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  1. Brother I have you to translate those scenes when I'm done. Like Spinnaker did when he had me watch a Portuguese film earlier this year. And some of the most fun I've had in cinemas haven't always been big budget flicks. Twin Town looks like a cool character study film and the fact that it was shot in your hometown is a bonus.
  2. Now I want to see it. Is this the movie? I'm watching it tonight if it is.
  3. Con

    Fourth time is the charm for Lann

    That was me on that assist to get you upright. Now that I see your POV....maybe shoulda not helped you. lol
  4. The ending to the Intouchables.... (Please, Please, Please do not watch if you haven't seen the film and are planning on watching it someday, because it will lose it's impact if you spoil the ending!)
  5. This is the XDBX 2017 Military Freeroam takeover. It's broken down in four vids and the full stream. 
  6. Remember when we were hyped about the Comet Retro? Here we show them off in the pre-race lobby.  Sunday Racing League was so much fun...and that was back when I came in last place in almost every race. 
  7. Hollywood wants the rights to this clip so they can turn it into a movie called...The Shape of (Turds In) Water. Look for the trailer this Christmas. 
  8. Here is the inaugural 2Bros. playlist on 9/3/16.  Congrats to @pete_95973 & @omarcomin71 for keeping their playlist going and their commitment to it.
  9. Con

    Game Review Forums

    Awesome! I don’t even have to visit their site anymore! Just come here!
  10. Con

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    I'm all for any rule adjustment in DJ's last post, it that makes the challenge more even for those of us that do not know the super-shortcuts like forcing Anna to appear or whatever you guys are referring to. I enjoy killing all the enemies and then grabbing Anna at the end. What's the fun in just getting Anna out? My time might not compete but I will have fun. I was under the impression that was the full challenge. You can reach Anna whenever you want, just have to clear the cat house at some point before taking off with her.
  11. Con

    RDR2 Giveaway

    How cool. DC you the man! Good luck everyone entering to win it.
  12. Con

    Post Pics of your new shit

    I'm buying one tonight. I always wanted one too.
  13. Luck was a bit on my side in this encounter with Ally....he definitely had an RPG with my face written on it! Phew. Footage from the 2Bros. 1013 playlist.
  14. @Schumi6581's Uber & Disability Service...Where your first ride to the Hospital is Free!!! Download the app Today!!!! 
  15. Con

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA)

    2Bros. 10/13