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Vote for your favorite XDBX celebrity impersonator
Time to vote everyone and thanks to all who entered. You all did a great job making your characters look like their subjects and maybe this theme should have been done sooner because there are a lot of famous people and classic movie/tv scenes that could be recreated. I'm surprised @omarcomin71 didn't do Omar from The Wire. 😯 GTA photo contests will not end but they will happen less often, like maybe the next one will be when it snows again in Los Santos or we get another update.

1. Tom Hanks, Saving Private Ryan


2. John Milner (Paul LeMat), American Graffiti


3. John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) , Shaft


4. Earl, My Name is Earl


5. Natalia Emmanuel from Game of Thrones


6. Natalia Emmanuel from Game of Thrones 2


7. Crockett and Tubbs, Miami Vice


8. Trinity, Matrix Trilogy


9. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider


10. Jules Winnfield (Sammuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

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Crew Challenge 169 - Purple hayes
Crew Challenge 169  - Purple Hayes
2 player team time trial in custom muscle cars on Purple Hayes
Sign up now, random teams excluding recent winning pairs will be drawn later.
Recent winning pairs Schumi & Lann (CC 167), Snacks & XuTek (CC165), Snacks & Lann (CC163)
Any weather
Any time of day
Any number of laps
Make as many attempts as you like
Non-contact if you race with others
No run ups
You and your teammate must use different models of car
Starts now
ends 19:00 GMT 1st November - note that is an hour different to now as European clocks will have changed back from dayligth saving time

please post all times within 48 hours of the end of the challenge




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The Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Companion App
Hide from the law, hunt your enemies, find the nearest General Store and other key locations with the interactive Map feature in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Companion App.


The Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App connects directly with your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One as you play, delivering real-time interactive information to your smart device. Available for download on October 26th on both iOS and Android, you can pan and zoom the map, set waypoints or mark areas of interest with a tap on your screen, aiding your exploration and discovery throughout the expansive world of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Examine Arthur Morgan’s Journal with new entries and illustrations appearing as you progress through the Red Dead Redemption 2 story.


The app will also show you Arthur Morgan's core info and stats in real-time on your device, allowing you to completely remove the in-game HUD from your television should you choose. Additionally, the Companion lets you examine Arthur's in-game Journal, provides stat tracking through Social Club, contains the full digital game manual, plus an optional digital version of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Official Guide from Piggyback and more.
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Halloween in GTA
GTA Halloween Event in the Whacked Out Wednesdays time slot.
A mixed playlist of jobs linked to Halloween or a Horror theme.
Dress code is Halloween / Horror fancy dress.

Celebrity Lookalike Photo Contest
FINAL DAY TO SUBMIT!!! Get those shots submitted!!!
This time the theme of the photo contest is to look like someone famous and is partnering with an upcoming Two Brothers Playlist which will be all TV and movie themed jobs. Your famous person can be pretty much anyone who is well known to most humans, for example musicians, actors, politicians, athletes, characters from TV, movies or games, dead or alive. (not crew members, we already did that) Use environment, filters and vehicles to set the scene. Photos can be captured in the Editor or the standard snapmatic. Here's a weak example from a music themed playlist I hosted a long time ago. (I have nearly every photo I/ve ever taken.)

I am supposed to be Eddie Vedder in front of the Whisky-A-Go-Go. 😜
As usual you may submit 2 photos for the contest and you can change them any time by editing your post and replacing them with different ones. Once the contest ends and the thread is locked those will be your entries. Entries close at the end of the month. If you would like to show us some of your photos that didn't make the cut as an entry, we'd love to see them but please put them in spoiler tags.

When the movie/TV themed 2Bros playlist happens please come as one of your famous characters. @pete_95973 @omarcomin71
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RDR Story Mode Party Chat Event

Event Title: RDR Story Mode Party Chat Event
Event Author: JustHatched
Calendar: Crew Events Calender

Let's hop in a party chat at 3:30am UTC (9:30pm my time) and just shoot this shit, discuss things as we figure and find stuff in RDR story mode. I'll open a chat a few minutes before start time and you hop in when you want to. Once its full of 8 people then its full. (NO NEED TO RSVP)


If you are not on my PSN friends list be sure to add me to be able to find the chat

RDR Story Mode Party Chat Event
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DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)
XDBX League Season 5
Vehicle Class: R4
Events: 4 (Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany, Wales)

Event 1 - Rally Monte Carlo (6 stages): 19:00 UTC Sep 8th - 03:00 UTC Sep 17thEvent 2 - Rally Sweden (6 stages): 03:00 UTC Sep 18th - 03:00 UTC Sep 24th
Event 3 - Rally Germany (6 stages): 03:00 UTC Sep 25th - 03:00 UTC Oct 1st
Event 4 - Rally Wales (6 stages): 03:00 UTC Oct 2nd - 03:00 UTC Oct 8th

Season 5 has begun! It's time for the R4 class: Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2011 & Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X are the cars to choose from.

As previous seasons, every event/round lasts for precisely 6 days (except the 1st event), this time from 3am UTC every Tuesday to 3am UTC every Monday, over the course of about 4 weeks, with there being a 24hr cool-down period between events. You can save your progress after each stage in every event, so you could do 1 stage per day or divide them differently over the 6 days or do them all at once if you want, etc, etc.

Like last season, I will share my tested and refined car setups for every event, however it might be for only one of the cars in the class, depending on which I'll be using for any specific event.

New members can join the league at the link below the title of this post, but make sure you log in using your PSN Account or RaceNet account first and set your platform at the top right of the page to PlayStation 4 (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) before going to the "Leagues" page! You can also search for "XDBX Casual" league and then join that way.

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Crew Challenge 168 Cleaning The Cat House
Crew Challenge 168 – Cleaning the Cat House
A solo challenge to complete the contact mission Cleaning the Cat House in the fastest time.
Hard level
Save a video your time starts when the message “MISSION Cleaning the Cat House” appears your time stops when the message “MISSION PASSED” appears
please post videos starting a second or two before the first message and ending just after the second; just so we can be sure everyone's are timed from the exact same points in the event of a close result
start the mission anywhere you like you can use any vehicle you like (owned, CEO, stolen of NPCs etc) except
no flying, gliding or hovering vehicles of any kind
no Pegassus
no rocket powered vehicles
basically stick to standard cars, trucks or bikes
no explosive weapons just use guns with normal bullets or mele if you want
and just in case it's still possible to quickly rescue Anna this way; you may not get your vehicle on top of the motel roof. Anna must get in/on your car/bike at ground level
Any other rules people can think of, things to clarify?
Starts now.
Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 GMT) 22nd October
Please post videos by 19:00 BST 24th October 

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Physical or Digital?
I'm ready to make the preorder, but I'm not sure which to order. Physical or Digital? Any thoughts?
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Crew Challenge 167 - Dirty Old Timers
Crew Challenge 167 – Dirty Old Timers 
This is a 2 player team time trial on a mainly dirt road track in stock vehicles.  One teammate uses a Compact, the other a SUV. Customs are off and this is a PS3 track so you just get to choose from some of the older vehicles in the game. There’s no Brioso nor Contender for this one. Add up your fastest lap times for the team time.

As usual, sign up now and teams will be randomly drawn later excluding recent winning pairs (Snacks & XuTek CC 165, Snacks & Lann CC 163, Sinister & Lann CC 160). 

It’s a short track, laps should be under a minute 

PS3 RX – White Church

make as many attempts and do as many laps as you like  

any weather, any time of day  

no run ups 

non-contact if racing with other people  



Starts now 

Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) 11th October 

Please post times by 19:00 BST 13th October 


Spreadsheet - later 


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It's happening...
Red Dead Redemption 2 ... Post your thoughts, wishes, impressions, what ya gonna name your horse...Everything and Anything RDR2!!

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Crew Challenge 166 - Stunt Jumps
Crew Challenge 166 - Stunt Jumps
A solo challenge. Simply do any 5 stunt jumps in free roam using a car you steal off the streets. Fastest time wins.
no custom, CEO, MC, Pegasuss, any other personel etc vehicles
no bikes
use a car you steal off the streets
use the same car for all 5 jumps
any of the stunt jumps count
save a video timer starts from the first stunt jump completed message timer ends with the 5th stunt jump completed message you can do this in any lobby, passive mode is allowed

Thanks to @omarcomin71 for suggesting this and thanks to @Lann for finding this map showing the stunt jump locations.
Starts now
ends 1st October 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC)
All times to be posted by 19:00 BST on 3rd Oct please.
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Vote for your favorite "Nightlife" vehicle photo
Please vote for your favorite photo. The theme is "Nightlife" but not necessarily clubbing or partying. Pick the photo that says nightlife the best for your own criteria.
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Crew Challenge 165 - Mirror Park Classic
Crew Challenge 165 – Mirror Park Classic

A 2 player team time trial in custom sports-classics on
 24 hours of Mirror Park
sign up now and random teams will be drawn later excluding recent winning pairs (Snacks & Lann CC 163, Sinister & Lann CC 160, Omar & Snacks 158)

you and your teammate must use different models of car add up your fastest laps for the team time make as many attempts and do as many laps as you like note that as the track was made for a 24 hour race the default number of laps is a lot, you probably want to reduce that, lap time should be around 1:30 - 1:40  any weather, any time of day no run ups non-contact if racing with other people
Starts now
Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) Sept 21st
All times to be posted by 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) Sept 23rd
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Crew Challenge 164 - I Want To Ride My Bicycle
Crew Challenge 164 - I Want To Ride My Bicycle
A solo bicycle race challenge on
Tour de XDBX: The Hills
Best time for a 2 lap race (not fastest lap)

Any time of day, any weather, non-contact if you race with others
Please do not make your bike start moving before the race begins
Choose any of the cycles available - the only difference should be what colour they are
Starts now 
Ends 10th Sept 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC)
All times to be posted by 19:00 BST on 12th Sept please.


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Rally-X Impromptu Session [DiRT Rally]
Date of Event: September 1st/2nd

Time of Event in UTC: Sat 6pm (2hrs before 2Bros) or 10:30pm (after 2Bros)/Sun 7pm or 9pm

Does Event Repeat: No

Event Host: @Protocawl

Amount of Players Allowed: 8

Special Rules for Event: None


Description of Event:

Friendly Rally-X mini-tourney lasting for up to an hour (similar to our previous get-togethers: https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/topic/16793-rally-x-racing-sunday-impromptu-dirt-rally/). Anyone interested, let me know which of the times I mentioned above would be good for you and we'll go with whichever time suits most of us.

@Beez, @ErnYoung, @omarcomin71, @LimeGreenLegend, @Schumi6581, @PapOiteE, @ssracingn2, @Dodge, @JustHatched, @DavidCore89, @Crawford1872, @Road2fury, @Con, @Lann
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Sweating to the Oldies
Sweating to the Oldies!!!
One time event of PS3 jobs that were created by some of our first members.
Event Host: SSracing

Amount of Players Allowed: 16
Special Rules for Event: Have fun
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Crew Challenge 163 - Marlowe Valley
Crew Challenge 163 - Marlowe Valley
A 2 player team time trial in custom sports cars on
Marlowe Valley
sign up now and random teams will be drawn later
you and your teammate must use different models of car
Add up your fastest laps for the team time
make as many attempts and do as many laps as you like any weather, any time of day
no run ups non-contact if racing with other people
Starts now
Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) Aug 30th
All times to be posted by 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) Sept 1st
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XDBX vs FEAR in a Rockets vs Insurgents type of event.
This vs That
12 vs 12

Sunday August 26th 20:00 UTC


A fun light hearted head to head battle for fame and honour!


Still working on the jobs.... but so far we have a few candidates but it needs to be reduced

Nightlife Update
Do you wanna party? It's Party Time!!!!
Did you create the ultimate garage, kick ass dance club, or just a hub for all your business endeavors?
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Crew Challenge 162 - Two Times Bounty Challenge
Two Times Bounty Challenge
This is a two player, team challenge.  You and your partner start in a public lobby and place a bounty on each other.  Then you begin attacking other players and the team that gets the most kills of other players while still having a bounty on them wins.  A kill will only count as a point if you have the bounty on you.  So if one of the team members dies they can still assist and protect the teammate but only kills collected by the player with the remaining bounty counts.  The challenge ends when the time is up for the bounties (48 mins) or both players are killed and lose the bounty.


-Each team member can kill a player one time.  So the team can score two points per random.  Once each team member kills a player once you move on to other players to get more points.

-Killing another player with a bounty counts as three points.  But you and your teammate (or friends/crew in the lobby) cannot place the bounty on them

-You can change lobbies at any time.

-You may not use weaponized vehicles, air craft, flying cars or bikes, MOCs, or armored vehicles.  You can use personal vehicles if they are not armed, armored, or aircraft.  But once the challenge starts you cannot call for you vehicle to be delivered to you in any way.  So if you get separated from your vehicle you need to make your way back to it on foot or steal an NPC vehicle to get back to it.  If you personal vehicle is destroyed you are out of luck.  It is a good idea for you to each have your PV with you when you put the bounties on each other.

-You may not call NPCs, be a CEO, VIP, or MC (so no ghost or off radar) If you need snacks you need to go the liquor store and steal or buy them.  If you need body armor or ammo you need to go to ammunation to buy them, do not use the interaction menu (this is considered calling NPCs)

-You may not go inside of any properties that randoms cannot get inside to kill you.

-You can use Easy Way Out or Suicide to avoid being killed

-Tie breaker if there is a tie on points goes to the team that survived longer (time ends when the second bounty is claimed)

-Save the video (would be max of 48 mins so make sure your settings are ready)

-Please also make a list of the names of the randoms you kill and post that here, that makes it much easier for whoever checks those.

-You can organise your own teammates for this one as you need to be in-game at the same time. You can post here saying you want a teammate and / or look for who else has posted.


A big thanks to @pete_95973 for organising this one and who will also be taking any queries about the rules. (As most of you probably know I am moving house this week so don't know how much I'll be around)


Starts now

Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) 20th August


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Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming Fall 2017 - Watch the Trailer this Thursday, October 20th at 11AM ET
Come check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 - Extended Gameplay Trailer!!!

Red Dead Redemption 2 will release worldwide in Fall 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.
An epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland, the game's vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience.
Watch the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer at 11AM Eastern on Thursday, October 20th at rockstargames.com, as well at the official...
View the full article
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Thursday Summer Nights (Free-aim)
Mixed playlist in Free-aim (Jobs will be both shooting and races.)
Open for all, xdbx and other players.
Players who have RSVD's below will be invited first, then we will try and fill up any remaining spots.
(You need to have a acct on the site to rsvp)
Feel free to suggest jobs!
Any specific rules for the week will be mention in the event discussion thread, but please no helmets, calling Lester or using the off radar losing perk.

Crew Challenge 161 - Tank Slalom
Crew Challenge 161 - Tank Slalom
Set your fastest time for a one lap race, not fastest lap. It's quite a long lap.

This must be done non-contact if racing with others, and just incase anyone thought about getting out and running for some of it, GTA mode is not allowed.

Any weather, any time of day, make as many attempts as you like. It doesn't matter whether you have customs on or off and it doesn't matter what vehicle you select, you won't use it once the race starts.


Starts now.

Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) 6th August.
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XDBX & VANS, Racing
XDBX & VANS Racing!!!
Event Host: djw180 and / or Junior Chubb
Amount of Players Allowed: probably 30
Special Rules for Event: clean racing (unless stated otherwise for specific races), no deliberate curb boosting on stunt tracks.
This will be a joint playlist, not a H2H, so we do not have to have a specific number of players. 
XDBX & VANS, Racing
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