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  1. Kalaxitive

    Introduction - B-iixx

  2. The old characters to me felt out of place, I did like the movie but it felt a bit off some how, maybe it never had that george lucas touch to it, I honestly don't know what it was about the movie that made it "for me" not feel like a star wars movie. The biggest shock to me was han solo, I dropped everything at that point because I just didn't expect it but I found it funny that luke was a cameo and didn't have a single line, even though the whole movie was about trying to find luke
  3. Kalaxitive

    Favorite Holiday Movies

    Christmas movies i like, in order of favourtism. Die Hard, Santa Clause: The Movie 1985, Jingle All the way 1996, Home Alone 1 and Jack Frost 1998. I've never heard of this, it's something I'll have to watch now
  4. Kalaxitive

    Personality Test

    INTJ Personality (“The Architect”) Analyst Confident Individualism Here's my profile