes) and pretty sure I can't make anti-matter yet. The one thing I REALLY need to get is that Terrain Manipulator so I can turn that copper into valuable stuff. As for money... subterranean relics are an excellent way of getting money early game as they come with a tetracobalt crystal too. So five of those is 5 pretty valuable trade items, and 750 ionised cobalt which sells very nicely. And because they're found in caves you'll be safe from the superheated radioactive blizzards of acid. (Thanks!!! Thats why I need that damn terrrain manipulator!!!)
  4. Con

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    The game looks amazing but it already looked amazing before the NEXT update. The graphics improvement isn't striking to me. (I only saw gameplay video before the update but I did notice how much crisper the game looks after NEXT) I still suck at this game like before. Been playing since day one but only have visited about 5-6 systems in about 13 hours of game time. That's not a lot... I love exploring and discovering worlds. My favorite part of the game by far. But I find my exploration very frustrating because I'm always low on supplies despite having a full inventory all the time...(I have yet to leave my first planet, my ship is repaired but I feel like I need to explore those bases littered around the planet first and then head off to the distress signal waiting for me. But i am finding that im running out of space to keep shit (haven't updated exosuit or tools yet), I have managed to get (3) alien eggs and a few of the "pearls", hopefully I will be able to sell them at the space station as the mini-stations on the starting planet will not allow me to sell those items to other aliens. So the next question is : how do you guys manage your stuff ? My starship has 18 slots and my exosuit has about 20. It's full of various objects that I don't know what to do with and a few common ressources like Carbon. (I have yet to upgrade anything so I have less slots and will learn what to really keep in the inventory until I can upgrade, but I think that the converter thingy can help condense some of those materials.) I find it very boring to have to craft antimatter/warp cells/this/that... all the time to travel to planets or do hyperdrive jumps. I lose so much time trying to find the right ingredients and most of the time I don't know where to look and end up buying what I can find in the space station. (I have yet to venture out into space, but will very soon and am learning the best ways to have that fuel.) Where can I find new ships (for free ?) and how can I upgrade my suit/multitool ? Sometimes I find a place that lets me upgrade something but always at a price. (I see how expensive these ships are and is why i am looking for ways to make money fast!! so I can have the millions needed to buy the better ships and tools. You can upgrade your exosuits at the space stations. I have found those open pod thingys on my planet and they offer Exosuit upgades but its advanced tech and I can't afford or have antimatter for it.) I'm poor ! Only have 700.000 units (I have even less! and is why im looking for exploits to make more money so I can really start "playing".) Where are the damn Atlas Pass V1, V2 and V3 ? So many locked doors !!! (At some point I will do research regarding this, as of right now, I can't help you with any advise.) Still haven't found a beautiful Earth-like planet. Most of them are radioactive wastelands or subject to toxic rains...(I can't wait to explore the harsher planets as I hear the rare and good stuff can be found on them.But will surely put a base on an Earth-like planet when I find one. Also since the update, all my previous discoveries and systems I have visited have been modified. All the cool names I had made up are gone ! That's very frustrating (Look into this since there may be something you need to do to retrieve your old data. I also will be giving the cooler looking plants and animals their own names....right now I have Gek Doberman's and Stinky-Stunks. )
  5. Con

    What Are You Reading?

    I must confess....I do not read any books. I think the last book I read was: I'm more into reading magazines and medical journals. Currently I'm reading: These articles were very interesting.... https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/raging-controversy-border-began-100-years-ago-180969343/ https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/epic-quest-ride-worlds-biggest-wave-180969351/ Also have this to read next:
  6. Con

    What Are You Reading?

    Truly is amazing how the AIDS epidemic was handled at the start. All the homophobes in authority, the USA took it lightly because it was a disease of the gay. I mean, Ronald Reagan’s first AIDS press conference was more of a stand-up set than a press conference, and yes you can Google it.
  7. Con

    ps4 Vehicle Photo Contest - Nightlife

    Thanks @Beez!! Welcome to the VPC Everyone!! If you have worked hard on modding your cars and have wanted to show them off, well now you can! As long as you apply the theme to your photos, they will qualify. Photos taken at dusk and dawn will be accepted, just try not to get too much sunshine. The kick-off theme is Nightlife and with the clubs all over Los Santos, there will be plenty of opportunities to get some great shots but as seen in the examples below, there is plenty of "nightlife" everywhere. Have fun!! Tip: If you want NPC's not to run away as you drive up to a spot, just drive up really, really slow. Thank you in advance for your participation.
  8. Con

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    Do it. It will encourage me to take pics and also a place to post them. Although I havent gotten off the original planet since i'm trying to find my starting crash site as I think I left something there. But eventually I will leave the planet to find one to build my first base at.
  9. Con

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    @LimeGreenLegend or anyone else that plays this game...... Okay i'm really getting into this game. All weekend I watched video after video trying to find what I want to do in the game and realized you might be able to help me out more with some questions.... so whenever you have the time... 1. How rich are you and how did you get rich? Alien eggs or some other way? 2. Have you discovered your own planet, why did you choose it, what's it's name and how do I travel there? 3. Have you built a base and can I see a pic? 4. What type of role playing have you adopted? 5. What has been your biggest mistake or waste of money?
  10. Con

    ps4 No Man's Sky

    That last one is insane. i played a few hours on saturday morning and have a better idea of what I’m doing now. I really just want to get rich quick so I can explore, as I think discovering species and documenting them for other aliens is going to be my main objective in this game.
  11. according to the host rotation the 26th is Valles turn to host TH ,so he should give you an answer. Looks like our TH’ers are signing up for this so he will have to take that into account.
  12. Con

    Why are you making money?

    I have always wanted to buy the hangar and all the new planes for it. So hopefully I will get inspired to get my club biz set for the grind.
  13. Con

    ps4 August 10th

    I’m online at the moment but don’t know for how long. If we set something for same time as FNF. I can come back but Heists are out for me since I’m mic-less.
  14. Con

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    @nkaujrog love your latest dual review, just one thing, in the first one you disclose that the villain dies. Could you please hide the spoilers. To do this all you need is the “spoiler and “/spoiler” brackets at the start of the sentence and at the end. This hides any spoilers. You never know who might want to watch a movie you reviewed. Thanks!
  15. Con

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    10 Sentient Facts About Maximum Overdrive BY JENNIFER M WOOD Maximum Overdrive won’t ever go down in Hollywood’s history books as the best adaptation of a Stephen King story. But in some ways, it might be the legendary author’s most personal piece of cinematic output, due to the fact that he directed it (his sole attempt at that career). Yet King has been extremely critical of the film, which sees murder-minded machines come to life. Though it was also overwhelmingly derided by critics, Maximum Overdrivehas developed a dedicated cult following over the years—and features one hell of a soundtrack. On the 30th anniversary of the film’s release, we’ve dug up 10 facts about the so-bad-it’s-good sci-fi/horror/comedy. 1. STEPHEN KING WAS STUCK ON HAVING BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN STAR. Stephen King is a man who knows what he wants—and for the lead role of Bill Robinson, he wanted Bruce Springsteen. There was just one problem: Dino De Laurentiis, the film’s executive producer, did not know who The Boss was. “Stephen King wanted an ‘unknown’ actor at that time: Bruce Springsteen,” translator Roberto Croci recalled to /Film. According to Croci, King told De Laurentiis, “‘I can do 10 movies for you, Dino, but I want Bruce Springsteen.’ But Dino said, ‘Bruce who? Bruce who?’ Dino didn’t know. He didn’t know he was The Boss; the man who would change rock music. So Stephen King explain[ed] … ‘I want to direct Bruce. This is my movie and the truck driver is Bruce Springsteen.’ But Dino didn’t care. He just [said], ‘I’ll get Emilio [Estevez], Martin [Sheen’s] son.’ When that moment became official—that there was no Bruce Springsteen—Stephen King couldn’t give a sh*t about the movie. That’s my opinion.” 2. IT WAS KING WHO PERSUADED AC/DC TO CREATE THE SOUNDTRACK. King has long professed his appreciation for AC/DC and desperately wanted to get them involved in the making of Maximum Overdrive. Legend has it that he wooed them by proving his fandom and singing “Ain’t No Fun Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire” from their 1976 album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in its entirety. The band agreed to provide the music for the film, which they released as 1987’s “Who Made Who.” Only the earliest pressings of the album note that it’s the official soundtrack to King’s film. 3. THE HAPPY TOYZ TRUCK IS MODELED ON THE GREEN GOBLIN. The film’s main villain is the ironically named Happy Toyz Truck, a tractor trailer with a (homicidal) mind of its own. If the goblin-esque mask that sits on the front of the truck looks familiar, that’s because it’s modeled after Marvel’s Green Goblin. 4. THE HAPPY TOYZ GOBLIN IS A REGULAR VISITOR TO HORROR FESTIVALS. Following the film’s completion, the truck—which was pretty damaged from the shoot—was brought to a salvage yard in Wilmington, North Carolina, where filming took place. In 1987, movie memorabilia collector Tim Shockey snatched it up, thinking it would make a fun prop for the video store he owned (at the time, he had never seen Maximum Overdrive). He then set about restoring the Goblin head and, in 2013, brought it to Cincinnati’s HorrorHound Weekend. Since then, it has regularly been spotted at horror festivals and conventions around the country. You can follow its adventures on Facebook and Twitter. 5. YOU MIGHT RECOGNIZE THE SCORE USED IN THE TRAILER. King took a very in-your-face approach to the trailer for Maximum Overdrive, making himself the star of it. In addition to promising the audience that he would “scare the hell out of” them, King also took the opportunity to throw shade at the filmmakers who had previously adapted his works, saying that he decided to direct the film because, “If you want something done right, you ought to do it yourself” and that “I just wanted someone to do Stephen King right.” And he made all these proclamations set to the score of Tommy Lee Wallace’s equally maligned Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). 6. KING JUST MAY BE THE FILM’S HARSHEST CRITIC. Despite his many promises in the trailer above, it was King himself who ended up being the film’s harshest critic. While doing press for the film in 1983, King told the Gainesville Sun that Maximum Overdrive was “a moron movie, like Splash! You check your brains at the box office and you come out 96 minutes later and pick them up again. People say, ‘How’d you like the movie,’ and you can’t say much. It’s not like The Big Chill or 2001.” 7. DRUG ADDICTION MAY HAVE PLAYED A PART IN THE FILM’S EXECUTION. In the mid-1980s, King struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, and was later very frank with how his habitual use of cocaine, Valium, and Xanax impacted his work. He had frequent blackouts and admitted that he doesn’t really remember writing Cujo. As for Maximum Overdrive? “The problem with that film is that I was coked out of my mind all through its production, and I didn’t know what I was doing,” King said. 8. ONE OF THE MOVIE’S HOMICIDAL MACHINES SERIOUSLY INJURED THE CINEMATOGRAPHER. On July 31, 1985, tragedy struck on the set of the film when a radio-controlled lawnmower that was being featured as one of the film’s sentient machines malfunctioned and struck a piece of wood that was being used as a camera support. Though cinematographer Armando Nannuzzi had wanted to remove the blades from the lawnmower before filming, King reportedly wanted it to be as realistic as possible. So when the out-of-control machine struck the wood, the wedge splintered and injured Nannuzzi so badly that he lost his right eye. “That splint of wood—my god, the odds were a gazillion and one—that splint of wood then went into Armando’s eye,” recalled Martha De Laurentiis, Dino’s wife and the film’s producer. “For a cameraman to lose his eye … my god.” Nannuzzi ended upsuing King and 17 others involved in the making of the film for $18 million, citing that they were “wanton and reckless.” The case eventually settled out of court. 9. BLUE VELVET WAS SHOOTING IN WILMINGTON AT THE SAME TIME. While King was busy shooting Maximum Overdrive, David Lynch was also in town, filming Blue Velvet (another De Laurentiis production). Inevitably, the cast and crew of both movies started to hang out. “They were also shooting Blue Velvet at the same time, so that was all around us, too,” said Laura Harrington, who played Brett. “I remember having lunch with Laura Dern. Several times. And that was very fun, that whole crew of actors. But, of course, they were in such a different mood.” “Because it was a small community, my night were [spent] together with people like David Lynch, Isabella Rossellini, and others,” camera assistant Silvia Giulietti added. “For me, in that moment, it was normal. Later, when I grew up, I underst[ood] that it was a very magic moment.” 10. IT WAS REFERENCED BY THE SIMPSONS. In 1999, during its tenth season, an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer temporarily becomes a truck driver was titled “Maximum Homerdrive.” While some might just consider it a fun play on a title, it’s actually more meta than that, as Yeardley Smith, who has been voicing Lisa Simpson since 1987, starred in Maximum Overdrive. “I remember chitchatting with Yeardley Smith at some point toward the end of production,” grip Joe D'Alessandro remembered. “She was telling me about some little animated thing that she was going to be doing on this thing called The Tracey Ullman Show. It sounded odd but, you know, that turned out to be The Simpsons.”