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  1. JustHatched

    What did you do today?

    I helped the oldest change all the brake lines, calipers, cylinders today on his truck. He blew one line and upon inspection all needed done so we got an early start and knocked it out in a day.
  2. JustHatched

    Gunslinger Saturdays (RDR)

    Gonna run missions tonight
  3. JustHatched

    XDBX Chronicle #67

    Future @Con
  4. JustHatched

    XDBX Chronicle #67

    -The XDBX Chronicle #67- Your source for all things Domestic Battery written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched XDBX Social Media - Social Club (RSC) - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube Podcast by Nkaujorg <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "The News In Ten" - (by PB76) 1. We finished off as runners-up in the best crew category over on Gtaforums, however, @Lann discovered that the crew who won isn’t actually a crew and they don’t even play videogames. Just to recap......THE ‘BEST CREW’ DOESN’T EVEN PLAY VIDEOGAMES!! 2. Thankfully there is now an alternative to the bullshittery of gtaforums, @JustHatched has created RockstarSocialClub.net, a place where crews can create their own ‘mini-websites’ within the main site. It will also serve as a better platform to organize h2h battles. 3. Speaking of which, XDBX scored a convincing victory over Pretty Lil Monsters (FEAR). Credit to them, they were very gracious in defeat. Photos and video of the whole event can be found here 4. @nkaujrog answered the request in the last newsletter and spoke about peanut butter in a recent podcast. I’d love to find out her top ten favourite words in an upcoming episode, after a great use of the word pertaining (which was only the tenth time it has been used on our forums) 5. @LimeGreenLegend launched the XDBX Film club, the first film selected is The French Connection. It’s never too late to join, unless it is too late to join, in which case, you’re too slow. 6. @Lann is looking for help setting up a Sunday racing league , it would ideally take place at a time to suit the majority of our crew members and feature a wide range of tracks and vehicles. (Plenty of ways to beat @Dodge) 7. Manny and Dani (@Manny_AKA_Yolo and @Danielle) won Crew challenge 177 ahead of @Potato and @djw180. @Protocawl and @Lann took 3rd. 8. The night before Valentine’s Day, @BustyRose dreamt that @JustHatched gave her the most amazing diamond necklace, she asked him “what that could possibly mean?” he just winked and said “you’ll find out later”, I can only imagine the look on her face when she opened her gift... 9. Obviously that was fake news, I can only apologise for that.... what he actually got her was a bag and a belt...... 10. And finally, what happens when you steal a cougar from one of XDBX’s most ruthless killers?....... <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Snapmatic by Dani_elle) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Member Report" - Unvetted Members looking to join Domestic Battery - (Be Sure to Note them is you game with them) None at this time - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew. @AlCohonez <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Events Schedule" - Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) hosted by Crawford and The Lady A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO. - Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO. - Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - 2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO. - Current Crew Challenge #179 (RDR) presented by DJW180 ends February 25th. **RSVP Reminder: ** RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there. **To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic" If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "Have You Met Con?" - (by Fido_le_muet) (Our segment where we get to know more about our fellow crew members) Today's guest is the guy who gives us awards (I didn't get one in a long time BTW) and our Media administrator. Let's sit down with the Con man. Yo! What's your first name and where are you from ? Walter (like Beez's new puppy ) and I'm from Connecticut, USA. Answer quickly : First IRL job ? First IRL car ? Favorite meal? Married ? Kids ? Quick! QUICK! 1) Rickel's (think original Home Depot), I worked in the seasonal dept. and hated the people that poked holes in the bird seed bags. 2) 1979 Datsun 280zx, sold it to my mother's husband and have regretted it since. [yeah big screw up there!] 3) At the moment it is "Crème de carottes aux lentilles corail" - Carrot cream with pink lentils, served with a garlic parsley butter bread 4) Married 5) No children, just a three-year old Maltese named Cody. I want to avoid play with you. When and where are you most likely to be found in GTAO and/or RDRO ? I will most likely be found in RDR2 at the moment and the most consistent time i'm gaming is usually after midnight EST. What are your hobbies outside of gaming ? Learning about making movies. Watching movies. I love science, forensics, medicine, and contributing to animal sanctuaries. Favorite video game as a kid ? Double Dragon (arcade) and Madden (console) because there was nothing like watching the graphics evolve in the game of my favorite sport. 50k kills in GTAO. How does that feel ? Feels cool. The thing is that 50k kills wasn't a goal I set for myself. When I bought the game the only combat goals I had were to get my Deathmatch tattoos (Burning Heart & Grim Reaper) for both my characters. Getting those four tattoos still feels like the higher achievement, I wear my Burning Heart tattoos proudly, especially my 2nd character's since by then the BPH had been introduced so the second set of tats was harder and took longer. We love your movie reviews here. Do you wish you were a cinema critic in another life ? No, in another life I wish I was an NFL Strong Safety. Fun Fact: I have yet to visit the cinema in GTA5, story or online, one of these days I will. What movie would be greatly improved if it was made into a musical? I don't think any material should be made into a musical. lol. With no disrespect to people that enjoy musicals, I just don't appreciate them. Nothing takes me away from the immersion of a movie than a scene coming to a stop for singing and dancing, so I steer away from musicals. How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant? One. Just one "chicken"-shit trophy hunter. Aliens. What do you think ? Sure, I'd bang a few. You just got a superpower! What is it and why ? Healing. My power would regenerate cells in the sick and wounded. If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them ? The Museum of Natural History and the Cinema. Any advice for new crew members looking to fit in ? You will notice a lot of colorful and powerful personalities here and we come from all over the globe, the one thing you won't find are people with inflated egos or "I'm special" mentalities. One thing that struck me immediately about XDBX is how humble the elite members were...they can kick your ass in every dimension but never brag or boast or belittle you. So my advice is... be cool, contribute, and don't try being liked... if you passed the vetting, we already think you fit in. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Snapmatic by Omar) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "Closing Contemplation's" - (by JustHatched) I don't have heaps to say for this Chronicle as I have not been in any game much over the last 2 weeks due to work and building a new website. Reading on whats been going on around the crew it seems since the anniversary is over we are back into the routine of stringing GTA along while R* tiddles its thumbs with RDR. And that's fine, we've become very skilled in that regard. I am looking forward to hosting 2Bros, haven't hosted a GTA playlist for a long while and hopefully I remember how in my old age and looking forward to the updates coming for both the gaming websites. No matter what happens, just remember to shoot Dodge on sight and the world will be right... <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Video by Con) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun. Cheers and good gaming. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> For Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, PB76 or Fido_le_muet. For Inquiries regarding any aspect of the crew please contact the appropriate Staff Member.
  5. JustHatched

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    I've not seen the movie, nor will I. Not a fan of Queen, I am the genre just not them. There are songs I once "liked" but at my age after you've heard it the 10,000 time ya just turn the channel
  6. JustHatched

    How it ends

    Watche this earlier, it's an awesome Netflix movie. A story of survival when the world goes to shit. I've seen Forest Whitaker in alot of movies and this is his best performance so far. I can't do reviews like @Con but this is worth the watch, 4/5 from me.
  7. JustHatched

    What did you do today?

    With Valentines coming we are swamped at the flower shop. I wired a few hundred roses today and made shit loads of vases and baskets. Old man arthritis in my knuckles is real today.
  8. JustHatched

    Quotes not working

    @Banketelli, I think I got the quotes working, seems the games threadstarter is the cause so I took that app offline for now.
  9. JustHatched

    special Rdro fishing tournament

    Don't panic @djw180, I haven't forgot. Just sidetracked atm
  10. JustHatched

    Going to Disney World

    I'm not sure of the schedule yet for this for each day, but I did find out I am the only chaperone besides the music teacher for 2 charter bus loads of teenagers. I had no idea what I was signing up for...
  11. JustHatched

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    SInce I am the 3rd brother this Saturday, we'll 12 jobs. Expect an air race (it won't be one of mine so as to not get caught in crash spawn trap hell). Also a parachute, sea race, either a team gta or rally race if we have even numbers plus the normal stuff.
  12. JustHatched

    Upgrade to 4.4.0 Coming

    The upgrade will take place on the weekend of March 2-3. Expect a long downtime for this. I will upgrade the new website a few days before this on since it is smaller in content and members. It'll be easier to check settings that get changed and added which will make things here go a bit quicker.
  13. JustHatched

    gta&rdr Two Brothers Playlist

    And lets not forget Pro Laps with Monster Trucks, that was epic

Domestic Battery Gaming

Online communities, in particular video game communities, have a reputation for negative and abusive behavior which is not always undeserved. That isn't us, Domestic Battery takes pride in being a crew for people who are mature. This means being able to treat each other with a basic level of respect, being able to cooperate during events, and being able to have fun together. We are all from different backgrounds with different life experiences. What we have in common is that we enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and other games in a social environment which is healthy and rewarding.