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    I meant to post this from a few weeks ago. Playing Rockets vs Insurgents with randoms when I pulled off a narrow escape and topped it off with the kill.   I have to say it was pretty intense. Love this game!  
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    Some of the few shots that actually hit someone with some nice editing around most of the misses.
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    Game plan, shoot a bunch of & run away swiftly maybe I'll hit someone.
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    30 ghost cars starting from the same spot... the first few bends are going to look like the graphics engine just overdosed on PCP!
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    My psn is Twistedsoldier49, I'm in the east coast USA. Play gta and occasionally red dead 2. Don't use a mic but always am listening, I'm 21 and not an asshole. I like having a good crew to work with for sales and missions. I've read all the rules and will follow them all. I'm active usually a few times a week at least. Thank you
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    Round 1 playlist: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/st2A4BhSe02NlIjTDrveaQ Details: A season is 5 weeks (5 rounds). We run this on Sundays 20:00 UTC. Each round is four races. Points for place (30,29,28,27...1), 1 point for fastest lap in each group of cars. Each round will take 60-75 minutes. Non-contact on all races. At the start we all park inside the host car and wait, we all then go at 30 seconds. Anyone going before the 30 second mark on the timer will get a penalty added. Each round every player will be assigned a car or a few selected cars to pick from. All races will be with customs ON. Player use the same car in all races each round. The cars and the tracks will be published in this thread 4-6 days before each sunday so you can get your car set up and practice the races if you like. Out of the potential 20 races, your 15 best scores will count towards your season total score. No rule against curbboosting or restrictions on how you set up your car. Each round will have four different type of tracks. Round 1 - we all race the same car. We will start with the slowest round and speed up as we gets closer to the final round! Round 2-5: Your average placement in all races will determine your car selection. Round 2 - Half of the racers, the ones that placed in the top in round 1, will get a slightly slower car. Round 3, 4 & 5 - Average placement in previous rounds determine your car, these round we have 3 groups. Same setup, the better you have performed the slower car you are assigned. How to join? Post in this thread Send me a message on PSN (lann3fors). You may also sign up over at rockstarsocialclub.net List of racers: (19/30 so far) @Lann @Potato @Dodge @omarcomin71 @Spinnaker1981 @djw180 @The_Lady_A @Fido_le_muet @DavidCore89 @Con @Wren @RammsteinDUDE @Crawford1872 @Schumi6581 @Protocawl Joselitoreyes528 (SOFS) racingdevil6050 chuckyrlaw CatManDosa (maybe from round 3)
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    Results, and it congratulations to DC and LadyA in 1st, Ally and Proto 2nd. me and Lann 3rd. Thanks to everyone who took part @DavidCore89 @The_Lady_A 2:58.5 @Crawford1872 @Protocawl 2:59.8 @djw180 @Lann 3:00.9 @omarcomin71 @RammsteinDUDE 3:01.5 @SINISTER120 @Spinnaker1981 3:04.7 Full results in the spread sheet.
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    For once, it wasnt your fault @omarcomin71, I caused the wreck since I was watching Hatch's impressive rule breaking and lost control. We probably should have a meeting and let Hatch know he cant be doing these magics to win.  
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    1:28.091 - Turismo. 1:28.724 - Cheetah.
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    I've been keeping track of the results of horse races in the casino, since they updated it, and this is what I have found. I will update this as I get more data. I think there's enough to be sure of the main conclusion though. It has changed since they released this. The chances of winning by betting on horse one are not as good as they were originally, but you should stil be able to gurantee a profit if you know when not to bet or just make a small bet. Brief explanation of how R* have set this up. 6 horses in the race Horse 1 and Horse 2 always have odds between evens and 5:1 most of the time Horse 1 is the favourite, sometimes they have the same odds Horses 3,4,5, & 6 always have odds of at least 6:1 Main conclusion: If horse1 is evens and ALL other horses have greater odds the chance of horse 1 winning is 0.58, based on 74 races. Other situations horse1 and horse2 have the same odds, chance of horse1 winning is 0.36, based on 28 races horse1 is 2:1, ALL others 3:1 or longer odds, chance of horse 1 winning is 0.48, based on 27 races 27 races isn't a lot so maybe with more data this will turn out to be worth betting on horse1 horse1 is longer odds than 2:1. all others longer odds than horse 1, chance of horse 1 winning is 0.35, based on 40 races I have not bothered trying to calculate the chances of horses at the longer odds winning. So if you only place large bets on horse 1 when it is the clear favourite, i.e. it is even odds, horse 2 is 2:1 or longer, you would expect to make decent money. If horse2 is the same odds as horse 1 or horse 1 is not evens, then don't bet, or least do not put a big bet on horse 1. Either back out (press O) and try again, hoping you get a different race with better odds, or just for fun put a small bet on any horse you like.
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    Yes tomorrow night in Toronto I’m taking my wife to see KISS for her birthday. I’m starting to get pumped for it. I’ve never seen them in concert + they’re in full makeup and dress.
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    All these years we thought we were playing in a non-cheating crew only to find out our leader is a hacker...
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    Must have used some really extra special ammo here. Maybe it was that rare Jedi weed I rubbed on my bullets.
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    Helping @Protocawl with his Casino Missions. While he was with @Smurf keeping  Mr. Cheng safe I hopped into a truck with @punkbish85  and she was anything but safe, lol. Things were going well until she decided we should head to the beach instead.  Good times. I wish I had the before and after chatter in the video.  
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    Con you sleezeball 😂 This whole shebang coulda just disappeared quietly and you go and make a post about it Hope @punkbish85 finds this helpful!
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    Seems @punkbish85 is not very good with predictions. She claimed no one could get her in the exercise area...two seconds later we find out. 
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    One of the many exciting moments during today’s playlist. @Smurf ultimately won the race. Good battle! Thanks @Dodge for letting me host!
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    @Lann I thought it was a pic of someone taking a shit, in reference to the thread title
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    Round 1 of season 3 will be presented on sunday august 18th, one week before we start. Welcome to sign up! Please note the new routine when starting each race! We all park inside the host car and go at 30 sec.
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    Welcome to XDBX, @Twistedsoldier49! You happened to join us at a very busy moment last night, so apologies for the delayed response from the vetting staff! Due to these special circumstances you also got the crew invite faster than usual and without having your RSC stats checked, but that is also done now and everything seems to be in order. Your vetting has now officially started and will finish on the 4th of September. I've added you to the vetting PM, you'll get pretty much all the info you may need from there and can ask any questions through that PM as well. Couple of important things to remember: keep the crew tags active at all times during your vetting period and for daily chatter in the forums we use the Shoutbox that you can find on the bottom right of every page of the forums as a small pop-up chatbox or here on a separate page https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/chatbox/. To be able to use the crew-only Shoutbox, you'll need to have 5 posts in the forums and you can find it from Chat Controls -> Rooms -> Shoutbox. (You'll be able to access the crew-only areas of the forums as soon as your player group is updated to "Unvetted XDBX", which will be taken care of soon.)
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    Thanks y'all. Seems like a good crew to be apart of
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    Not really insane, it just takes some planning and not really much work. Bare minimum method 1. Have all the businesses for the nightclub working and a bunker. 2. Before you go to bed, buy supplies for bunker 3. Go to your apt or ceo office. Start up any regular mission WITH NO TIMER. Put your character watching tv or security cameras. 4.When you wake up, either finish the mission or back out. Buy supplies for the bunker and check production at night club to see if you need to move a worker. 5. Repeat step 3 6. Come home from work and buy supplies for bunker and check night club production. Make a night club sale if you want. Could make a bunker sale, but I wait. 7. Play GTA or repeat step three. 8. Repeat steps 2 and 3. You can have that much in far less than a month.
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    Sorry for my lateness @djw180 Work has been a bit bonkers. With @Protocawl's time considered my best is 01:29.387 in the Turismo -
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    Podcast and Hack..... a.k.a. Dodge and Hatch. Seriously, Hatch was driving in the trees confusing all manner of squirrels and other wood creatures.
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    1:30.400 in a Cheetah Classic. @djw180 I've sent you the screenshot through PSN.
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    So legend goes that @punkbish85 ruined a delivery for @Wren and was feeling so bad about it that for nearly a half hour that's all she talked about...Back at the coke lab I finally got tired of it and offered a very therapeutic solution for her. 
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    @Smurf@SINISTER120@punkbish85 Here's what me and Smurf lived through during that exact moment:
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    I came to bring awareness to the lobby and this is how im treated instead. Ambulances thrown in my face even after I brought the band-aids. People just not right in here.
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    There's a zapp gun in GTA now?🤪😂
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    My cut scene screen didn't add Smurf in here, so I'm sorry he's not in this picture.. but this was hilarious.. @Protocawl @SINISTER120
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    Reluctantly logged on because @JustHatched was playing RDR. Did some hunting and fishing, then Hatch wanted to do some Showdowns. So we did. I'm not sure, but I think the game physics changed a bit. I wasnt just a bullet sponge like I was when it first launched. And the new modes that I had never played before were a lot of fun. Would've been better with all Crew in a PL, but I still had fun. I might play it a little on the weekends to get back into it a bit.
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    Yeah, you can count me in.
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    Oh, it wasn't any better in the other car with me and Smurf! I'll find the clip and upload it, so you'll see what kind of Hollywood production we were filming.
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    The member over at GTAF that is an insider has said that R* has not changed a single thing about horse racing since it was launched. The RNG system used by the game is said to be very complex and every single time you log onto the game your "luck" changes. They said if your luck is bad, restart the game. General consensus is to continue betting on the number 1 because it still wins the most. Best chances are when number 2 is 5/1 and number 1 is anything lower. Players are still making millions from Inside Track. That said, I love posts like these. Good to see players taking to time to track things and figure out the odds
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    Always with the poop huh Fido? LOL!
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    @Fido_le_muet... its my new statue in my penthouse, you can buy it, cost like 90 000 chips and it obviously makes your penthouse very classy. (Heavy edited picture)
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    That's Public Enemy. I have also experienced episodes where the public enemy could have gotten the kill + point easily but a team mate took it. But most often there's not really time to assess the situation and since the the opponent score 3 points if they kill the public enemy it better just to make sure he stays alive and take the kill. I actually find that randoms in that mode go too much after the target. They all want to kill the public enemy and get the points so they just sprint in his direction like headless chickens. Often find myself going for anyone but the public enemy since nobody else is doing it and the team is getting flanked. I mostly enjoy playing the new modes, a heck of a lot better than the old ones though the bar wasn't exactly set that damn high. But yeah, they would be a million times better with the crew 'cause many of them allow for some interesting tactics. Only do races when a daily objective demands it, and I only do the open races. Collisions definitely need to be looked at. Generally I just think that crashing happens too easily. A small rock that lead a huge crash.
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