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  1. I'll stick with TVs, my console and my controller for the next 5 years at least until I see an actual significant and worthwhile improvement in this kind of technology. I'd much rather strengthen whatever screen I play my games/watch movies on first over this experience. For now. We're still quite a ways off.
  2. Honestly, I seriously don't get the hype of this game or why it has a cult following. Maybe it's like Rocket League for some folks, not me though. Then again that game was FREE to download for a long time and continue to play without cost. There are SO many free PC anime style shooter/RPGs like this that are FREE. Don't really care if it's backed by Blizzard or not. There's just so little to do IMO. All the game modes, what few there are, are incredibly limited and feel the same. Even with all the various heroes they really don't play out that differently.
  3. G37

    Damn It, Dodge

    Think there seems to be diverging ideas on what is considered "balance" and what the idea behind "racing" is. Lines blur with this recent update but my beliefs remain the same. What you do to one side of the equation you must do to the other for the sake of being "fair". Otherwise, at that point, having an unknown correct and unknown wrong path turns the "race" into something completely different and that's more .. "troll" like than anything else. I could just as easily find a patch of trees myself in free roam and drive into them endlessly. You can be "crazy" and have "fun" while facilitating something that's fair to all players, otherwise IMO, it needs a blatant label to call the race for what it really is. Don't get me wrong, there's things that work in this race and there's glaring things that do not (and that's mostly how uneven the paths are as well as serious issues in tube exchanges - and I'm personally NOT a fan of experimentation in a race for a driver).
  4. G37

    Albert Park F1 Circuit

    This is much more to my liking and quite honestly, and unfortunately, one of the few tracks I enjoyed last night. By the time we got to this I was already having a time with the other jobs so I couldn't have nearly as much fun or amusement with it as I normally would - was basically done by that point. This is what the creator needed, a creative way to forge tracks that work and could be made without the confines of the Los Santos roadways. Well done. Not to say that every "stunt" race has to be traditional in this sense but this one was very well done.
  5. G37

    ps4 List of players 2.0

    Me and Scotty still play.
  6. G37

    Dodge: Do You Even Lift Bro?

    This is a classic track through and through. It's much more difficult than it seems, it's deceiving. So I will say you have a number of good thoughts and practices in this video. However, IMO, as it pertains to "Racing School" and what that idea is all about, this needs to be blatantly labeled as an "advanced" track. If Racing School is about what I think it's about, it's designed to help newcomers and those seeking improvement in this dynamic of the game. I would most certainly think about the next track, it needs to be easy and approachable by EVERYONE, especially those of currently lesser skill levels. Talk about approaches, keep the tracks FLAT (because changes in elevation and bumps are upper level) and why certain things work and why certain things don't. It might be easier to select a R* track so people can practice the hell out of that, again, something that's easy and then building your way up.
  7. G37

    ps4 I See You

    Not a fan of Sniper Rifles of any kind, that's a personal choice. Fortunately that didn't keep me from enjoying this well executed DEATHMATCH, singular. It's conducive to multiple styles of play. I was able to melee kill someone. I was able to kill multiple people from point blank range behind them as I snuck up on them. This is what creative thought is all about. It's traditional through and through and IMO immediately ranks among the best this crew has ever made. The location, placement of props and weapons and spawns are all top notch as far as I could tell in one go though. This isn't your pseudo-typical sniper match and I urge anyone who calls them a deathmatch enthusiast to give this a shot, literally.
  8. G37

    MLB: The Show 16

    I don't think I'll have the time to do this anymore @truelife98, sorry man.
  9. G37

    Special Carbine vs Combat MG

    I would rather take steps to shorten my distance between myself and a target than sit a bit further back and be less accurate. Regular Carbine has been and always will be my go to gun. I do however have a Special Carbine spec'd for a silencer in those rare cases where Lester isn't used in competitive play, you know, where stealth is actually beneficial.
  10. G37

    MLB: The Show 16

    Will try to make this but I need to be up rather early for work.
  11. G37

    Skyrim remastered for PS4

    Not falling into that trap personally. I'll wait for the next title in the franchise. Seems lazy to me. Witcher keeps me occupied for stuff of that realm currently, Blood and Wine will do even more for me.
  12. G37

    1.34 Notes

    I feel robbed after purchasing a warehouse. I got the uh .. second most expensive one. Arcadius. Love the location. If only it had a 1-3 car garage attached to it. Also bought the XLS and the Reaper (because I wanted an Infernus for nostalgia again anyway, this sort of drives like that so it's got character).
  13. G37

    1.34 Notes

    We hardly do SUVS but it's nice that none of these cars are "must haves". The Super Class is insanely competitive so you can win just about anything with any of the major 7 or so vehicles. Which is nice. It's just too bad all the other classes (Sports to a degree too) are so lopsided. If only we catered to more than the pre-teen community of "I wanna go fast I wanna go fast".
  14. G37

    MLB: The Show 16

    I wouldn't mind starting another one. This time with more match friendly options and being able to sim non-player matches would help speed things up.