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    @djw180 @LimeGreenLegend @omarcomin71 @pete2581 @Protocawl @Skorpion @Dodge @SINISTER120 @Crawford1872 @The_Lady_A @Potato
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    Making the draw now. Pairings excluded are Proto & Spin, Me and Spin. So us 3 go into the same pool, rest random. DJ, Proto, Spin ,Ally Lann, Rammstein, Skorp, Schumi The randomise the orders and the teams are @Spinnaker1981 @Skorpion @djw180 @RammsteinDUDE @Crawford1872 @Schumi6581 @Protocawl @Lann Other people very welcome to join, make your own teams or pair up as you sign up. It would be nice to get at least one more team.
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    We got a chance to race the F1 cars in the latest 2Bros playlist and we cannot wait for this racing series!
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    I think contact should be on for those cars. They have kers if you push L3 and with slipstream you can really make some moves. Plus they damage easy if you lose a front or rear wing you're going to suffer, so people wont divebomb so much if they're going to lose a front wing
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    It's all just fun. When someone gets taken out and it's funny, laugh. It's not laughing at the person, it's laughing at what happened. People are always being taken out in contact races, but nobody's doing it on purpose, or racing like an idiot not being considerate of others.
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    Yeah I have been told we don't wait in TNT, so factor that in
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    You and a long gone member, LN, would have gotten along great. He had a very strict sense of humor and hated most every comedy film made. I saw that one in the theater and left wondering what the fuck I just sat through. Subsequent viewing though and I got it and laugh my ass off. When my wife first met me I was sharing an apartment with my brother. We had a cat named, X-Ray Cat. He couldn’t see criminals through wooden doors though. My sense of humor is fucked up and I laugh at pretty much everything. Strongly believe that ANYTHING can be joked about.
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    That was me. On my screen your engine cover came of as you landed the big jump
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    I will try and add all to a schedule, unless someone beats me to it.
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    Thanks @djw180 for the challenge. Congratulations to @Protocawl and @Lann ! I’m happy to have edged out a podium spot.
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    After 3.5 years, my old Moto Droid battery was messing up too often. I don't buy expensive phones! I have laptops for real computing and surfing the net when at home. I got a unlocked Motorolla Moto G7 Power. It was only $199, but I used mt Rewards and got the phone, cover and two screen protectors for less than $150. I don't have phone contracts because I think contracts are good for those that get new phones more often than I do and use the phone for more things than I do. This phone has better speakers for my deaf ass! edit.............Speakers are great for ringing or alerts, but absolutely blows ass for any other use!!!!!!! This may be a dealbreaker!
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    BJJ is the art of folding clothes while people still wear them. Also known as murder yoga. Have fun, and don't give up.
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    C’mon @Con Rod was the kid hung by the bed sheets in the jail cell. Depp played Glen. https://youtu.be/aaGgRabJ0NI
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    No problem dude. Me need sleep anyway... Same
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    I remember hearing somebody saying something flew off my car, I didn't see anything. Two wheels off the road on the last corner & I was done, all the wall riding couldn't get me back on the track.😂🚧🛑🚗
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    Peddle white lightning as a black-market bootlegger in Moonshiners, the latest Frontier Pursuit available now in Red Dead Online. Team up with an infamous distiller to start your own Moonshining business and run it out of the new Shack property. Moonshining takes your Trader skills to the next level and gives you your first business established outside of camp. Not only will you need to source ingredients and produce the goods, savvy Moonshiners will learn the demands of the market and time their shipments to align with the tastes of buyers. With that in mind, Moonshining requires you to have cut your teeth as a Trader, having attained either at least Rank 5 or completed one Trader Sell Mission. Once that’s been achieved, Cripps will get you connected with Maggie Fike at Emerald Ranch, an old hand in the bootlegging business that will help you get your fledgling operation rolling. To run a proper shine trade – not some backwoods Lemoyne Raiders operation – you’ll need a property. Throw in with Maggie to purchase one of five Moonshining Shacks from which you’ll conduct your business. Once you’ve sourced your cook and equipment, Maggie will maintain the homestead’s front upstairs while the art of distillation takes place downstairs. The basement has room for optional expansions including a Bar, space for a band and a dancefloor, with additional upgrades for your moonshining equipment. Your mercantile journey will also offer a new series of Story Missions to take on solo or with your Posse, as Maggie Fike helps you build your business and gets a little revenge of her own along the way. Each mission earns you benefits to propel your business forward, as you eliminate rivals, learn new recipes and establish a steady clientele. Expand your burgeoning enterprise by developing different blends and distributing across the five states. You can also serve patrons directly while entertaining friends by expanding with your very own bar. Like all Specialist Roles, the Moonshiner features its own unique progression path that unlocks bespoke apparel and accessories, equipment upgrades to improve the business, new weapons like the Flammable Moonshine Jug, and a unique ornamental design for the Sawed-Off Shotgun, new Horse Breeds and more. The Outlaw Pass returns with an expanded 100 ranks of fresh rewards featuring all-new clothing and accessories, Role XP boosts during the Club Membership period and Gold gifts up to 40 Gold Bars. You’ll also receive a variety of Offers and Rewards, a new feature in Red Dead Online detailed further below. In addition, the free Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club Membership entitles you to select perks as you accumulate XP up until March 10th, 2020. All Red Dead Online players are automatically enrolled in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club just by playing. For more details on The Outlaw Pass No. 2 and the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club, visit the official site.
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    This is gonna take a bit longer than expected, dev is working on it
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    The recent topics feed under the shoutbox is offline, I upgraded the site and that app (plus others) to their most recent versions and there is a conflict. Should be sorted in a day
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    Ouch. Happened to me last year, when i got out of bed too fast and ran to the bathroom to take a leak. Passed out and smashed my head on something. Then passed out again in the operating room while getting stitches (my blood pressure was dangerously low). I've been peeing sitting down ever since! (they say it's better for your prostate too, at least that's what i keep telling myself to not feel too emasculated)
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    #F28DA5 00 #6A4061 FF #494A71 AA #1C3B60 AA
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    RDR, Star Trek Bridge Crew, Star Trek Online and Ace Combat 7...and I suppose GTA.
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    I've been playing Ace Combat 7 also lately to try to get the platinum trophy, I don't have it yet but when I get bored with campaign runs I hop into some online battles and have been kicked out of more lobbies than I can count for kicking random ass with far less capable aircraft than what they are using.
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    Thinking a bit more about the race events, whatever game they end up being in. I think a 1st place finish should always beat a 2nd place, not matter how big or small the winning margin. Hopefully all teams will be submitting race wins anyway. Same for DMs and other events if we do them.
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    I’ll take the 6 am to 8 am UTC time slot Saturday night Sunday morning. This will be my normal Saturday Night Madness time slot. I’ll host a PL of LTS’s Captures and silly races.
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    Back on Monday and having bought the new discounted off road thing it'll mostly be on the dirt. Offroad and some rallying, mostly
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    Checked last night and races work for me so I'm in.
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    OK final result, congrats to @Banketelli on the win. @Protocawl is second, close with the penalty but definitely ahead of me in 3rd. Banks 51 Proto 54 + 2 DJ 56 I think we have said in the past, if only 3 times then it's just an award for 1st.
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    RDO races, ewwwww. Just leave that game out, lol. Good choice on Bikes and Supers for races because that is all that randoms will go for on a voting screen. This sounds fun so hopefully we get a lot of participation AND that participation actually does their part and participates.
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    As far as I know, there're 5 different solo showdowns; Name Your Weapon, Shootout and Most Wanted in the Shootout Series, Make It Count and Gun Rush in the Elimination Series. There's final standings in all of them but it's only Shootout mode (not the series) where players are ranked after number of kills. In Name Your Weapon and Most Wanted it goes by point. Usually the winner is the one with most kills but not necessarily. The elimination modes are pretty self-explanatory and it'd be hard to do anything with them. The others could work. But since they are not divided up in solo and team, you can't necessarily just jump in and play. It takes some luck. Another thing is, and I don't know if other's have this problem, but I can't get a showdown to load and it's been like that for a while now.
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    This sounds great. I enjoyed these events in the past.
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    Con puts his life on the line as I test his horror film knowledge. From the XDBX Film Podcast Episode 02  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuLqvRBQp3LrlWsgxdsdb6ypaw5SsyVR9
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    I’m more upset I missed the Rosemary’s Baby question. Of course the devil’s son would be born on the sixth month of the year!!
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    I like that aren’t a big fan of comedies. Nothing wrong with that. I’m a silly fuck, so I like almost all comedy situations....except Freddy Got Fingered...pretty sure I didn’t even finish the entire thing.
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    Hangar Floor : Hangar Storage : There is a Cargobob and a Jetsam (i bought it because it's quieter than the Cargobob, it's the gold one)
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    Facility : Weaponized and or Armoured Facility : Thruster, Avenger Bunker : Mobile Operations Center
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    Office 1A : Supercars Office 1B : Sopercars Office 1C : Supercars
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    Arena B2 Utes Left To Right : Slamvan, Yosemite, Sandking SWB, Sadler, Franken Stange Piccador, Komacho, Sadler, Bodhi MC Clubhouse Bikes (of course lol)
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    Arena Workshop Level : RC Bandito Cerberus and Deathbike Sasquatch Imperator and Rat Rod (had no other home)
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    Alto Street : Compacts plus Issi Sport seemed suited here and extra bikes
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    Nightclub B1 : Pounder, Mule, Speedo all fully customized Nightclub B2 : Sports Nightclub B3 : Muscle
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    Thanks for the warm welcome fellas!!!
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    Mowed the lawn with some company, she loves to roll in the newly cut grass. The green sticks for a long time.
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    Got this last night, still to try it out.
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