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  1. shortround

    RDR2 Online Photo's

    Yep. Saw a load of flying boats on NYD. One fell on and killed Xyon's horse.
  2. shortround

    New Year Resolutions (2019 Edition)

    Yeah, same as Con. Fuck resolutions lol. Really though, ..... Fuck it it'll all get spunked away so i ain't gonna even bother. Merry New Year everyone!!!
  3. shortround

    PB's cycling QOTD*

    Update!! Newest addition, Specialized Enduro Elite, carbon fibre beast! Politics not believed!!!!!!!
  4. shortround

    Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Had my first ever Five Guys burger today. Made McDonald's taste like i never want another one ever again. I used to love McDonald's. My mouth didn't know what hit it!! Amazing!!!
  5. shortround

    RDR2 Online Photo's

    We got one of these for story mode but that might include spoilers for those of us that have yet to finish story mode (I'm only at 25%). So let's post our online photo's of this stunning game and all the beautiful members we have in all their glory. My first few... Banketelli atop the mountains. Xyon by a big fucking skeleton. Banketelli and Xyon shooting guns by a pointy rock. Banketelli, myself and Xyon, Badasses as fuck.
  6. shortround

    PB's cycling QOTD*

    Literally just finished watching this five minutes ago. Good little film. Be fun to replicate in game.
  7. shortround

    How are you making money?

    Just explore and hunt, fuck the grind... I think GTA has set us in a mindset where we think we have to just grind for cash. We don't need that much at the mo, just enough for the right tools and ammo. Had a great time tonight up in the snow just exploring, then, on the way back killed a load of animals that i just passed by and made about 30 bucks, that'll do me.
  8. Found a free saddle in the stables today, under special saddles, called the alligator ranch something or other. Gives better stats on horse core drain rates and regen too.
  9. shortround

    Red Dead Online Player List

  10. shortround

    ps4 Taming the Wild West (Thursday 29/11 at 9PM GMT)

    @pete_95973 my saviour lol. Was nice to hang out with you all, it's been a while. Nice one!!!
  11. shortround

    Why are you making money?

    Just to have enough for the next update. New update arrives, spend a few mill, grind for the next one. The cycle continues... At least this one is easy money. I reckon R* is killing this game off what with RDR2 coming out soon.
  12. shortround


    Nah, got the PC version. Haven't played it in ages.
  13. shortround

    Slay says Gday

    Welcome Slay. Big fan of the off roading in this game also. Hope you get some good meets going!! ?