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  1. Righteous

    Horizon New Dawn

    I bought it on a Black Friday sale for $35AUD. I’d happily pay more! Such an epic game with so many side missions to keep you busy. Interesting story line which keeps you hooked and always wanting to play more. I wish you could ride more robots, like glinthawks especially. Also wish that there was a multiplayer component allowing people to run around the world together
  2. Righteous

    Hello i would like to join your crew

    Welcome mate
  3. Righteous

    Hello Guys!

    Welcome mate!
  4. Righteous

    Looking to join crew

    Welcome mate!
  5. Righteous

    Crew Awards

    I got mine.
  6. Righteous

    Hello people!

    Welcome mate
  7. Righteous


    Welcome mate!
  8. Righteous

    I might as well join...

    Welcome mate
  9. Righteous


    Welcome mate
  10. Righteous


    Welcome back mate
  11. Righteous

    Preferred Weapons

    This is just a curiosity post and thought it would be interesting to hear from everyone about it. What's your preferred gun/throwable/item from each category on the weapon wheel? I see a lot of posts where people talk about using a completely different layout of weapons. Here's my list: Pistol - AP or heavy revolver SMG/LMG - Combat MG (my go to for close combat) Assault Rifle - rarely use but usually go for special carbine or advanced rifle Shotgun - assault shotgun Melee - knife or knuckle dusters Sniper - heavy sniper (personally and statistically my favourite gun) Heavy Weapon - as I'm sure is the case for most, it depends on the situation. Least used is the minigun Throwable - sticky bomb
  12. Righteous

    Crew Awards

    10k kills
  13. Righteous

    Hi There!

    Welcome mate
  14. Righteous

    Looking to join !

    Shouldn't be a worry mate. Shoot a personal message over to one of the vetting admin. Either @Xyon14 @Beez will be best
  15. Righteous

    Looking to join !

    Welcome mate!