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  1. SINISTER120

    gta Moster Truck & Air Show - Anniversary

    Someone please bring a Titan. Flying one full of players is the one thing my character still needs.
  2. GTA part for me, please.
  3. SINISTER120

    I love Regina

    Almost 2 years later and a few things have been done to the old girl. Lots of cleaning, new carpets, Bonneville front seats. Added a few missing interior parts. Exhaust work. Complete suspension rebuild with a couple inches of drop. 18 inch wheels and some tint. Started blacking out/eliminating the chrome stuff. Some other things I've probably left out and LOTS more left to do.
  4. SINISTER120

    Censoring the website?

    Sounds good. Racial and homophobic stuff has no place in society in 2019 anyways. Of course it exists and I hear it every day but still. No one should have to deal with it at a place they come to relax.
  5. SINISTER120

    Hi everyone

  6. SINISTER120

    Censoring the website?

    It wasn't supposed to be an actual answer, hence the lol at the end of it.
  7. SINISTER120

    Censoring the website?

    Because FUCK censorship, that's why. Fuck Google and their pussy ass filter as well, lol.
  8. SINISTER120

    Censoring the website?

    HBO Test? HBO has always been a premium channel and has always allowed every type of cursing imaginable. Nudity and sex as well. Using TV, it would be a CBS or NBC test. Instead it would use the old stand up routine from George Carlin. Shit, Piss, Fuck, C u n t, Cock Sucker, Mother Fucker and Tits. I find it hilarious that C.U.N.T. is already censored.
  9. SINISTER120

    Thoughts for exhaust system

    Oh yeah, I recommend Hooker for headers. Also an x pipe will calm things down a lot. Mellows out a V8 Chevy nicely. The folks in the BBody community swear by them. Pypes (I think that is the way they spell it) makes a nice one. I'm a do it yourself type and Frankenstein my own systems together. Band clamps on all joints just like we use on the big diesel machines. I'm stuck with manifolds for now. Only one person makes a long tube header for my car and they are about a grand once all is said and done. Stainless, coated, cats, etc. There is a cheaper alternative but they don't clear the A/C lines and you risk breaking them when making them clear. Not going without A/C on a cruiser here in Florida.
  10. SINISTER120

    Thoughts for exhaust system

    My wagon has 2.5 inch pipes and Thrush Welded Mufflers that are dumped in front of the rear axle. Like you I have drone issues I want to solve it. I bought a pair of turbo mufflers since they are much quieter. I recommend them unless you want everyone to know you are coming Whatever you do, DO NOT put glasspacks on it. Those are ok on jacked up mud trucks and nothing else. Cannot stand those cracking and popping ass things. Same with any "straight through" mufflers such as Magnaflow. They are nothing but expensive glass packs. I put them on my previous wagon that had headers. The cackle was obnoxious as hell.
  11. SINISTER120

    Censoring the website?

    I DESPISE censorship of any kind..
  12. SINISTER120

    Travelling to Italy - any suggestions?

    I would leave the Pizza alone and focus on pasta and things not found at home. It was always funny taking people out to eat while in Germany. Instead of trying the wonderful food only found there most opted for Pizzas and Burgers, sigh.
  13. SINISTER120

    Travelling to Italy - any suggestions?

    Very nice. Have never been to Italy but spent time in Germany and Hungary. Take your time and enjoy it, Europe is beautiful. Really wanting to go back sometime.
  14. SINISTER120

    rdr The Butcher Employee of the year - Leaderboard

    The Iguana is also found on an island in flat iron lake. It is near the 3rd chapter camp in story mode. The Guarna only animals are 3 Boas, Fer De Lance, 3 Macaws and the red footed booby.