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  1. shortround

    Why are you making money?

    Just to have enough for the next update. New update arrives, spend a few mill, grind for the next one. The cycle continues... At least this one is easy money. I reckon R* is killing this game off what with RDR2 coming out soon.
  2. shortround


    Nah, got the PC version. Haven't played it in ages.
  3. shortround

    Slay says Gday

    Welcome Slay. Big fan of the off roading in this game also. Hope you get some good meets going!! ?
  4. I'd also like to get involved in this if there's room. Not a very good killer but i can drive a truck. ?
  5. shortround

    Your worst IRL injury....

    There it is. I finally got a shot of the X Ray when i broke my collarbone a few weeks ago. Fuckin broke my collarbone twice, dislocated shoulder and a broken arm. Hence all the screws. Disclaimer. Not all of those were done at the same time,
  6. Shortround takes a dump. WARNING! you might feel sick from the audio (don't worry it's just my character, not actual me)
  7. shortround

    Returning member

    Welcome back
  8. shortround


    Hey Smoggy!! Good to see you back brother
  9. shortround


    Off roading, brilliant physics. My new fav game!!! Some screenshots like. If only GTA had this level of off roading, its fucking brill.. But very slow like
  10. shortround


    Reminds me of Chopper, from the film like.
  11. shortround

    What're you listening to right now?

    This is currently blowing my mind apart. This track makes me feel so happy it starts with a smile then smile then i start laughing and laughing. Thats why i listen to dance music, fucking. Total elation...
  12. shortround


    Welcome gamer
  13. shortround

    Cars you would never sell?

    Sultan RS Voodoo Custom Turismo R And i love my Coquette first car i ever bought and it will always be there. Did i mention i love the Coq? (ette)
  14. I suppose you can laugh at how mental this is. I suppose.