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  1. TECHFL227

    Our first wedding photo

  2. TECHFL227

    Rate the Last Film you Watched

    15:17 to Paris Directed by Clint Eastwood Great movie. This is the true story of the attempted attack on a train to Paris. The attack was stopped by three young men that were on a trip around Europe. This movie has horrible reviews but I personally liked it. I had not watched the previews but knew what it was about and I love to see movies based on true stories. I tend to not make my movie decisions based on what others think. Since we have the MoviePass, @SINISTER120 and I try to watch as many movies as we can as we have nothing to lose. What I did not know is the actors in the movie are the real people from the train. The three Americans played themselves, the man who was shot and his wife played themselves as well. The acting was not the greatest but knowing these people relieved that nightmare to share it with the world makes me look past it. I also read after that they took no acting classes before starring in this film. I am glad Clint Eastwood took a chance with them. If you have a chance to see this, you should.
  3. TECHFL227

    Hii I’m Sara.

  4. TECHFL227


    Id like to go to St. Thomas. I hear it is beautiful. I have never been to Mexico so i cant judge if i will like it or not yet. I have been reading a lot of stories and getting feedback from previous cruisers and it seems these ports are okay. There are actually a whole lot of iteneraries i would like to do. I hope to eventually do a European cruise. This first one is to mainly test how I can handle the ship, lol. Also had to pick a port that was between my best friend and i.
  5. TECHFL227

    Hello to everyone

    Welcome Jay! Hope you have fun with the crew!
  6. TECHFL227


    @JustHatched this is my first time so I will let you know after if I will ever do it again. @Burgermauger we went ahead and paid for the gratuities for our cheers. We were told by Carnival though that if we use it while we are still docked in Mobile we will have to pay taxes on those drinks only as we are not in international waters yet. I plan to carry some bills for additional tips for those that deserve it. For the room service, I do not plan on using it since I am sure I will eat more than I need I may as well go get it myself. However, I did see the new menu and am very interested as to what a Donut Sandwich is, lol. My plan is to not eat any buffets while there are stick to the MDR. Reason is I have a hard time with self control and do not want to be tempted to over do it. I am excited about the Steak and eggs for Sea day brunch. I heard it is fantastic. Where did you go when you cruised? @LimeGreenLegend I plan to try as many new and different alcoholic beverages while on my trip. We went ahead and got the package so we would not have to worry about it and still try everything we want. Where did you cruise to? We are going to Cozumel and Yucatan. I did not book any excursions as I would rather check things out in a safe area on our own or with a group from the ship than having it scheduled. We did make a reservation at Mr. Sanchos all inclusive resort while in Cozumel to do for a couple hours and relax. Other than that I plan to visit the local shops and check out the scenery. Our daughter wants a cruise for her 16th birthday which is in July so I wanted to cruise first to make sure I enjoyed it @SINISTER120 said he will never cruise no matter how much I beg so I guess I am on my own with the kiddos or my BFF.
  7. TECHFL227


    @zztop911, thanks. I bought some Bonine and Sea Bands to have just in case. I plan to drink bottled water as I read about the salt also being in the drinking water and I don't need more than I am already going to get. I plan to eat a lot, lol. I am a part of several Facebook groups and some of these pics look amazing. I plan to try a lot of new stuff. @Burgermauger Carnival Fantasy is the one we are going on for a 5 day. We did prepay gratuities and purchase Cheers so there are no surprise bills hopefully. We selected Early dining so when I just tried to change it we are waitlisted for anytime dining. I have seen so many pics of the melting cake and it is on my to try list. I am also making myself try at least one new thing a day. I will definitely do my best to get back on ship in time as I do not want left. Since I am not taking my kids I don't want to vacation with others so the serenity deck may become my home while gone. I am so excited but a little nervous too.
  8. TECHFL227


    Lol, he probably already thinks that 😉
  9. TECHFL227


    Has anyone taken a cruise before? I'm taking my first one in March with my best friend so was looking for tips.
  10. TECHFL227

    ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Merry Christmas @omarcomin71 and @pete_95973. Hope you two had a great holiday.
  11. TECHFL227

    Favorite Holiday Movies

    Christmas Vacation for the win here. Just finished watching it.
  12. TECHFL227


    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. So far it's been great being back and playing with some familiar and new people. I promise to not leave again (or let Sinister remove me) 😀
  13. TECHFL227


    Thanks. I still have yours too. Did you all do a card exchange this year? I enjoyed that the last two year.
  14. TECHFL227

    ps4 Criminal Mastermind challenge

    I have not completed this yet and would like to. Rest assured, if i feel i cant get @SINISTER120 will play for me to keep from getting killed.
  15. TECHFL227


    Thanks everyone. I enjoyed playing with some of you again tonight.