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    So happy when I found this one I'm going to name her Oli after our oldest dalmatian
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    Results time. Congratulations to Omar & Lann, Spinnaker & Schumi in 2nd, Hatch & Ally 3rd. Thanks to everyone who took part @omarcomin71 @Lann 2:01.270 @Spinnaker1981 @Schumi6581 2:01.765 @JustHatched @Crawford1872 2:02.559 @Beez @djw180 2:06.837
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    I came across an escaped prisoner that asked me for help. I told him I would, only if he helped me feed my pet alligator first. He said, yes.
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    Hey alright! We finally won a challenge together @Lann ! Thanks @djw180 for setting it up, fun track!
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    Woke up far from home, loving it!
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    You can sometimes find rare horses spawning at a location in Saint Denis... Even horses you can't get until way later in the game. You can presumably go there as early as Ch2. I was riding past and saw a weird horse i've never seen before and it turned out to be a Tiger Striped Mustang! Stabled :') Ran by some days later and also found an Arabian. Though i don't like Arabians so i left it be. Some time later i found a amber champagne missouri fox trotter so i stabled that too. https://m.imgur.com/31BJiGp Here's a picture showing where exactly.
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    Every time one of my co-worker speaks is like one of o'driscol. He cranks me all the time and now he keeps me asking whats so funy? Still no guts to tell him ??
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    Looks a lot like Comet. I had my horse’s tail braided so I could spot it easier when near other horses. Plus it makes her look HOT! ?
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    I saved a boys dog in Strawberry, returned it to him and he told me that he had no family and that the dog is the closest thing he has. We chatted a moment more before I jumped on what I thought was my horse. The bastard shouts THEIF and his dog attacked me.... I had to shoot the dog before I died....What I learned, never get on the horse unless you are 100% sure its yours. ?
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    Reading about possible parachuting in RDR2 Online had me look up some data at the time... GARNERIN AND PARACHUTES From Adventures in the Air: Being Memorable Experiences of Great Aeronauts by Wilfrid Fonvielle (1877) During the first French Revolution, ascents were frequently made to celebrate great national events. Indeed, the new Constitution of the French Republic was magniloquently proclaimed to the sun and the clouds from a balloon at the height of 12,000 feet. André Jacques Garnerin (born 1769), the most celebrated of the aeronauts of this period, was a pupil of the physical class of M. Charles. He was only about nineteen years old when he first tried his fortune in the air. His first experiment was made at Metz in 1787. He made a fortunate ascent with a lady of Turmerman, and descended at a distance of nine miles. In 1790 he set out with a simple montgolfiere from the gardens of Ruggieri. It appears that he had attempted captive ascents at the Luxembourg with an air balloon, and that it was partly the success of his experiments which led to the organisation of the corps of military balloonists, of whose fortunes we have given some account. But the accomplished aeronaut was sent on a political mission which prevented him from having any share in the work of that corps. Garnerin's elder brother had rendered Government [p.103] some service, and was rewarded by receiving the appointment of Commissary to the French Armies. Young Garnerin was soon sent on a similar mission. The division of the army that young Garnerin had been sent to inspect was in a most precarious position, and shortly after his arrival was defeated (1793), and Garnerin fell into the power of the English. The latter handed him over to the Austrians, by whom he was imprisoned in the fortress of Buda, in Hungary, where he was kept for about two years. On his return to France he betook himself again to aeronautics, and associated his brother with himself in making great public experiments. In order to secure public interest, he made night ascents in which he carried a lamp to light up his balloon. Garnerin states in his memoirs that while in prison he thought of making use of the parachute for the purpose of escaping. Garnerin and his elder brother subsequently disputed bitterly the honour of inventing this apparatus, which, as we have seen, was years before made use of byBlanchard. Garnerin, however, was the first human being, so far as authentic accounts go, who made the first descent in a parachute. The first public experiment was to have been made on June 15th, 1797, in the garden of the Byron Hotel, now the Convent of the Sacred Heart. The balloon in which Garnerin was to ascend was ready, and he was about to step into the car, when a squall of wind tore the balloon into shreds. The spectators were indignant, and the balloonists had to take to flight to escape the public [p.104] fury. One of the spectators accused the two brothers of swindling, and of extorting his money from him under false pretences, and it was with some difficulty they obtained their liberty on bail. Three days later young Garnerin did make a descent in his parachute in the Gardens of Tivoli.... [Don't want to fill up the page with the text so to continue reading please click link below] Source: https://todayinsci.com/G/Garnerin_Andre/GarnerinAndreBio.htm From the Library of Congress: Technical illustration shows four stages of André Garnerin's parachute: apparatus for inflating a balloon with hydrogen, a balloon in flight, parachute attached to ascending balloon, and parachute deployed in descent This is the pic I found of what parachutes looked like in 1860...I could not find any specific images for the year 1899. Technical illustration shows four stages of André Garnerin's parachute: apparatus for inflating a balloon with hydrogen, a balloon in flight, parachute attached to ascending balloon, and parachute deployed in descent] / Fauchery, del. et sc. Source: https://www.loc.gov/resource/ppmsca.02509/ And here is an article on a parachute accident from 1899 it happened about 22 miles from where i live... Danbury, CT Parachute Accident, 1899 Submitted by Linda Horton Connecticut Air Disasters 1899 PARACHUTE FAILED TO WORK Dangerous Flight of Miss Hasbrook in a Balloon. INCIDENT OF THE DANBURY FAIR She Was Obliged to Remain with the Balloon Until It Finally Settled to Karth---Results of the Horse Racing on Yesterday's Card. Danbury, Oct. 5.---An unusually large Wednesday crowd was in attendance at the Danbury fair yesterday, 8,000 person being present during the day. While the number of fakirs on the grounds is as large as usual there is but little gambling going on. Two or three shoestring gamblers operated during the day but were very circumspect. Several law and order league spotters were on the grounds but did nothing. It is said that the league does not intend to make any arrests. An exciting incident of the day was the perilous adventure of a female aeronaut, who is making parachute jumps. At 3 o'clock Miss Laura Hasbrook made a balloon ascension from the fair grounds. The balloon rose to an immense height. Miss Hasbrook was unable to free the parachute from the big bag and was compelled to ride out the flight of the balloon, which ascended far above the height which hot air balloons commonly reach. The spectators were firmly convinced that the daring young woman would lose her life. The balloon floated over the city to a point four miles from the fair grounds before it settled to the earth. It landed in a tree and Miss Hasbrook was taken from its branches none the worse for her misadventure save for the result of the nervous strait. She made another ascension today. Source: New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 5 Oct 1899 Con Note: The Danbury Fair ran from 1869-1981. Growing up 22 miles away from Danbury, CT the only reason we would travel to Danbury was...their amazing mall. It's called Danbury Fair Mall, and today I learned why the mall is named that...it used to be an outdoors but today the "fair" is just indoors. Here is another parachute story of 1899.... 1899 Hot Air Balloon Flight and First Parachute Jump in Trinidad By Darrell Lou-Hing In 1899, a man rose in a hot air balloon, the launching took place from Victoria Square and then he descended in the Savannah with a parachute! Victoria Square is next to Corbeaux Town (Woodbrook) and is located in City of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Victoria Square has a length of 0.59 kilometres. The New Era Newspaper reported on 8 November 1899 that the “Stickey and Donovan’s Great American Circus” had arrived direct from New York on the 4th November 1899. “Professor” Coby achieved his aim by descending from a Hot Air Balloon by parachute. Donovan’s circus arrived in Trinidad on 4th November 1889 after a performance in the French island of Martinique. They set up in a pasture known as Shine’s Pasture (now Victoria Square) in Port of Spain. “Professor” Colby carried out his first aeronautical operation the following Thursday but as in Martinique the first attempt was aborted, but on the 11th November 1899 the balloon reached a height of 500ft and there was a successful parachute jump. The exploit and song was recalled by Patrick Jones in recorded remissness of past carnival songs made in 1956. His performance is directly related to the Martinique song about Colby’s bravura. Lord Executioner composed an appropriate carnival song/calypso entitled “Colby”. The chorus was: Jusqu’ Colby que le’ badine’nous! Jusqu’ Colby que le’ badine’nous! Colby monte’, Colby descende, Colby tombe’ dans l’eau, Colby monte’, Colby descende, Colby tombe’ dans lan me! Even Colby is teasing us, Colby goes up, Colby goes down, Colby falls into the water, Colby goes up, Colby goes down, Colby falls into the sea. Darrell Lou-Hing is a retired pilot and avid aviation history buff.
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    B II is the right track. You’ll still be learning a lot of the right corners though. Its the M4 and the 2011 M3 GT you’ll be using.
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    I’ll give it a go. I’ll have some time Monday and Tuesday.
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    I'll make a couple runs at it tonight
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    @omarcomin71 you might recognize the car at the :46 second mark. Reading Ice T's RDR2 twitter posts inspired me to hear some of his music from back when I was a kid. Good stuff. Ice T fact: Ice-T served four years in the U.S. Army, was a squad leader for the 25th Infantry Division, and received an honorable discharge.
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    At breakfast I decided to look up my birth date in 1899...and came across newspaper archives and thought I should share them here: https://newspaperarchive.com/this-day-in-history/sep-17-1899-p1/ But I didn't forget about our European members and friends and here is your link: https://libguides.bgsu.edu/c.php?g=227439&p=1507130 These are the "newsboys" of 1899.... At the turn of the century, newsboys were essential to newspaper distribution. While morning editions of the paper were often delivered directly to subscribers, the afternoon editions relied almost exclusively on newsboys to sell. Most of the newsboys came from poor immigrant families and sold papers in the afternoons and evenings, after their school finished. They bought papers at 50¢ per hundred, and sold them at 1¢ each for a profit of half a cent per paper. There were newsboy strikes several years before the events of 1899, including those in 1884, 1886, 1887, and 1881.The last notable strike that the newsboys held against the World and the Journal was in May 1894.
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    Finally, been struggling to keep it to myself I thought the story was truly fantastic, moving and quite emotional at times. I loved how close the group were, but I could see that they were slowly turning on one another. Arthur had tuberculosis, possibly caught it from one of the stranger quests, not sure, but I knew he was going to die, and sure enough he got worse with time. I helped John escape as the money would mean nothing to a dying Arthur. I was glad with my choice as John later went back to kill Micah, but Dutch did it and then walked away, leaving John with the 20K stash, so I'm sure we'll see Dutch again. I did start to hate Dutch, despite thinking he was a great leader of the gang early on. I wanted to kill the snake, even though he did save John at the end, but that can wait. I was happy that a few of the gang had made it out alive and had plans to build lives of their own. By far the best story I've ever played, exceeded my expectations as well. I probably won't play the story again. The way it turned out is the way it'll stay for me.
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    Some pictures of my Arthur
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    I have just taken my first picture with the in game camera.
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