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  • XDBX vs STNC Dirty Hotring Racing H2H, CLICK HERE for details!!
  • XDBX vs 187X Combat H2H, Click Here for details!!
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  1. Dirty Hotring vs STNC - Anniversary until


    Sunday 27th 21:00 UTC, 15 spots available

    No custom car needed. 7 jobs, 7 laps. 

    Only things not allowed is going wrong way or setting roadblocks.

    Get in!!


  2. XDBX vs 187X - Anniversary until


    As part of our anniversary we have accepted a invitation to a head to head crew battle against 187X.

    When: UTC midnight between saturday 26th  and sunday 27th.

    10 vs 10

    There will be 3 TDM, 10 min each, forced and pickups. Regular rules: No helmets, no calling Lester of Off radar perk.

    There will also be a 4th job, a non contact race to finish it off with.

    The TDM maps are: (link)


    The race is TBA, but expect a good quality race in a commonly used class.


    Get in! (187X has grown alot and this will not be a easy win!)


  3. Gunslinger Saturdays (RDR) until

    Date of Event: Begins Saturday January 5th 2019

    Time of Event: 9:30PM Central (3:30AM Sundays UTC)

    Does Event Repeat: Yes

     If Event Repeats/How Often: Weekly

    Event Host: @JustHatched

    Amount of Players Allowed: As many as RDRO will allow

    Special Rules for Event: No Bitchin!!


    Description of Event:  An all RDRO event, what we do may vary pending what R* adds to RDRO. Stay tuned to event thread for what we are doing each week