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Whiteford99 last won the day on June 14 2016

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    Bailey, CO, USA
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    Gaming, shooting, gun collecting, WW2 history, four wheeling, and fast cars.

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  1. Whiteford99

    Can you drive stick?

    Yes, I drive a stick. My Ranger has a 5 speed, as does one of my Broncos. A properly built auto, with the right converter will almost always be quicker. Would love to put one of the new 6spd autos in my '65 Mustang. All of the Kenworths where I used to work had the Eaton super 9's in them.
  2. Whiteford99

    Horsepower difference

    The funny thing is, that trophy truck isn't slow. Just to be fair, the funny car should try some off road!
  3. Whiteford99

    Cool Advertisement

    Except for the F4U-4 Corsair. Only advantage the P51 D had over the F4U-4 was range. Both are awesome though, legendary actually.
  4. Whiteford99

    Your garage IRL

    As a Ford super freak, I'm astonished you liked the '85. '82 thru '85 were the worst years ever for Ford trucks. Hell, Ford dealers couldn't even make them run right. When I had my shop I converted about one a month to '86 or newer engine/fuel/ignition systems. 1978 and 1996 were the best ones built, 1999 is a close second.
  5. Whiteford99

    Your garage IRL

    Then you certainly wouldn't understand my gun collection! It isn't about need, it's all about want!
  6. Whiteford99

    Your garage IRL

    These are the registered and insured ones, I have quite a few more, mostly not in running order. I have had only one claim on my insurance in 34 years, so I get a good rate, only 150 bucks a month for all of them. Most are old enough that I only have to renew registration every 5 years in Colorado.
  7. Whiteford99

    Your garage IRL

    1976 F-250 Hi Boy,1979 F-150 short bed 4x4, 1992 Bronco, 1965 Mustang, 2001 Expedition, 2003 Explorer, 2003 Ranger FX4 Level 2, 2007 Crown Vic P71.
  8. Whiteford99

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    I only have Horizon 3 and Fallout 4 on the xb1, and only have gta5 and eso for my ps4.
  9. Whiteford99

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    Forza Horizon 3 for my Xbox 1.
  10. Whiteford99

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Are there any XDBX GTA players who would like to try ESO? I'd be happy to help any new players give it a try, just send me a message via PSN. We even have a XDBX guild you can join.
  11. Whiteford99

    Favourite food you've eaten within a week

    Tater tot casserole, heard the leftovers calling me at 3am, had to finish them off this morning.
  12. Whiteford99

    What did you do today?

    All the way to the left, just below the horizon, is my house.
  13. Whiteford99

    Cars you would never sell?

    Sadlers, one in each garage. And my Stainer, first car owned. Love my Crown Vic.
  14. Whiteford99


    Can I change my mind? Didn't notice that was a Boss 429 at first. With that kind of torque you could straighten out your wrinkly roads Squirrel, and in my neck of the woods the longest straight-away is less than a mile.
  15. Whiteford99

    What was the most recent thing you bought?

    Steering gearbox for my '99 F-250. Anyone want to help put it on? Remember, the people's republic of Coloradistan is 420 friendly...