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  1. JustHatched

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    That may be, but perhaps some didnt spend gold on lures
  2. JustHatched

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    We start tomorrow, check the OP for rules and location
  3. JustHatched

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    I'll edit the OP with some rules and the dates and lakes rivers tomight
  4. JustHatched

    ps4 I love strange posse (tonight)

    If more than 7 show then we can split and u take some in your posse if you want
  5. I gonna run stranger missions tonight around 9pm central. Post if you want to get in my posse
  6. JustHatched

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)

    Chance I can attend. I'll know for sure in a few hours
  7. JustHatched

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA & RDR)

    I renamed my posse to Whisker Biscuits
  8. JustHatched

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    Itll be a week or so before we start so u got some time
  9. Well do this for 5 weeks, a different fishing location for each week. Dec 16 thru the 23rd we are fishing anywhere in the Dakota River. Cutoff time to post your results is 1100 PM UTC on the 23rd. Post screenshots of your 3 biggest fish, total combined weight wins. Biggest fish is tie breaker. Worm, cheese or bread bait only due to some not having other lures unlocked yet. Website awards given for each weeks winner and for the overall top 3 winners (all weeks combined)
  10. JustHatched

    Crew Challenge 171 - Five Finger Fillet

    My time in the OP is my time. I got to caught up with online
  11. JustHatched

    Small Issues

    Noted. Itll be after xmas before I get a new laptop so if it doesnt fix itself by then shoot me a reminder
  12. JustHatched

    How are you making money?

    I've been riding from Tumbleweed to St Denis killing everything in sight. Usually make 80 to 140 bucks per trip
  13. If mostly been doing the shit paying missions for XP. Gonna do some hunting over the next few days
  14. JustHatched

    Post a pic of ur horse

    Sadly Spot died sometime ago. I am on Spot #8 now. Apparently I ride off of to many cliffs
  15. JustHatched

    Small Issues

    Not broken. Is offline till I get the site loading issue fixed. I still havent replaced my broke laptop so it might be awhile.