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  1. Jjss924

    Useful Information

    Once you complete the story, you can go to a fence to buy the special satchels. Buying all the basic upgrades, the Legend of the East satchel unlocks. $150 and will hold 99 of each item.
  2. Jjss924

    returning crew member

    Welcome back
  3. Jjss924

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    @The_Lady_A good analogy. I have a hard time relating to Arthur in that regard I suppose. It feels unnatural to follow a weak leader like Dutch.
  4. Jjss924

    [SPOILERS] The Story of RDR2

    Haven't finished yet, on ch 6. I've disliked Dutch from the beginning. He's transparent. It's sometimes irritating to go along with the story, watching Arthur get conned repeatedly. Great story overall. The best part so far was fighting my way out of Guarma. Micah would have been dead by ch 2 if I had it my way.
  5. Made it up to the Mt. Rushmore area. The sculptor hanged himself from the scaffolding.
  6. I hope there are a lot of free roam events in invite only sessions. I can only imagine the beta problems with a ton of griefers and squeakers in the room.
  7. Jjss924

    Dick or Not?

    Having a high honor rank has benefits. Lower prices in stores and better loot on corpses I believe. I'm playing bad guy though.
  8. Jjss924

    RDR2 Early Thoughts and Reviews

    I was skeptical about story mode. I bought this for online. I think that even if online is a disappointment, story mode is good enough to make it worth buying.
  9. Wall ride stunt tracks will be fun.
  10. Jjss924

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Welcome back
  11. Hunting is supposed to be available online, according to leaks. Also, wagons and properties should be available for purchase. It sounds like they may have really went for gtao with cowboys. Creator mode and better servers, too. All speculation at this point, though.
  12. Jjss924

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Welcome back
  13. Got stabbed in front of a cop in St Denis. Defended myself and gained a wanted level.
  14. Jjss924

    Weapons Guide and Locations

    The semi auto shotgun and lancaster repeater are must haves imo. Both free and super easy to get.
  15. Jjss924

    Hatch's Hilljack Hunting Guide

    You can lasso some game(deer, elk, etc.) and kill it with the knife. Keeps pelts from becoming damaged Also, I heard on the youtube that if you manage to lose a legendary pelt, it still goes to the trapper. You just lose the ability to sell it. Can still get special gear for it. Use eagle eye to spot gators and fish underwater, and deadeye to bowfish or use a firearm. Bring a temporary horse from camp along with your main horse. This allows you to carry more pelts. Once you have the legend of the east satchel, you can hunt herds of buffalo to stock up on food. They're on the open plains, and they're slow. If you kill about 10 at a time, usually 1 or 2 will attract vultures and rot. Dynamite arrows work great for legendary animals.