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  1. SINISTER120

    returning crew member

    Welcome back.
  2. SINISTER120

    Crew Challenge 170 - Nakota Rogue

    Cool. Will make some laps over the weekend.
  3. SINISTER120

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Oh hell no. I'd rather they flood the game with adversary bullshit, lol.
  4. SINISTER120

    Crew Challenge 170 - Nakota Rogue

    Planes and a crew of people that have mostly put GTA away for RDR2. I think this would be better as a solo challenge. I will give it a try if it becomes solo because I can't promise a team mate that I won't be distracted
  5. SINISTER120

    yo from SGTair-raid

    Welcome back. I'm liking this. Who will be next?
  6. SINISTER120

    Speculation about RDR2 online?

    Lol. Screw online, it would have zero effect on any reviews of the excellent story mode. Like it or not story and online are 2 different things.
  7. SINISTER120

    Re-joining for RDR2

    Hey there. I remember you and the Drama. I wouldn't worry about because it wasn't a big deal and most of those people are long gone. Racing and such in playlists is no longer taken anywhere near as serious as it was back then. With that out of the way, welcome back. I was just wondering about you and some other long gone members the other day. Glad to see some of them returning.
  8. SINISTER120

    What did you do today?

    Sweet. Definitely have to meet up.
  9. SINISTER120

    RDR2 Early Thoughts and Reviews

    Yeah, I don't like the constant need for food at all. Couldn't stand it in GTA: San Andreas so I was glad it wasn't in V. I know many like it for the realism but uh, respawning after dying has always kept me from looking for realism I dont think prices are that bad at all. I've found 16 gold bars worth 500 a piece. I have a horse, an outfit and some guns so I'm good
  10. SINISTER120

    Best way to make money

    Damn, you are correct. This whole time I've been wondering where my map was for ALL the treasure in the game. Never thought it would just be an extra hunt. The article I saw about the hunt didn't mention pre order, just owning the editions. Oops.
  11. SINISTER120

    Best way to make money

  12. SINISTER120

    Best way to make money

    The Jack Hall treasure gets you 2 more bars. Have to get the first map from a stranger you encounter. The Sheriff Office in the burned out town of Limpany has a bar in a lock box. The town is near the Horshoe Overlook. Next to the Sheriff building is a jail house. If you pre ordered one of the special editions of the game (by 16 Aug) there is a map inside to start one last treasure hunt. That hunt nets you SIX gold bars.
  13. SINISTER120

    RDR2 Early Thoughts and Reviews

    I'm enjoying it so far and yes I can play it alone. I love you guys but I've been gaming for decades now and have been plenty entertained. The best games made are played alone. Great graphics, well written characters and a huge sandbox map full of things to do. I recommend everyone play it no matter how much time they have. I am DONE with GTA unless something major happens. That said, I know everyone is different and if you just want to take part in playlists and what not involving crew members and killing one another. I would wait until the online portion is released and what exactly there is to do is known
  14. SINISTER120

    Best way to make money

    Was dumb luck that I found the 3 bars. Was looking online about weapons and saw a link for easy money, lol. I also found a spoiler while reading about a pistol. So I'm done reading stuff, lol.