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    -The XDBX Chronicle #66- Your source for all things Domestic Battery written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched XDBX Social Media - Social Club (RSC) - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "The News In Ten" - (by PB76) 1. The Crew celebrated it’s 5th birthday over the weekend with a variety of playlists and events, a massive thank you to all the organizers and hosts. Also, well done to all involved in the impressive h2h win against 187x. 2. @Fido_le_muet pulled his finger out and updated the crew challenge Hall of fame, currently topping the all-time leaderboard after week 175 is @Banketelli, @Fido_le_muet sits in 2nd place and @Lann makes up an all-European podium. @omarcomin71 is currently the only NA member in the top 10. 3. Also due an update is the Member map (c’mon Fido) which shows just how diverse the crew is. Hidden away at the bottom of the post is this little riddle, does anyone know the answer? 4. @nkaujrog, our current crew member of the month also has an awesome Podcast, the first episode is all about the crew, I’m hoping the next one is about neuroconstructivism in the evolution of interactions in plankton organisms colonies, or peanut butter. 5. Check out the Homepage snapmatic contest, you could end up with your snapmatic featured on the front page of the website. There’s 3 categories, just make sure your photos aren’t too dark or they’ll be difficult to see on the mobile version of the site. 6. With the ability to Change Psn ID coming soon, It seems that most of the crew will be happy to keep their ID the same, especially @LimeGreenLegend, because who wouldn’t be happy to be LimeGreenLegend. 7. @ErnYoung gave us some helpful Hunting tips for RDRO. Hunting is a great way to make money, look out for deer’s balls, they’re just under a buck... 8. Advice of the week came from @Con........when asked by @djw180 for recommendations whilst on his Caribbean cruise, he suggested “Don’t fall out the boat” 9. @Con also shared this brilliant little clip... 10. Finally........Ever wondered what @Dodge smells of? According to @JustHatched, it’s city (I think that’s what he said anyway, see interview below) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Snapmatic by Lann) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Member Report" - Unvetted Members looking to join Domestic Battery - (Be Sure to Note them is you game with them) Alcohonez - John Waymon - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew. Manny_AKA_Yolo - BlackRabbit - Aggaran - Ebon - NickStix - P33t0 <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Events Schedule" - Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) hosted by Crawford and The Lady A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO. - Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO. - Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - 2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO. - Current Crew Challenge #177 presented by DJW180 ends February 4th. **RSVP Reminder: ** RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there. **To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic" If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "PB's DB OG's" - (by PB76) Welcome to PB’s DB OGs.....where we probe some of the crew’s earliest members. First up, the OG of OGs, crew founder and leader, JustHatched..... Firstly, what is it like running Domestic Battery? Good lord PB, don't even warm up with an easy one huh? I try to treat it like running a business, keeping personal feelings out of the decision making process as much as I can. It can be read in many places online about gaming clans being ruined by the leadership making decisions based on friendship and in the earliest days I decided that's not what I wanted here. What's best for the crew supersedes my own personal feelings. Running the crew on a day to day basis is pretty easy for the most part, we've long ago gotten past the squabbles between crew members that happened alot and the growing pains are for the most part behind us (thank god). We've got a solid staff team who all does well at their roles which makes the detail stuff heaps easier, it gives me the chance to keep the website running smooth. The first couple years were a son of a bitch, constant bickering among members, trying to figure out what would work and what wouldn't. My PM box was being hit daily with dozen of PM's about this or that and it was very difficult, I got burned out to the point that I wished I had never started this crew, so much so I had to step back and leave the crew for a bit. Dodge got throwed into being the leader then, he didn't really want to but I really didn't give him a choice. He is really the reason the crew survived my burned out era, I use to call him once in a while and would just bitch at him about stuff going on, he would get me calmed down and back on track. Everyone on staff played their role, Zmurko done a great job in keeping the site in order, but it was Dodge that kept me from deleting it all. Now that we are past that and I have a new outlook, new goals for the crew and I am a little older and calmer now things are looking good, I am sorry for the way things about happened back then. So short answer is, running the crew has its ups and downs and challenges, but I/we always have managed to get it done one way or another. Had you known 5 years ago what you know now, would you have still taken it on? Yeah probably, but if I could know then what I know now things would be a bit different. Mainly in being able to recognize the issues before they blowed way out of proportion. I guess don't really have a huge comment for this question as there's no way I wouldn't do it again, I've made too many friends here, I don't have many IRL friends and I don't have a massive social life IRL so XDBX fills that gap in a huge way. Without the crew I wouldn't have met my 2 IRL best friends in Dodge and SSRacing, plus Jesse wouldn't have met Danielle, and that would have been a shame. So many good things have come from being in this crew for a lot of people........of your two best friends, who is your favourite? Dodge or SSRacing? Can't really choose between the 2, I talk to Dodge alot more than SS due to SS not being on his PS4 much these days. But I think SS and I have a bit more in common, he comes from crapnowhereville Indiana and I come from crapnowhereville Illinois so we have alot of the same tastes. Dodge has that city smell on him so much that even my kids notice the city stink on him (he'll now what I mean by that). We all text quite a bit and see each other once or twice a year. Our wives all get along well so that helps, when we first met I was a scared to meet their wives, figured I was setting myself up for a hanging given the amount of time they were spending doing crew stuff. Rose gets on with both of them well, she thinks all three of us have mental issues though. If anything I figure I am the 3rd wheel of the group, those 2 have been friends since high school. I wasn’t expecting an answer to that, how long have you been a gamer? Short answer is 30+ years, but I wouldn't consider me a gamer till the PS3 came out with the ease of online gaming. I grew up with Atari 2600 and 8-bit Nintendo and many consoles between then and now. Had the original Xbox for a week, hated it and sold it. How different things would have been if you had kept the egg box, so other than gaming, how do you spend your spare time? My spare time is spent doing things with/for the wife and kids. 5 kids ages 16,15,13,13 and 11 add up to alot of school functions and teenage crap. Plus being the wife's mule I got plenty to do. My fun spare time for me is either working on or flying RC airplanes or fooling with my truck. Gonna start a total rebuild/restoration of our 2001 GMC Yukon this year so that will keep me busy for a bit. I belong to an airplane club and a couple car clubs that I'm not real active in but it's there if I want to be. How did you get into RC planes? Have you ever wanted to learn to fly full size aircraft? I've always loved airplanes and aviation, there is an RC plane club close to me and when I was a kid I use to watch them fly alot. I always figured it was a rich man's hobby so I never really looked into it until a few years ago when I acquired a small P51 electric, I didn't do well at flying it so I started going to the clubs around the area and learned to fly and also learned where and how to get good deals on used planes. There is a pic posted recently of me with one of my large green planes, I actually have 4 of those exact planes, new they are expensive, I got all 4 for the price of 1. It's like anything else, it's as expensive as you want it to be. I would love to have a pilots license, and I have thought about doing that and in hind sight I would have 20 years ago if I could. Problem is if I had the license I would have to have my own plane and I can't afford that. I wanted to fly F16's for the airforce when I got out of school, but other habits (girls, gettin stoned, etc...) got in the way of my thinking. I guess RC planes are the next best thing to full size....that and GTA. You held a GTA online world record once, right? Yeah, on 2 different air races. In the Wings was the last one till Jesse took it over, I couldn't ever beat his time on that. Hey, second best pilot in the crew is still good, what would be your dream car to own? A 1979/80 Chevy Monza 2+2. Most folks who know what they are would likely roll their eyes at. It is essentially the Chevy version of a Ford Pinto and built with about the same quality. I have always wanted one, the 2+2's had factory V8 in them. They are quite rare in stock form (many modified into drag cars). Finding one is hard enough, finding one that isn't a total wreck with rust is especially hard. Parts are almost non existent but I will have one someday. Have you always been a Chevy guy? Always! I think that’s a nice way to end this, unless you want to add anything? Dodge is an Asshat....the end Couldn’t have put it better myself <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Snapmatic by Nkaujrog) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "Closing Contemplation's" - (by JustHatched) We've just finished up the 5th year of XDBX, I want to thank everyone who hosted an event and/or took part in an event. Thank you Lann for organizing the whole thing, if you hadn't we might have had to have Dodge do it and that would have been quite the shite show.... Hopefully next year we can have an RDR centered anniversary with a few GTA events. I'm sure (hopeful) that Rockstar will eventually get this Beta thing over and get RDR in shape so we can have crew activities. If not I'm sure we can all dust of our GTA discs and put something together, find new ways to do old stuff once again which we are so good at anyways. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Video by Con) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun. Cheers and good gaming. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> For Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, PB76 or Fido_le_muet. For Inquiries regarding any aspect of the crew please contact the appropriate Staff Member.
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    Date of Event: Friday April 5th Time of Event in UTC: Approximately midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning) - 8pm’ish eastern time Friday night Does Event Repeat: No Event Host: Pete Amount of Players Allowed: 16 Special Rules for Event: Usual XDBX rules -except targeting of Pete in combat is highly encouraged and dirty racing okay if it is to take Pete out Description of Event: A mixed playlist of my favorite jobs taking place less than 24 hours before my wedding. Omar and I will be hanging out playing on two consoles and two TVs in the same room. The time is approximate right now— I’m getting married the next day—and I may not know the exact starting time until a day or two before. Hope you can join me for my last playlist as a free, single man
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    Meet Lime Green. Lime knows nothing about football, except for one thing. That he wants to become the most legendary manager the game has ever seen. But, as you can see from these stats, that won't be the quickest or easiest of objectives. He has no coaching qualifications, the lowest attributes you could possibly have, the bare minimum playing experience (one accidental appearance for his local pub's Sunday league team while he was walking his dog), and he's only 20 years old, so it'll be a task to command any kind of respect. This is FM hard mode. However, Lime is determined, and applied for every managerial job...in the world. It was a long and arduous job search, mostly because the processing time when you have every league in the game loaded is glacially slow. But eventually one club was stupid enough to actually offer Lime a job. Skovde AIK is located in south-central Sweden, situated between the two largest lakes in the country, and are @Lann's favourite team. Probably. They are a semi-professional team playing in the third (I think) tier of Swedish football, and are celebrating their centenary, so there's a guaranteed party at the end of the season no matter where we place. The board want a mid-table finish for this season, with the league table looking like this when Lime joined. Right on course with less than half the season left. Lime couldn't possibly mess this up, right? Just a few words on how I play the game, especially in a save like this. No save-scumming. That just cheapens any glory you achieve, and honestly, when you have a database this large loaded, it would just take too long to keep re-loading if you lose a game. Any players I sign are found by my scouts, so no searching for Brazilian wonderkids. If I want any of those I'll have to actually send a scout to Brazil and hope that they can find some themselves. I also don't download any pre-made tactics/formations/set-pieces. Everything about the way my teams play is set by me based on the players I have, rather than just forcing my team into playing a gegenpress style because it's op. That's about it for now. There are 12 games left in this season, and we're still in the cup, so hopefully Lime can make an impression right away and earn himself some meatballs and a flat-pack wardrobe.
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    Back in LS after a year or more away, blew most of what little cash I had left on this POS Runa Cheburek.
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    One of my childhood friends got engaged last year so we spent yesterday eating, drinking and her trying on wedding dresses and this morning she asked me and another friend to be bridesmaids Super happy. Also got the biggest bunch of flowers I have ever seen
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    I will change mine a little. Will still keep Pete in the name but when I signed up I used my zip code at the end of my name. Also if you google my PSNID you can probably find my email address because I have used it on other sites and registrations. It dawned on me later that I don't want random gamers to know my zip code. I don't want to become that subject of an A&E movie where a guy was murdered by a fellow gamer because the guy named pete_95973 might have talked trash when he killed him 10 times in a row.
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    I'll be home and available, I'll host the TNT shit show this week
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    And @Skorpion, great way to show your boy that online gaming isn’t just about trolling and griefing, with the bonus for xdbx of a potential next generation of gamers (not gonna lie, won’t enjoy losing at crew challenges to an 8-year-old )
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    For anyone who's on the fence about getting this game, in my opinion it's well worth the purchase. Best online multiplayer launch I've seen in a looooong time. There have been minor bugs and issues reported, but I have seen none of them. Massive seems to be patching them pretty much as soon as they're discovered. There's a FUCKING TON of content here. I find myself heading to do one thing then getting distracted by gunfire off in the distance. I'm like "what the fuck is going on over there? Let's go investigate." Next thing I know I'm in some random mission that wasn't even marked in the map. The attention to detail from the original game makes a triumphant return in this one. Everything good in the first game is in this one, and even seems improved. And the LOOT! Don't get me started on the loot. No matter what you do, you get shit. Main missions, side missions, random events, or just a simple little firefight with enemies roaming the streets, there's always new shit to pick up. Kill bad guy. Glowing object. Gimme! I feel like I'm starting to ramble. I'm having a fucking blast with this game, and I want other people to have a fucking blast. So, do yourselves a favor, and buy this game. That is all.
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    Got some photos of all the movie & TV stars that came out for the playlist. @JustHatched he's a movie star, right? Showing Black Widow, @nkaujrog, the Avengers ain't so tough. @djw180 looking god as Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) in Pulp Fiction. Black Widow guarding John Milner's and Dominic Toretto's hot rods. She lives her life a quarter mile at a time. Jules, aka @omarcomin71, lookin' badass by KITT and ?? (help me out here). @Dodge as Jensen Ames (Jason Statham) in the car from Death Race. @pete_95973 as Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro) in 1995s Heat. Very cool movie. We all know @Protocawl is cheesy so he makes a perfect Michael Knight from TV's Knight Rider. @Smurf is that slave girl from Game of Thrones I think. Anyway she must have powers because she's floating. Bullets probably won't work Pete.
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    Man this is so tempting. Saturdays my birthday. I could come up with a play list of my favorites and add dodges job ofcourse. Biggest challenge is catching hell for wanting to play gtav on my birthday!
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    ... uuu YEAH-HEH!!! Date of Event: TBC Time of Event in UTC: TBC Does Event Repeat: Unlikely, TBC If Event Repeats/How Often: TBC Event Host: AlCohonez (or other existing event holder if it ends up as a one-off during the usual event times) Amount of Players Allowed: 4 - 16 (max TBC based on final missions selected) Description of Event: A playlist made completely of vehicle-based adversary, versus and custom team deathmatches (?) WHERE YOU GET TO HIT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL, so some intense high-octane action where you get to cover some ground. Potentially also including modes where one team is on foot chased by the other in vehicles, or point to point races with GTA mode on, but I would like to keep these to a minimum. Ideally no modes where you sit in one spot like sumo or rpgs vs insurgents, etc. If interested, please give some recommendations of your own favourite fast-paced, vehicle carnage modes to be included in the playlist. Some examples include: hunting pack (+ remix), extraction, offence and defence, deadline, motor wars, turf wars, air quota, top fun, into the wild, acquire targets, etc. It could be a one-off extra event, or played at a time of a regular event if an existing organiser fancies a change or someone to step-in (and maybe it's own repeating event depending on future interest).
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    Apparently because of my abusive language during TNT I was handed a warning point. https://imgur.com/a/gjbvvFR I’m posting it here because from what I understand there’s only been one other member to ever receive one. I believe @Beez received one that night as well. Whatever @JustHatched
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    Ocelot Jugular and then this guy walks in front of me. lol.
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    Thanks @Protocawl, @punkbish85, @djw180 and @SINISTER120 for helping me getting the free one! Since I have the non armoured trying to look classy I went racecar on this one.
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    Just watched it I had seen it before but it was many years ago so I didn't remember it well. But while watching it, I knew what was gonna happen. It's a great movie. Not a big fan of horror as it feels like it's always the same chain of events in these movies, just the bad guy/monster that changes (I know you probably disagrees @Con ). Anyway, loved the space scenes at the beginning, beautiful imagery with Ripley's spaceship slowly coming into view and getting picked up by a salvage vessel. We learn that she's been in a cryosleep for the past 57 years after escaping LV-426 and the Nostromo. That means that her daughter, who was 11 at the time has now passed away 2 years prior. That was a very sad moment and Weaver's acting is wonderful here. (Side note, I'm much more sensible now that I'm a parent myself...) That tragic event resonates with Ripley when she finds Newt, the little survivor girl on the decimated colony back on LV-426 and she immediately treats her like her own daughter, trying to make up for all the time she didn't had with her real daughter. Again, I found that to be very sad. Ripley is debriefed by the guys at Weyland Corp aka "The Evil Company" and they're not happy with her blowing up a multimillion spaceship in Alien 1 So they want her to go back, supposedly to finish off the alien but anyone who watches this movie know they want to put their hands on a specimen for their evil purposes (weaponry, war stuff and money as always). Of course she refuses but since she has nightmares all the time she finally accepts. I found this to be very expected and this is why I find that most horror movies are alike. We've seen this dozens of times in many movies, with different levels of execution. I know it's not a problem specific to horror movies, we find this in action movies, comedy, superhero flicks... But, I find it particularly obvious in horror movies. Then, we meet our merry band of space marines who are also very stereotypical. You got the black sergeant who shouts at everyone all the time (Apone), the inexperienced leader (Gorman), the stupid/crazy gun totting douchebag who talks shit every second (Hudson), the good-looking corporal (Hicks), the badass woman with her giant guns (Vasquez) and of course, the android (Bishop). OK, I admit, Vasquez was pretty badass. But then you have Ripley at the end, when she's looking for the little girl and that's another level of badassery. Have you seen the look on her face when she enters that station to find the girl ? Bad-ass ! They're accompanied by Burke, the Company Man. You know that Burke, who seems nice at first is gonna screw up Ripley. "No, no, of course we're not gonna bring back a creature, we're gonna kill them all". That's complete bullshit, everyone knows it except Ripley. Too bad for her but we get a great movie out of it so Yay! That Burke guy doesn't hesitate to try to kill Ripley and a child by facehugger. That's really mean. If he could bring back an alien host, that would certainly accelerate his carreer but he's not that lucky and as it's often the case in horror movies, he dies. That made me think of Jurassic Park, when that fat guy Nedry, who tries to escape with samples gets killed by that Dilophosaurus. Also, when Gorman gets back in the ship in the middle of the movie and he sees weird slimey stuff, he keeps going like it's nothing, despite everyone knowing there are killer aliens around. And surprise, there is an alien in the ship who kills the pilot, causing the ship to crash and Gorman dies. I hate when people in movies make bad decisions like this. And it happens all the time. Why are they so stupid ? I would have run like hell if I were in his shoes or at least call for backup. So, by now you must think that I hated that film but not at all! I love the Alien universe, saw all four movies and Prometheus, haven't seen Covenant yet. I like the mythos, the crashed ship in Alien 1 and in this sequel is so cool and scary. And it gets more interesting after each movie, that's something I like when we expand on the mythology and discover more mysteries. On the technical side, I loved that camera angle when Bishop is in the conduit. We only see his face, that makes it very claustrophobic. Well done James. All the lighting in the movie is perfect. And the sets are wonderful. Loved the derelict station at the beginning, with the walls covered in alien-liked structures and textures, who are in fact aliens blending in to kill all the human ! So scary and cool ! Speaking of aliens, that Alien Queen is magnificent ! Except when she runs, she's ridiculous lol. She's so pissed at Ridley when she starts burning all her eggs ! She wants to kill her so bad but this is badass Ripley we're talking about so not happening. That airlock scene at the end was a bit over the top with Ripley managing to hold on despite the vaccum of space sucking everything, but I'll give it a pass. Don't know what else to add, it's starting to get a bit long. I really liked the movie, despite its flaws which are inherent to the genre IMO. It's a great follow up to the first Alien. Cameron basically went bigger on every aspect from the first film but it works and it's a thrill to watch Ripley battle aliens with her machine guns and badassery ! 8/10
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    "You hang up first..." "Nooo, you hang up first...."
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    Busty Rose might be coming available.
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    How about this theme?! This is the coolest Halloween theme we've had yet. Thanks @JustHatched for getting this loaded on the website. I'll take back one of the bad things I said about you.
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    Pete was feeling his usual psycho-self during this RvI and was trying to finger paint with my skull but Revbouncer had my back, Mates! 
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    Bought my first gaming PC. 9th Gen Intel i7-9700K 16GB DDR4 Ram Nvidia RTX 2070 Super 8GB GPU 1TB M.2 SSD Corsair K70 Low Profile, Rapidfire Keyboard Logitech G502 SE Mouse with Corsair MM350 XL Extended pad. Dell 27" QHD 2560x1440 @144Hz Monitor I have wanted to do this for a couple of years. Now the TV is free for the family to watch their silly shows and I can play games
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    Another one street race ready, the Vapid Retinue.
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome. I will try to make your vetting playlists. If i'm online send me an invite. Cheers. It feels like home
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    Results are now in and it's congratulations to Proto in 1st, joined on the podium by Skorp,a very close 2nd, and DC in 3rd. Thanksto everyone who took part @Protocawl 3:20.502 @Skorpion 3:20.809 @DavidCore89 3:22.341 @Schumi6581 3:26.096 @omarcomin71 3:26.991 @djw180 3:29.749 @The_Lady_A 3:38.034 @Con 3:55.056 The new challenge stills needs at least one more. It's a team time trial in the slower supers or sports. Anything similar in speed to a Turismo or Cheeatah for the supers and a Comet or Comet Retro Custom should be competative.
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    @Dodge, @Beez, @Ultramoorine & @pete2581 decided to re-enact this:  
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    Newest additions: All outside cats for snakes and rodents. Both Moms are really poor hunters though. Aunts and nieces. The little ones are the Aunts and I got to see and pick up very young. They come running when they see me. The "nieces", I've only been able to pick up two and both were females. The other two are too wild. One of the "nieces" is roaming around somewhere.
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    Well done PB. I'll send a PSN code in the next couple of days. Honourable mentions to Lime and Lann in 2nd and 3rd. Decent participation considering the women's game is less popular. This World Cup has definitely helped boost the reputation of women's football, so that's pretty cool. Cheers to everyone. Will set one up for Euro 2020
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    This is why we cant have nice things like great group photos before our Poker Championships.
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    Mowed the lawn with some company, she loves to roll in the newly cut grass. The green sticks for a long time.
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    "Boy, you're an alien, your touch so foreign It's supernatural, extraterrestrial.."
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    Congame_not so pro Chances that I can get Con are astronomically small so unless I can come up with something better than game pro after Con, probably just gonna keep it the same. My irl nickname is Mink but it’s too late to change to something like that. Con Life Hot Pocket Con Con XDBX XDBXCon Con 95973
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    We got a chance to race the F1 cars in the latest 2Bros playlist and we cannot wait for this racing series!
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    Long version of a Hotels.com commercial. I found it quite funny!
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    My first all out dogfight in No Man's Sky VR, it's pretty fucking awesome.
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    Here at XDBX we have an RSVP function for events players wish to attend We have one spot remaining (assuming @Dodge) is playing. Who wants the last spot? Event is this Sunday at 8pm UTC. On Friday I will randomly draw the tables that @LimeGreenLegend and I will host. Get that poker practice in cowboys and cowgirls!
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    I'm not sure this helps but could be worth a try. We know from job-hopping hosting races that you hardly ever get randoms to join the first but they usually do the second. So maybe this would work. Do a race or parachute, something short and that you can do solo. Then from the next-job screen there should usually be a death match. Choose that and see if you get better luck randoms joining,
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    Have always loved my Picador...had to give it a makeover for SRL, never thought I would ever be racing in it. In free roam I love driving it in reverse and collecting as many pedestrian's as possible.
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    PB’s transition and post op happiness..... I’m, at best, an average racer and I took on this challenge for a number of reasons 1) To be more involved in crew activities b) To transition into a decent racer 4) I want an award I’ve not played gta much in the last 18 months, so my choice of vehicles for the challenge were limited to the Yosemite, Sabre Turbo and Dukes. The track itself is brilliant...fairly short with a mix of straight bits and curvy bits, but push too hard or take the wrong line and you will be punished. I spent many a lap sliding, spinning, flipping and getting stuck on kerbs. I was achieving just under a minute with the Sabre Turbo, so focused on improving my times in that (unsuccessfully). Then I realized I had not upgraded my Yosemite in any way performance wise, so got to it. Once I had done that, I managed to consistently get 56.xxx laps, still way off the pace. Not wanting to let down @Lann I sought his advice and also studied @II-Manny-Il‘s lap to learn the best racing lines and braking points. Lap after lap after lap of errors, I was getting nowhere. A few days later, I repainted my Yosemite and tried again. Lap after lap I would be manny-esque on 75% of the track only to stuff it into a wall and ruin it all. Then it happened.....a clean(ish) lap TL:DR......my lap time
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    Inspired by Dodge's purple beast, here is my Blista Compact: Don't hate the rims, embrace them. The latest addition to my Arena Wars collection, the Bravado Apocalypse Sasquatch: I watched a video where this truck moved a group of HVY Biffs like they were Pantos and I had to have one.
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    Alien or Aliens? Fans of the Alien series apparently split in two depending on which film you think is clearly the best, either Alien or Aliens. I first became aware of the divide when I was going to see Alien3. Someone said to me “Don't bother seeing it. It's shit like the first one”, so as I prefered the first I did go to see it. I was a bit surprised though that someone who liked Aliens could so dislike Alien. So I thought why don't we have a poll? Alien or Aliens – which do you think is the better film? Now, why do I prefer Alien? I have just watched both again, director's cut versions of each. I thought about this a while and came up with the following few points. The directors. I am a big fan of Ridley Scott (early work at least), not that fussed about Jim Cameron. The genre. Although they are both similar types of film and both have elements of the same sci-fi, horror and action genres, Alien is more towards hard sci-fi. (I think that's the right term, meaning it's examining what would happen when / if some scientific / technological break through / discovery occurs) whereas Aliens is more of an action film set on another planet / in space. In this case the science in the sci-fi is first contact with intelligent extra-terrestrial life. I think they specifically use the term intelligent in Alien implying they have encountered more basic alien life forms before, but nothing clearly as advanced as being able to build space ships. As a scientist myself I guess hard sci-fi appeals to me more than action. But I think this is actually quite a minor point, as I say both films have elements of the same genres. The cast. This is something that always makes a difference to me, but it's probably related to the previous point. Both sets of supporting actors are good at what they do. Alien needed the likes of John Hurt and Ian Holm. Aliens needed Bill Paxton & the other actors who's names I do not know without looking them up because they don't appear in the sort of films I usually watch. Datedness. Sci-fi almost always gets dated. It's impossible not to as technology improves. Not just in terms of the special effects (which I think still work very well in both) but in terms of the props, computers especially. For me Alien does not look that dated whereas Aliens is quite clearly an 80s film (some of the hair styles are so 80s). But this is maybe just down to the directors. Quoting South Park, not exactly in the same context, but I think it makes my point, to me at least “James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is James Cameron”. Also I have to point out the Tupperware cups in Alien, the only giveaway late 70s prop that stood out. My mum was a Tupperware sales rep, so we had some of those, although ours were in a variety of colours so we knew who's tea was in which cup. Again this isn't a major factor, after all I first saw Aliens in 1989, so it would not have looked dated at all then. Final point; Jones vs Newt. Do I want to see the main character save a cat or a child? Cat every time for me. The first and last (absolutely serious) points are probably the most important.
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    The most recent time I watched them it was back to back. I think they compliment each other really well, as broadly speaking Alien builds the tension and then Aliens turns it into momentum. It really highlighted the differences that's for certain. But because the time-skip between the two films is justified by Ripley being in cryosleep, I find those differences add to her story arc and character development. From her point of view she has literally woken up in the far future. Seeing the consequences of surviving a horror story is every bit as interesting for me.
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    Yeah I realized that after the first corner
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    Ok, if I have to chose only one it has to be dances with wolves!!
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