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Anniversary - Cops & Criminals (Free Roam Event) (Protocawl)
General idea of the free roam minigame: 2-4 of us will be criminals and the rest will be cops, chasing the criminals down after they commit a proper crime from a predetermined selection of crimes (bank robbery/player murder/tanker hijacking/store robbery/arson/etc.) until either the cops arrest/kill the criminals or the criminals escape. 1 player might have to briefly play a victim of the crime and then become a cop. The criminals will only be able to use vehicles stolen off the streets + a few specific Pegasus vehicles, while cops will have to use one of the police vehicles available in the game (sheriff's car/park ranger Granger/police cruiser/FIB Granger/Buffalo/riot vans/police heli/MC Buzzard/Doomsday Heist riot control truck + any I might have forgot about).

Minimaps will be turned off, the criminals will be in a party chat, cops in the game chat....
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Anniversary Air PL (Sinister)
Date of Event: Sat Jan 27th
Time of Event in UTC: 12:00/07:00 EST.
Event Host: SINISTER120

Amount of Players Allowed: 16-30 depending on interest
Special Rules for Event: Have fun
Description of Event: Air race/combat PL for the 4th anniversary. Races, Captures, etc.
Anniversary Air PL (Sinister)

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Anniversary Freeroam Fuckery
Saturday the 27th - Hosted by Hatch
Gonna hop into a small public lobby (hopefully, takeover may be needed to remove players if they are in the way)
Going to run CEO/MC jobs such as Executive Search, do the freeroam things that pop up like the Checkpoint Challenge

Everyone is expected to be in an MC or CEO group
Wear your BPH!!!!!!

Anniversary Through The Years PL (Friday NA Hatch)
16 Jobs, 4 from each year we have been around (2 races and 2 combat jobs from each year), all from different creators

These are not jobs in the usual classics playlists, those have been played enough

30 player limit, if you get kicked by R* do your best to join back in

2014 Race @Dodge Maze Bank Enduro HD

2014 Race @Pb76 Clowning Around HD

2015 Race @DeaD_GooN Not $1,000,000

2015 Race @Squirrel Devils Threeway

2016 Race @djw180 Anihilation

2016 Race @BustyRose Swamp Rose

2017 Race @Onrefne XDBX Tribute Compilation

2017 Race @zmurko 4-Grip Mini Oval

2014 Capture @JustHatched Smokey and the Phoenix

2014 TDM @Lann Down by the River

2015 LTS @Protocawl Operation Nightfall

2015 LTS @ErnYoung The Rhinos Broke Free

2016 TDM @kernalhogan At the Foot of Josiah

2016 LTS @Xyon14 Beach Blanket Bingo

2017 TDM @Crawford1872 Hangar 13

2017 TDM @Jjss924 Duck Season

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XDBX vs STNC in Sports Classics
Attention Drivers:
Stock Sports Classics against TheLowlyGentlemen
Points will be given from 30 to the winner down to 1 to the last place. The battle for 29th will just as important as the battle for 1st.

We will race non-contact, and with Customs OFF. In each race we will use a specific car, and that car only!

We need 15 racers from our crew, and STNC will bring 15 of their racers.
Each crew pick 4 races (any creator) and select a car to use for each track.
Track listing TBA.
Lets pick some jobs, get some rsvp's and get some practice in!

XDBX vs STNC in Sports Classics
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Crew Challenge 145 - City Compacts
Results Spreadsheet - https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ap5syCuQuxjRgn_Ce5GRQ8eo0FTW

A 2 player team time trial in custom compacts on Lann's Goteburg City Race.
Sign up now, teams will be drawn later. Say what compacts you have and would be prepared to use (or buy) and we'll see if there's enough variety to have teammates using different cars, just so it's not totally Brioso dominated.

Any time of day. Any weather. Non-contact if racing with others. Do as many laps in one race as you like. Make as many attempts as you like. Add your's and your teammates fastest laps together for the team total.

Race Links this site and Social Club

Excluded pairings for when the teams are drawn, recent winners Ally & Lann (CC143), Con & Fido (CC140), DJ & Lann (CC135).

Starts now

Ends 19:00 GMT 18th Jan

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Winter Snapmatic Contest
Winter Snapmatic Contest
No real rules to this contest except your photos need to include snow, snow activities or other holiday things in and around Los Santos. Nominate your best one or two photos and if you'd like to include a few more just to show off please put those in spoiler tags. The contest will run well into January so you will have plenty of time to take photos on the snow days or take photos from saved video in the editor.
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XDBX vs WEED (Ganja outlaws)

Looks as if we finally get to play Los Santos Most high.
8 vs 8
Sunday 14th 21:00 utc.

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Spike's Pink Sprint
Spike's Pink Sprint

Short lap (40 to 50 s) made on the LSIA runway marked out with various stunt barriers.
Open to most classes. Compacts are maybe best suited.
It's a simple course that came about from me just trying out different stunt props as barriers and apex props. It has a pit lane to use in GTA mode, if required.
If it seems to work I may make it a bit longer and more technical.

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Crew Challenge 144a - Let There Be Snow
This is a solo challenge to make use of the snow that usually falls over San Andreas around this time of year. Simply do your fastest lap on Classic Rose in a custom sports car in clear weather and again in the snow. Add them up for your total time.

You can use any sports car except the Pariah – that is the rather expensive new car that can be very fast, so just in case it turns out to be way quicker than anything else for this challenge, it is banned to be fair to those who have not got one. You can use different cars for each run if you wish.

I don't know what the GTA-online snow schedule is for this year but it is usually here for a couple of days around Christmas day and then again around New Year. So you need to take advantage of it when it arrives and also make sure to do a time in the clear when the snow isn't here.

Track Classic Rose
Any custom sports other than the Pariah.
Fastest lap in clear + fastest lap in snow.
Different cars allowed for each weather condition.
Do as many laps as you like in one go, make as many attempts as you like.
Non-contact if racing with others.

Starts now
Ends 19:00 UTC 5th January 2018
All times to be posted by 19:00 UTC 7th January

As you may have guessed from this being challenge 144a there is another snow-themed challenge that will run along side this. Details on that in a couple of days time.
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Crew Challenge 144b - Let There be Snowballs
Part two of this year's Christmas - New Year crew challenge.

This one is very simple. Kill people using only snow balls. The winner is who kills the most different players with snow balls. Killing the same player more than once only counts as one kill. So you need to keep a track of the names of who you kill, saving video or screenshots to note down the names from. I'm not going to insist people post screenshots and videos here, I think we can all trust each other. But I suggest everyone makes a post here and adds names of their kills to it as you go along.

This isn't just a randoms hunt. You can count crew members killed as well. I hope over the holiday period we can have some impromptu snow ball fights arranged in free roam or have DMs in our playlists where everyone agrees to use snowballs only.
So that's it. Just snowball people to death!

Starts now.
Ends whenenver the snow dissappears in the New Year.
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XDBX vs MOBM - MotorWars
XDBX vs MOBM vs BANG - MotorWars
Grab your PTSD and Sign up!!
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XDBX vs TEAM in Occupy
Description of Event:
Working on different ideas, also depending interest. Maybe some Occupy and other adv modes mixed with some racing, maybe if low interest we could team up against another crew in some Occupy? Maybe heists or simply a good mix of jobs. All depending interest.
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GT Sport Pfister Supercup Reunion
GT Sport Pfister Supercup Reunion
Come see some old friends and then leave em in the dust!!
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New Heists.....................Post up for partners!
New Setups and Heists .........Post up for partners! Doomsday Heist....XDBX-style!!!
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Church of Fun - NA Tuesday nights
Description of Event: Church of Fun will be a variety of activities that will change week by week. Most often it will be a mixed playlist of racing and combat jobs, both serious and fun. Other nights will be activities like CEO/biker work in public lobby, 4x4 Rock crawling, 24 hour endurance race, public lobby griefing, scavenger hunt and crew favorites like monster truck & air show and big rig racing. Pre event meet-up location, outfit and vehicle theme will be announced ahead of time.

I'd like to get feedback on interest and possible ideas. When approved it will start after the new year.

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Special Delivery
Made for the We Are XDBX - 4th Anniversary Creator Special Event.
Xyon's down to her last $50,000,000. But help is at hand, LJT wants some special deliveries making using all those MC business vehicles you love so much. ;)

*** Not to be taken too seriously ***
Leave catch-up and traffic on.
Point to Point race.
Takes around 9 minutes.
It doesn't matter about customs (unless someone has a custom bagger). You're not in the start vehicle very long.

Social Club Link
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Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading
This is a two player team challenge on a point to point race, mainly off road and dirt with a tarmac finish. One teammate does the race in a car or truck and the other on a motorbike. Add up the fastest times for the team total.

Allowed vehicles
Car or Truck - any 4 wheeled vehicle in the off road class apart from any form of the Blazer
Motorbike any 2 wheeled vehicle in the off road class or a Blazer
The track is Dodge's Rally Stage IV

Customs on. Any time of day. Any weather. Make as many attempts as you like. Must be done non-contact if racing with others.
Sign up now, say if you have a preference for car/truck or bike.

Teams will be randomly drawn later.
Excluded pairing, recent winners, Con & Fido (CC140), DJ & Lann (CC135), Potato & Proto (CC133)

If we get a lot of people this could be done as a 3 player challenge. For that I'd split the Car/Truck class up or add a sports car. We would discuss first what was a "car" and what was a "truck" or what sports cars to allow before the challenge really got underway.

I don't think we'll have enough for 3 players. At least 5 teams are needed really, so that would need 15 entrants. But I'm mentioning this in case there is the interest.
Starts now
End 19:00 UTC 15th Dec

All times to be submitted by 19:00 UTC 17th Dec
if we do go for a 3 player teams I may extend this to give more time to sort out allowed vehicles and get more players.
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What do you want Santa to bring you for Xmas?
What do you want Santa to bring you for Xmas?
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Horizon New Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn!! On Sale Now!!
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Christmas card exchange 2017
If you wish to take part in the Christmas card exchange please say so below and send me a PM with your name and address. I will try to match people up with countries other than their own.

If there is someone on the list you would like to send a card to other than the two you are given then just let me know and I will check with said person. I will not give your details to anyone other than the person that has been matched with you unless I am given permission to do so.

Please let me know by the end of November so I can get everyone matched up and people can get their cards posted. You are only required to send a card and if you want to send anything else that is up to you.
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Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?
Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?
We always remember our first time...share yours!!
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XDBX vs FEAR (8 vs 8)
Event Title: XDBX vs FEAR (8 vs 8)
Event Author: Lann
Calendar: Crew Events Calender

Event Host: Lann
Event Start Date: 9th December 2017
Event Start Time: 23:00 GMT/UTC
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We have been invited to a bike meet.
We have been invited to a bike meet. This is not a head to head, its a very relaxed event with a likeminded crew.

Event Host: FunnyLADude
Amount of Players Allowed: 15 XDBX and they will bring 10-15 as well.
Special Rules for Event:
”We will meet up by Biker Clubhouse and Drive to a Lost MC for some pics and stuff like that. After that we could start the playlist. We usually drive around different locations for snaps and just start the playlist after. With playlist it will last about 2-2 1/2 hours. No guns fired during the actual meet/cruise/photosession.”

Description of Event: Friendly event together with a mixed playlist at the end. They set it all up.

We should get in our finest MC gear (crew emblem!) and bring our bikes to meet this crew. Hopefully it can lead to further stuff together in the future.

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Crew Challenge 142 - Super Selection
This is a single player time trial in super cars, but you have to use 2 different cars and your choices are restricted. This is a chance to use some of those cars you like driving but maybe are not quick enough for most challenges.

Each car has been allocated points (see next post). The total points of your two cars may not exceed 75 points.
It's a bit like Fantasy sport. You can not pick the two fastest cars because they would be more than 75 points. You either go for one fast and one slow, two medium, or any combination you happen to like, so long their points add up to 75 less.

You can try out different pairs of cars and pick your best to submit at the end. You don't have to commit to specific cars now. Although it would be nice to see what other people are using.
The track is Lifeinvader GP Inner Loop

Add up your fastest times for each car for your total time.
Any weather, any time of day, non-contact if you race with others, no run ups.
A run up is when you deviate significantly from the coarse set out by the check points in order to start a lap at a much higher speed than you could by sticking to the check points route. This track is one where a run up could get you an advantage, so please don't do them. Take the final corner as you would in a normal race trying to do a good lap.

Starts now
Ends 19:00 UTC 4th Dec
All times to be posted by 19:00 UTC 6th Dec
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