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    Gta platinum trophy
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    Small Issues

    email it to me justhatched93@gmail.com or text <snip>
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    Small Issues

    I cant see the image you posted
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    Game Review Forums

    Dunno if anyone noticed I added IGN and Game Informer review forums https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/forum/229-game-reviews/ The are a feed from their sites. I did not block them from the recent topics feed under the shoutbox cuz I don't think they will be spammy like the PSN blogs and may be useful. If anyone feels they get spammy let me know
  5. JustHatched

    Kids vs Silverado engine

    He got it out a few days ago. We are behind schedule due to other crap we got going on
  6. JustHatched

    planning Halloween in GTA

    My 2 that have been mention Funeral Arrangements (TDM) Graveside Services (LTS) Both are basically the same, one is LTS other is TDM
  7. JustHatched

    Comin' in hot....

    Invite sent
  8. This time the theme of the photo contest is to look like someone famous and is partnering with an upcoming Two Brothers Playlist which will be all TV and movie themed jobs. Your famous person can be pretty much anyone who is well known to most humans, for example musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, characters from TV, movies or games, dead or alive. (not crew members, we already did that) Use environment, filters and vehicles to set the scene. Photos can be captured in the Editor or the standard snapmatic. Here's a weak example from a music themed playlist I hosted a long time ago. (I have nearly every photo I/ve ever taken.) I am supposed to be Eddie Vedder in front of the Whisky-A-Go-Go. As usual you may submit 2 photos for the contest and you can change them any time by editing your post and replacing them with different ones. Once the contest ends and the thread is locked those will be your entries. Entries close at the end of the month. If you would like to show us some of your photos that didn't make the cut as an entry, we'd love to see them but please put them in spoiler tags. When the movie/TV themed 2Bros playlist happens please come as one of your famous characters. @pete_95973 @omarcomin71
  9. JustHatched

    Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House

    Added to the calendar. The day showing is the end day and time. So when it pops up in the timer sidebar the time to get it done is getting close
  10. Crew Challenge 168 – Cleaning the Cat House A solo challenge to complete the contact mission Cleaning the Cat House in the fastest time. Hard level Save a video your time starts when the message “MISSION Cleaning the Cat House” appears your time stops when the message “MISSION PASSED” appears please post videos starting a second or two before the first message and ending just after the second; just so we can be sure everyone's are timed from the exact same points in the event of a close result start the mission anywhere you like you can use any vehicle you like (owned, CEO, stolen of NPCs etc) except no flying, gliding or hovering vehicles of any kind no Pegassus no rocket powered vehicles basically stick to standard cars, trucks or bikes no explosive weapons just use guns with normal bullets or mele if you want and just incase it's still possible to quickly rescue Anna this way; you may not get your vehicle on top of the motel roof. Anna must get in/on your car/bike at ground level Any other rules people can think of, things to clarify? Starts now. Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 GMT) 22nd October Please post videos by 19:00 BST 24th October
  11. JustHatched

    Two Brothers Playlist (GTA)

    Event Host: Omarcomin71 & Pete_95973 Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: September 3rd 2016 Event Start Time: Saturday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC (Saturday, 4:00pm EDT / Saturday, 9:00pm BDT / Sunday, 6:00am AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun Description of Event/s: A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC.
  12. JustHatched

    Gfred Friday (GTA)

    Every second Friday at 20:00 UTC @Potato hosts Gfred Friday! A mixed playlist consisting of races, LTSs, adversary modes and the odd deathmatch, finished off with a gfred. This will alternate with TTF, and should last approx. 1.5 - 2 hours. Special Rules for Event: Staggered starts for the Gfred. (Winner of playlist starts 5s ahead of 2nd. 2nd starts 5s ahead of 3rd. etc.) Any questions feel free to ask.
  13. JustHatched

    Lime's Tip Touch Friday (GTA)

    Every second Friday at 20:00 UTC we get to play with @LimeGreenLegend
  14. JustHatched

    Thursday Night Thunder (GTA)

    Event Host: DodgeService Game: GTA Online Event Start Date: July 9th 2015 Event Start Time: Friday, 2:30am GMT/UTC (Thursday, 10:30pm EDT / Friday, 3:30am BDT / Friday, 12:30pm AEST) Reoccurring: Weekly Thursday Night Thunder Thursday Night Thunder (TNT) is a NA time zoned PL on Thursday Nights. Join your host DodgeService every Thursday at 10:30 PM EST / 2:30 AM GMT on Friday. The theme for this PL will change weekly. Visit this forum every week to see what's in store for you. It will always be a Racing PL using a specific class, or car, or style of track, or something to keep it fresh. Check this forum often for details and updates for upcoming Events and special requirements involved. Please RSVP for this PL. Also there will be an announcement made in the Shout box, and on RSC's in game message system when the Crew Lobby opens. Rules of TNT: POSITIVE ATTITUDES FUN MUST BE HAD, for Fuck's sake.
  15. until
    Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) 21:00 UTC (9PM UTC) A racing and driving focused weekly playlist that is in the evening EU time. May have the occasional combat or adversary job, but again vehicle focused. While it may bear some striking similarities to TNT, and may even feature some of the same events, it most decidedly isn't TNT. It doesn't happen on Thursday. A chance to enjoy the whole range of vehicles in the game, not just the best 5% of them.