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    I think contact should be on for those cars. They have kers if you push L3 and with slipstream you can really make some moves. Plus they damage easy if you lose a front or rear wing you're going to suffer, so people wont divebomb so much if they're going to lose a front wing
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    Don’t blame me for your bad habits. I’m upset there is no bong in the penthouse. Very disappointing.
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    That was me. On my screen your engine cover came of as you landed the big jump
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    My race went downhill from there. I do not condone this type of behaviour!
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    Waiting for @Con to figure out how to start a Casino mission 🤣
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    Very nice dancing fellers!
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    I saw that happen as well. It was laying on the track before it melted into the ground. Very strange sight, lol.
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    The rear wing broke off my car on lap 1. I drove it for a while that way and as I said on the mic, it lost a lot of rear grip. Sort of like if you shot the rear tires off. I’m looking forward to these cars and will probably buy each one if I can. I’m glad they are modeled after ‘80s F1 Cars because I think they looked the best.
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    I remember hearing somebody saying something flew off my car, I didn't see anything. Two wheels off the road on the last corner & I was done, all the wall riding couldn't get me back on the track.😂🚧🛑🚗
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    Thanks for making me re-live the ptsd from that Runners v T20 match. Dammit Lann!! Oh and thank you for finally connecting a punch. lmao.
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    Yep, this race is no longer available.
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    RockTurd pulled this a day or two afterwards
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    It doesnt get old
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