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    Crew love! Some of you may or may not know that last month I was laid off from my job here in San Diego. The company I worked for up and closed its doors without any warning. This was a huge blow to me as I wasn’t sure what to do next. Worry and depression quickly set in. Thankfully I have great family and friends who support me and always have my back. With the belief that everything happens for a reason I looked at this as a new opportunity and have decided to enter the culinary world. I love to cook and find the preparation that goes along with it calming and relaxing. I just want to thank this amazing crew for helping through as well. During this phase where I was unsure what was to come next, Domestic Battery helped me temporarily forget my issues. Even if just for an hour or two at a time, getting together and laughing with crew mates was a great escape. I now am working part time as a food prep person at a morning eatery and am lined up for a kitchen gig at a high end steak house at night. I couldn’t be more excited about these opportunities! Thank you to my online Family! You truly have helped me through.
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    This does not apply to Muscle members (vetted or unvetted) It does apply to all others, In Grand Theft Auto Online there is a feature where in game you will see a pop up saying the someone has asked to join the crew DO NOT ACCEPT OR DECLINE THESE!!! As always someone needs to join the site first and the staff will send the crew invite then. You will see this pop up alot and 99% of those of spam of some sorts or PC/XBox players. A staff member will sort thru these on Social Club and either message the PS4 players to join the website to join the crew and reject the spam and non PS4 players. Thank you for you attention to this..
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    Firstly before getting into anything I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that I have come into contact or played with over the past 9-10 months. I have been suffering with a health condition known as cyclical vomitting disorder for a lttle over 6 years (unfortunately we are yet to discover the trigger/cause)... This has caused me to lose a large portion of my IRL life, however the biggest loss has by far and away been my career which was really starting to take off, with me beginning to get offers of festival stage management and booking roles... Over the past 3 years I had slipped to a low point in my mental health and at times had been considering suicide but over the past almost year you h=guys have made me feel like my old happy friendly self... This is just me getting the daemons out and am really not looking for attention or sympathy i just want to say thank you all.
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    As I've mentioned before, I have a serious alcohol problem. If I start drinking I can't stop and my benders will go on for days. I've even sat on a park bench with super strength lager a number of times. Drinking has successfully ruined every aspect of my life - relationships, finances, mental and physical health, jobs, criminal record. The list goes on. I started drinking regularly when I was 15 which didn't cause any problems. I tended to drink slightly more than my friends but it never got me into any trouble. I began working in a shop with a pub nearby. Every day after work I'd walk past the pub and see all the customers I'd served having a great time in there. Every day. I couldn't wait to turn 18 so I could join them. I thought they all got smashed every night so I did the same. Again for a couple of years this wasn't a problem - I had friends who would often join me in the pub, a girlfriend, a car and a flat. I could just about afford all of this. As I started to drink more I developed an addiction to alcohol. I remember the day I realised I had become addicted. My hands would shake until I had my first drink so I'd often drink as soon as I woke up. In hindsight the addiction had been controlling me long before this point but I didn't realise. Even when I did realise, I didn't care. My friends had abandoned me because of my constant drunkenness and my girlfriend was constantly nagging me about it. I got rid of the girl and didn't care. We had been together for four years but alcohol was far more important to me. As long as I had that I was fine. At this point drinking was no longer fun. I'd drink because I had to. I was physically and mentally addicted to it. I'd go without food so I could drink alcohol. I knew I needed to stop or I'd die but I'd always find an excuse to drink again. When I reached rock bottom I had to move back in with my parents. Whilst I was still drinking there they gradually reduced the amount I had access to so I avoided a formal detox. I was also seeing the 'Crisis Team' at my local hospital every day, an alcohol councillor and my doctor on a weekly basis. They helped me through it and I successfully stopped drinking for 18 months. My parents bailed me out of the debt I had accumulated. I decided to study a degree so took an Access to Higher Education Course at a college and was accepted into a university upon completion. I started working out and was really excited to start my degree and have a fresh start. I made it through freshers week without drinking and actually had no intention of ever drinking again. My birthday was the following week, I'd made lots of friends and we all went out for a meal to celebrate. Afterwards, we went to the pub where I was drinking lemonade. Then a girl brought me a Jaeger Bomb: "Happy Birthday Edd, I got you this. Oh shit! You don't drink. I'm so sorry, I forgot" in her drunken state she left the drink in front of me. I thought, why not? It's my birthday. I'll just drink tonight then stop again. Well, I drank that night and continued for the next two years of university. Again, got myself into £5,000 of debt, pissed everyone off and ruined my physical and mental health. I went through similar recovery and mental health services. Most of which were shit but I participated in an excellent course called Intuitive Recovery. This course has allowed me to say "I'm never going to drink again, and I'm not going to change my mind." A terrifying thought before the course! Anyway, today marks the day I've been sober for 1 year! This time around I have paid off the debt myself and cleared it in October this year. I also stopped taking anti-depressants in September and gave up smoking (using the Intuitive Recovery program) exactly 6 months ago. I still see my GP and a councillor regularly but have been discharged from the other services. The only negative thing that remains is that I've ruined my stomach from excess alcohol. I've been taking various medication for it which hasn't worked so I've been referred to the hospital for further tests. I'm also still somewhat socially retarded but I'm working on that! As you can appreciate, today is a really special day for me and I'm feeling really positive about things. If anyone wants to discuss addiction related stuff I'm open to do that, although I'm not into the 12 step programmes - admittedly they work for many people, they're just not my thing.
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    I am a dad ! My little girl came into the world yesterday evening. She's perfect.
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    How bout a tiny little 4 year bump. I know I haven't been as involved with crew shit as I used to be, but I also know I would have given up on this game long ago if it weren't for you guys. So thanks for that. Not gonna go into a whole big speech or anything, so yeah, that's it. Domestic Battery = good.
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    3 months ago I posted about hitting our first 1,000 posts and now we are getting close to 20,000. Alot of potential and new members have been here since the few of us that got this started and a few of established members moved on, to the crew and those no longer here, thanks for giving the website a solid base of information.
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    ART OF CRIME by Matusware and with a help of ThePeto (UPDATED! RR Edition!) Attention * Read Me First Please * Attention this "game guide" is just a example how to do things, there is maybe better ways to do things and some of the examples are common knowledge, i made this so some new players may have few tips and tricks to know how to survive and maybe learn something and i hope this will help those who struggle everyday in los santos, i will be discussing about missions and i will not go to deathmatches and so on, so this is missions only, guns, vehicles, missions and strategys are just examples how to do things, you may have better ways to do things like faster ways and so on, so im not gonna tell the fastest ways im just gonna give you some tips and tricks, this is not an starter quide but i will be giving hints to were to aim when you are ranking up, this is for those who just cant run in and shoot everything and those who want to do missions with differend kind of way than just steamrolling, BASIC ELEMENTS OF DISHARMONY CRIME AND YOU first you will have a pistol, car and a t-shirt, in missions that translates: You Are Dead, so first thing you want to do is hit the races until you get the body armor and enough money to get better gun than that pistol, like Special Carbine and small garage, after you gained these i recommend that you get yourself an free Annis Elegy RH8 (you get this by making social club account, somebody correct me if im wrong), Elegy A.k.A "Free Nissan" is average vehicle that will give you bit more edge than the cars you get in the start, also light body armor and a Special Carbine will help you with the first missions so this is what you need to live to see another day (and i dont need to remind you that this was just an example), also try to boost your stealth, stamina, shooting, driving and flying skills cause they will also help you to survive FOOD FOR THE TOUGH keep your inventory filled with food, in missions you will lose your health and eating food will return it back, best result is that you are inside a car or taking a cover while eating, this will skip the animation and just heal you faster, food is also essential thing when driving away from gun fight cause you will take alot of damage if you are chased by enemies, so keep the eCola near you TOOLS OF THE TRADE vehicles and weapons you will need on upcoming jobs (missions) or atleast these will help you out so i recommend you will aim to get these Weapons: Special Carbine (or something similar) Micro SMG Sniper Rifle aditional things: Sticky Bombs MG Grenade Launcher and ofc Light Armor (or Heavy Armor depending on your rank) Special Carbine is all purpose gun that will serve you in all places, micro SMG is very important cause its the ideal weapon when shooting from cars, sniper rifle is maybe the important tool you will ever unlock getting targets out from far away point will help you alot, sticky bombs cost alot but taking out target vehicles when you want em with one blow will compensate that price, MG is for heavyer enemies and cleaning up for bigger groups also this will be replaced by minigun in ranks to come, Grenade Launcher is fast and it delivers death only problem is that aiming on targets that are far away is a bit of an problem so learn your ways with this gun, Heavy Armor, it will not save you cause no matter if you bolt a bus on your chest guy with an hoodie will take more bullets than you *BUT* it will give you better fighting chance atleast, Note: always use weapons that have good range cause getting close means greater chance to get killed, for example shotgun is good at close range but sucks at long range, always kill enemies when they are bit away from you if you possible can Vehicles: what you need is something with Speed vs Acceleration vs Mass something that has all of these but not too much and also something with ground clearance, so basicly you need all purpose car with 4 doors atleast (if you have friend(s) and you need to escort an NPC) and with has some sort of control on offroads and on highways *and* that you can hadle in corners too, i recommend: Buffalo its not the fastest car or anything else but it is average car and its good to handle (matter of taste and your driving skill) in missions too much speed will kill you and in offroad super car may serve you poorly but as i said it is a matter of taste and matter of your driving skill, learn to control you favorite car in corners and dont keep your eye on the hood, keep your eyes on road while constantly checking minimap, also its recommend that you get a bulletproof tires and some armor in it, first one is important cause one hit on tires may result failure on mission or atleast decrease your chances Note: this is all what you need when you are alone , further topics will include two players and teamwork (or more, like i said just examples) but if you can do everything alone, go for it ^^ just keep in your mind that knowing your grounds will save your life and if you want to know something about it read the Intelligence Information Below Mission Tactics on this topic so lets continue MISSION TACTICS COMMUNICATION AND TEAM communication is very important when you play with team, cause text message will not cut it, if you want your group to work right you need some sort of an communication, crew with working voice chat is far more dangerous weapon that those who needs to guess what other guy is doing, essence of teamwork is that you all work as one machine, take the roles that you are familiar with like sniper assault and so on and talk your teammates with tactics and listen to theirs so you will always have an clear idea how to work, team that has good communication and teamwork will be very dangerous hit squad and will be worthy foe against rival crews Intelligence Information when you arrive on mission dont go too close on point where you need to be, look around you, what can you see?, is there multiple ways in and out?, can you take targets out by sniper?, what is your point of exit?, can you flank your target? these are few the things you will need to check before just attacking cause it will may solve your proplems quicker and/or save your life, there may always be some advance point where you can get upper hand from your foes also discuss information with your mates and form a attack plan, remember Never run into open areas, check if you have good cover before you move forward also keep in mind that you will need to getaway, so keep your car pointed where you need to go and keep it away from harm but still close enough for you, try mission with just fooling around so you can learn where enemies will come and go, and keep in your mind that Giving Up aint An Option and no matter what, only goal you have is to get the job done, no matter what the cost is, in the end it will payoff more than just quiting on your mates **Next ones will be examples in missions so you will get the tactical idea of how you may do things, feel free to use em and make your own tactics so you can succeed on los santos crime world** Note: missions i use as examples can be done in matter of 4minutes or 20seconds and killing 9 or less but please still keep in mind that these are just an examples and just a way to give some people a hints how to do missions in away that dosent include runing like headless chicken on gunfight, in the examples we are using the tactics that are result of information, good communication and good teamwork Sniper and Assault taking enemies from far before they see you will be sometimes easyer than just walk in and shoot in mission Coveted your job is to get a cargobob and steal a crate, headless runing to the yellow indicator may kill you faster than getting hit by an titan plane, so here how Me (Matusware) and ThePeto are doing it first we check enemies from far and snipe away the snipers first, then we go bit closer other will clear out the landing area while other one is keeping leftside enemies busy as an assault unit and taking em off, this results an free way to the chopper without getting shot in the open area, other will be the pilot while the other will be the backup, if we have shot everybody we will just get the crate and fly away, if there is enemies alive other will stay behind and keep em busy while other gets the crate and flyes away resulting other to be left behind, small sacrafice for the job getting done Smoke and Mirrors (formely known as Loud, Fast and Pinned but has Updated on 30.5.2014) Smoke and Mirrors or shadows and daggers, for example mission im using Rooftop Rumble, sometimes you need be a trickster to get what you want and heres an example this takes atleast two players (you can do this alone BUT remember this is only an example) and two cars, player 1 will go to the bridge behind the building and player 2 will start firing everybody inside from front of that building while covering behind his / her car, player 2 will asisst from the bridge and in anycase player one must be on that bridge there will be two cars coming to the buildings back door and when this happens player 1 will kill them while player 2 is still causing "chaos" on front, when papers arrive and target car starts its getaway player 1 jumps on the car and takes driver out while player 2 makes a getaway from the building, when one of you gets the papers its just smooth drive home Matusware`s Note: there is no tactical value on RR anymore but however it was part of my original Game Guide so i continued to write about it, i hope this helps somebody Decoy Dude sometimes a small sacrafice will make the difference, one of the best tactics is using decoys, keeping 5-O busy on your tail while other one makes the job done and after you are away no-one aint any wiser except that they are missing something and no criminals to take the blame, works also on gang members or rival crew members in Hack And Dash Mission this is good example of Decoy, missions starts and your job is to hack the door and get FIB Granger or FIB Buffalo this is how we use the Decoy Dude Tactics first both will mark a metro tunnel into their maps other one will again use the armored buffalo while other one goes to hack the door, mission says that you must protect team mate while he is hacking, we will ingnore this, front of the door is an bottleneck, if you fill that with cops then you are in serious poop, so what you can do is like this, and this is how decoy dude works, other one goes to hacking and other one goes to buffalo and starts driving a circle, everytime a cop car comes other guy bumps it a little so it gets interested about that annoying buffalo, this results cops to stack up in one pile while buffalo is driving around em, and in somepoint other guy get the FIB Buffalo, and i dont say that take the buffalo cause it is buffalo, no, take it begause its armored and has bulletproof tires, the FIB Granger is like cow on rollerskates, so when other one sees the FIB buffalo disapear from view it is time to drive into the metro tunnels, so other one has clean getaway while other one is the decoy with all the bacon on his butt, when both are in tunnels the stars will go away and you have stolen FIB car without any problems and with a clean getaway with decoy dude.. Hammer And Shield this is similar to decoy dude except you are bulletmagnet and your job is protect you mate with your own life while trying to keep yourself alive most used tactics we use is Hammer and Shield, when you need to steal a van/truck/vehicle (for example) it is better that one guy is coming behind the vehicle with another one, while other one is stealing the vehicle and in many in cases stealing a vehicle missions you will have enemies with cars or motorcycles, so what you want is that one gets the van (for example) and other one gets into the his personal vehicle that he uses in missions, now, while other one is driving away the other one is sticking behind as an bulletshield and if somebody comes with a car or bike, the one behind can ram the car just a bit or the bike, this results that you gain a bit more time to getaway Few Things That Is Good To Know Time and Weather if you can, use noon and clear on missions, you will have clear sight on things and cause the weather is clear your getaway will be bit easyer cause the roads are dry and if you are flying you will not experiance so much turbulence Nation of Ammo remember the keep eye on your ammo levels, it may result an failure when you arrive in mission with only 20 bullets and 30 people to kill, ammo and respect is everything Small Bucks Money is Money, so remember that you can sell some cars on los santos customs in every (about) 50min and races will give you some quick bucks to spend these are the lowest risk ways to do some small bucks other ones are ofc armored trucks and robbing general stores Tools You Need, Things You Buy in first ranks you need to keep things simple, dont blow your money on cars and weapons you need, just buy the things you *really* need and custom the car you *really* use, if try to buy every gun and try to mod 10 cars at ones you will not have money left when you seriously need it, so keep things in order of importance "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women." -Scarface 1983 Keep Calm and Play Fair dont be a dick, be fair and respect your crew mates, cause end of the day in los santos, those guys are the only ones looking for your back, and in los santos you will need all the friends you can get no matter if they are a insane finn *points himself* or just a silent guy with attidute to match *points at ThePeto* No Plan is Perfect keep in mind that no matter how much you plan a mission, no matter what tactics you use, poop will always hit the sabre Turbos cooling fan, so try to keep a "plan B" on your mind Everybody Can Kill You in los santos every npc is deadly so use that cover damn it! Last Notes, Few Words i hope by reading this topic you, the new player on this crew, will have some inside of things to come and you will succeed on your carreer on los santos, all this is based on my and ThePeto`s Tactics that we use daily, we use few guns and we use Matte Black Buffalos (Black Buffalos is our trademark ;D) on missions, we communicate alot by using a skype while on missions so we can plan away what and how to do things, we arent usually in a great hurry when we do missions in about 5min mission is usually over (depending on mission), we gather information about missions and we have abit knowledge about the hiding places on the map and map in general and the advance points, we prefer to have upper hand when missions starts so we can do it quick and clean and if we can..silently.. if we must.. with a bang, so if i may say out loud, we are the crews Department of special affairs that specialises in missions with high success rate ;D Plus we rob armored trucks and stores like no tommorow...*cough* In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity. Hunter S. Thompson This post has been promoted to an article
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    Hey everyone! I was thinking of a way to help Hatch out with website costs as we all know it is not free to have this site. So, with that said, I have created a shirt through TeeSpring with Hatch's approval and they are able to be purchased now. A portion of each shirt will be a profit for the site that Hatch will use to help maintain the site. WHen you go to the site there are several options available including: Regular tagless tee, women's fit tee, and hoodies available in many colors The cost may seem high but remember you are getting an awesome shirt while helping keep your favorite site up and running. We have a goal of 25 shirts so please purchase if you can and share the link. These are available to anyone. The back has the website that with advertising will hopefully gain us more mature members. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you in advance! Here is the link to purchase t shirts and small logo hoodies: https://teespring.com/new-domestic-battery-gaming Link for hoodies with BIG logo: https://teespring.com/domestic-battery-gaming-hoodie
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    Today Mrs. Snacks and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage. It takes a very special person to put up with me for that long. I honestly don't know where I'd be without her.
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    Met @Beez in real life! He’s in San Diego so we met up for some coffee.
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    Most know but some may not that Rose and my business (florist, flower shop) burned back in January and was a total loss, well we are about to reopen with our new building. Opening date is set to October 3rd and we have been quite busy getting the shop stocked with supplies and all the shit needed to get back at it. I will post pics of the inside soon but here is the outside plus a pick of the old shop on fire Old shop
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    I don't really like to talk about it, but I finally mustered enough courage and will yesterday to set an appointment with my doctor today, as things have gotten pretty bad lately. As expected, she prescribed some antidepressants. Hopefully they'll pull me out of this terrible "funk" I've been in for the past few months and bring back some energy needed to start enjoying things again and also help me finally land a job (I've missed several opportunities in the last month or two due to the state I'm in). So if I seemed uninterested or not involved and not participating much in crew activities, that is/was the reason, as I've been avoiding even friends&family and there was hardly anything I actually enjoyed and did not have the energy/willpower for even basic stuff. There was an occasional "good day", but not that many. If anyone remembers, I started a new career last summer (in a restaurant kitchen), which temporarly "fixed" a similar set of issues I was having last summer, but the stress of that particular job meant it was only temporarly and has actually made it worse in the long run. So yeah, that's what I did today and it may sound funny/weird to most, but I'm actually feeling a little proud of myself. (anyone that has dealt with depression will probably understand this small "victory").
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    i once stood on a lego barefoot
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    One of the reasons why I haven’t been around lately... I got married May 19th, to my beautiful wife.
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    Tomorrow we are going to Springfield (state capitol of Illinois) cuz my 10 year old daughter is competing in the state finals for archery. She is pretty good with her bow especially considering it has no sights on it. She is a bit odd when compared to other kids cuz she does better from the 15 meter line then the 10 meter. I think this gives her an edge as other kids her age suffer a bit at the 15. Anyways, if she finishes in the top 5 she will go nationals in Kentucky.
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    Well, I think we can go as planned on this, several crew members made contributions to the site fund and with that the upgrade is pretty well covered as well as a bit set aside for server fees for a couple months. Helps out a lot especially considering my IRL situation. May bump the time line up on doing it cuz I hope to breaking ground on the new shop within 2 weeks.
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    We had a pumpkin carving contest and my team won.
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    The newest additions to the Criminal Masterminds with the help of Rich, Erin and Uber. It took a few too many tries but we finally pulled it off. Once was robbed of the challenge award by Rockstar when Rich, Mousey, Uber, and I finished it the first time and there were a few deaths on a few other attempts.
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    CRIMINAL MASTERMINDS FRONT: Wraignbowgirl LEFT TO RIGHT: ErnYoung, Dodge, Rose (Hatch)
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    At the age of 38, she never gave up the dream. even living on different country speaking another language ( we are from Mozambique ). With all things a Married Woman with kid, house, work and husband ( thats me)
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    Drumroll please...
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    -The XDBX Chronicle #73- Your source for all things Domestic Battery written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched XDBX Social Media - Social Club - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - May's Podcast - Old Married Gamers - RSCnet <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "The News In Ten" - (by PB76) 1Week 3 of Sunday Racing League saw @acdc_sw cleaning up in his Vapid Chino..... four wins and four fastest laps saw him extend his lead at the top of the table. @Fido_le_muet and @RammsteinDUDE did well and finished the week in 2nd and 3rd overall. Interestingly, @Dodge was sitting in 5th overall, despite never finishing on the podium in any race or having a fastest lap. 2Week 4 of Sunday Racing League, @Crawford1872 won the first two races but @DeaD_GooN amassed the most points across the four races with a win in race 3 and 2nd placed finishes in the other 3. The overall standings going into the final week see @acdc_sw leading, with @Fido_le_muet and @Potato close behind. Interestingly, @Dodge sits in 4th overall, despite still never finishing on the podium in any race or having a fastest lap. 3 Crew Challenge 185 was scouring your hotring, and in the absence of previous Kings of the Projects @Banketelli and @Fido_le_muet, up stepped @Potato to take the crown with a time of 2:46.266........All hail King Edward?? Lord @Lann of House Lannister was second (2:48.303), Sir @Dodge of Asshat third (2:50.205). @Schumi6581, @Spinnaker1981, @omarcomin71, @djw180, @Beez & @SINISTER120 also suffered the misery. 4 Crew Challenge 186 is Death streaker.......a solo combat challenge to find who can get the longest kill streak in a death match. Is this a simple case of @pete2581 Vs. @Con, or will a more deadly assassin emerge from the shadows? 5 The XDBX Film Club selected road movies as it’s genre for June, and as expected there were a lot of great suggestions. (Remember, anyone can get involved in any part of Film Club, from nominations to reviews). Con’s wheel of fortune stopped on........ 6 Another couple of episodes of the Old Married Gamers podcast are available to listen to, all the different sources can be found here. In the second last one, @JustHatched reminds us of his love for Chevy, while the latest one features @pete2581 as a victim special guest. 7 @JustHatched will surely have his pa-pa-pa-pa poker face on in the inaugural RDRO XDBX Poker Championship. 8 Some idiot thought @pete2581 was afk and reckoned they’d get an easy kill........ 9 @Lann‘s doggo turned green...... . 10 and one of his cats mistook the LEGO box for the litter tray..... <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Member Report" - Unvetted Members looking to join Domestic Battery - (Be Sure to Note them is you game with them) RammsteinDUDE - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew. None at this time <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Events Schedule" - Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) hosted by Crawford and The Lady A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO. - Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO. - Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - 2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO. **RSVP Reminder: ** RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there. **To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic" If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "PB's DB OG's" - (by PB76) Welcome to PB’s DB OGs.....where we probe some of the crew’s earliest members.......This time, we welcome Danielle and Jesse! So who are you and where are you from? Jesse: I'm Jesse and I'm originally from The Netherlands, but moved to Scotland three years ago to be with Dani Dani: I am Dani and I'm from Scotland. Have you learned any of each other’s languages? Scottish is a notoriously difficult one to learn Jesse: Aye, picked up a wee bit of Scottish in my years here. Struggled a bit with understanding in the beginning. But funnily enough there were TV shows like Still Game that taught me some of the 'slang'. After a couple of years it's gotten a lot easier. Dani: I find the pronunciation too hard to speak Dutch but I understand the main point of most conversations. Most people are fluent in English over there so there isn't a need to learn. I did use Duolingo for a while and I have a few books and CD's so I'll maybe pick it up again sometime. So you guys met through the crew, what are the origins of ‘Daniesse’? Was it a particular playlist or big-rig themed event? Dani: It's hard to pinpoint a specific playlist but the earliest I can remember playing together was a H2H and I thought he was really good at the captures. I was in America when Jesse joined the crew so I unfortunately never got to take part in his vetting. We joined every EU playlist we could so we spent a lot of time together How was that USA trip? Once in a lifetime thing, or do you have plans to go back? Dani: It was fantastic, I would absolutely love to do one of those trips again. Jesse refuses to go to America while Trump is president so hopefully we can think about going after next year . We absolutely have to go to LA and see GTA in real life, it's where we met after all. We will plan a road trip when we have the money and the time, need to visit Hatch and his alpacas as well . Them alpacas though! Would you be tempted to take one home? Dani: Yes, I hear they are very soft. Hatch said his ones are crazy though. His would be What pets do you have? Dani: We have 2 Dalmatians Oli (8) and Dougal (2) Aww! Brilliant photos too. You both have a knack for photography in GTA, and indeed RDR2. Do you have a favourite snapmatic? Dani: That's a hard one, lots to choose from. I do really like this one, but there's so many I could pick. Jesse: A lot of pics I really like, but favourites are these: Classics! What games are you playing these days? Dani: I am playing Conan Exiles, it was free with PS Plus last month and it's my favourite kind of game. I love open world survival games. I was playing ARK before that but I had a little break from playing in between. I'm looking forward to the RDRO updates, hopefully more people will start to play it again. Jesse: I'm about to give Conan a try. Other than Farming Simulator and Minecraft I've not played a lot recently What’s kept you from gaming Jesse? Jesse: Can't really get into anything new. Often tired after work as well, so it's easier to just sit and watch something I know that feeling. Let’s go back in time to the carefree days of your youth.....what did you get up to back then? Jesse: Playing games... Never really done crazy young people things that much, always kinda been old inside what about you Dani? Dani: I have been working since I was 13, my mum owns a store so I worked there up until last year. Like every other Scottish teenager I spent my weekends with my friends getting drunk in fields and the occasional ceilidh, classy! I actually stopped gaming for a long time and only started again when GTAV came out, I went to buy my PS3 then. Did Jesse get your old job? Dani: Ha no we actually work together at a place called Whisky Frames making photo frames from whisky barrels. Jesse works there full time and I work Monday and Tuesday and I'm at college the other 3 days. Jesse can maybe add a bit more about it and maybe some pictures... Jesse: They look stunning! That last photo is brilliant. How much for a frame with that photo? Jesse: At no cost for you, of course I’ll have 300 then please. So aside from gaming, how do you spend your spare time? Jesse: Binge watching series, walking the dogs, camping trips and the occasional woodworking projects outside of work. What is the best series you’ve ever watched? Jesse: For me the n1 is probably the Americans. Love Game of Thrones and am a big fan of scandinavian series :) Dani: Has to be Game of Thrones, although the last season has felt a bit rushed I probably won't ever be so excited about a series again. The US Office is amazing, we are re-watching it just now, don't know how many times I have seen it. Also have to throw in The Americans, a really underrated show with a brilliant soundtrack. What snacks do you have while watching? Jesse: Dani: Oh man, we love snacks. We have been enjoying salted caramel donuts from Costco recently. I know it’s not suitable for tv snacking, but you ever had deep-fried mars bar? Dani: Yes, many times. Delicious! I've also had a deep fried snickers but it wasn't as good. Jesse: Deep fried Snickers wins! Opinions on pineapple on a pizza? Jesse: Pizza Hawaii, yum! Dani: Yes, definitely yes I always knew you two had taste, enough about food for now, it’s making me hungry. Do you both drive? Jesse: we do, yes What do you drive? Who takes on driving duties? Dani: We have a Peugeot 207 and a Ford Transit Courier. Jesse drives everywhere we go. So who’s in charge of the music? Dani: Me of course What do you listen to? What would Jesse listen to if he had a say? Jesse: Very favourite will always be Ben Howard. Others I listen to a lot recently are Dermot Kennedy, George Ogilvie, James Vincent McMorrow, Foy Vance, Gang of Youths Dani: Currently Billie Eilish, Foy Vance, Lana Del Rey and Lewis Capaldi. Is there a song that’s ‘your song’? Jesse: Dani: Ben Howard - Depth over distance, It was the first song Jesse sent to me. Music has been a big part of our relationship, been to a lot of live shows together. Anyone disappointed you when you saw them live? Anyone surprised you at how much better they were live? Jesse: Arctic Monkeys closed the festival we were at last year and we were not very impressed by them. Fever ray, who we only knew from the Vikings tv series intro song, were also there and they pleasantly suprised us Dani: It's funny because we left Arctic Monkeys to see Fever Ray and they were really good. As far as I remember everyone we have wanted to see has been very good live. Sticking with music......any guilty pleasures? Dani: The Disney hits playlist on Spotify Jesse: Can't think of any Nothing wrong with a bit of Disney, do you have a favourite? Dani: Hmm hard to choose... Moana and The Lion King both have a great soundtrack. Would one of those two be your favourite Disney film? Dani: Probably... The Jungle Book was the one I watched the most growing up so it will always be up there as well. What do you make of the newer, live action one? Dani: Didn't enjoy it that much. That just reminded me of Mulan, also a great one . I'm not sure how to feel about live action remakes, I will probably still watch them all. Hey look.....a massive spider on the wall! Which one of you would get rid of it? Jesse: Getting rid of spiders would be me, Dani doesn't like them very much... Dani: I'm terrified of them Even this one?..... Dani: That's pretty cute but I probably wouldn't want it anywhere near me. This one?...... Dani: Haha... don't want to risk posting spoilers. .....without giving too much away, describe the ending of Game of Thrones in one word Jesse: One word for all of the last season: shit Dani: Disappointing How often do you visit The Netherlands? Do you miss it Jesse? Jesse: At least twice a year. It's not so much The Netherlands that I miss, just my family. But luckily they like Scotland a lot so they on average visit about twice a year as well. Do they ever bring any food over that you can’t get in Scotland? Dani: Only at Christmas, pepernoten and kruidnoten. Last time they visited they brought stroopwafels. Most things we like to eat from Holland have to be eaten fresh there... kapsalon, broodje kroket (I have no idea if I'm spelling this right). My favourite thing there is tompouce I imagine everyone will be googling to find out what all those things are. Anyway, back to Crew life.....is there a single event or playlist that stands out for you? Dani: There's so many events that stand out to me, the Big Rig events and Panto Parties were some of my favourites. Thinking of all the old sessions we used to have makes me really excited for GTA6. Jesse: I'm thinking of the same events and of the Airshows. Really hope to get some of those nights again in 6 Are you not expecting any good crew events on RDRO? Dani: Not sure yet, depends what they add in future. It was really fun at first when the crew were all playing but most quickly went back to GTA. What would you like to see added? Dani: I think they are already taking a step in the right direction with the recent announcement. I'm looking forward to the Bounty Hunter/Collector/Trader roles that are coming. Just anything they add that gives us something to do would be good. I don't think RDRO will ever compare to GTAO though. Do you think it’s limited by the fact it’s set in that time period? Dani: I think it's more of a personal thing really. GTAO was the first online game I played and there was all the excitement of joining the crew and meeting Jesse. It's not fair to compare other games to that. RDRO was just a bit too empty, I'm sure it will be great as they add more content. Yeehaw to that!..........one final question, which is right? Dani: OVER Jesse: +1 on over! Correct! Thank you for taking part Dani and Jesse. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun. Cheers and good gaming. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> For Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, PB76 or Fido_le_muet. For Inquiries regarding any aspect of the crew please contact the appropriate Staff Member.
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    -The XDBX Chronicle #71- Your source for all things Domestic Battery written by PB76, Fido_le_muet and JustHatched XDBX Social Media - Social Club - Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Podcast - RSCnet <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "The News In Ten" - (by PB76) 1. Crew challenge 182 was won by @II-Manny-Il and @djw180 with a combined time of 3:34.337. Less than a second separated the next three teams, but it was @Schumi6581 and @DavidCore89 who edged it with a time of 3:37.139, @Unvbomber and @The_Lady_A were third with 3:37.338, @Crawford1872 and @Lann took fourth with 3:37.948 and @Spinnaker1981 and @Beez who took 3:46.712, finished 5th. 2. Crew challenge 183 - Domestic Decathlon finished today......This crew challenge was a point to point race split into 10 sections, with each section having a different mode of transport. This is a slight departure from the usual time trial and...... 3.....@djw180 is looking for other similar courses as well as Ideas for crew challenges that are original and unique, there are a few ideas in the pipeline that need discussing and fine tuning, all suggestions are welcome. 4. Meanwhile......@Dodge has updated Scouring the projects HD for no particular reason, other than a forthcoming SCOURING THE PROJECTS CREW CHALLENGE!!!! When the dust settles, who will sit on the projects throne? #scouringiscoming 5. Sunday Racing League returns this weekend! Round one will be ran in sports classics....Please, please, please let the winner be in a Rune Cheburek with cardboard bodykit. 6. The XDBX Film club have watched Aliens, James Cameron's sequel to Ridley Scott's classic horror film, @punkbish85 watched and posted a review for Alien, Ridley Scott’s classic horror film. Nominate now for May’s genre. 7. The best cars by class topic needs updating and the discussion is ongoing, what are you experiences and opinions on the newer vehicles? How do they compare to other top cars in their respective class? Unfortunately......... 8........@Protocawl is unable to update it in the next couple of weeks as he is away on military exercises (push-ups?), sadly @Beez is also taking a couple of weeks off competitive gaming to recover from an arm injury. Also missing is @Spinnaker1981 See you soon guys. 9. Unfortunately it was a loss in our most recent crew head to head, a mixed playlist against Santa Muerte gang (STMT), they are a good crew who were slightly better prepared than us on the day. We now move on to the h2h against The Van Society (VANS). 10. And finally........It was Easter and the @Dodge family decorated some eggs to make them into XDBX eggs, then put the XDBX eggs into an XDBX egg box and threw them all at an Xbox. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Snapmatic by DJW180) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Member Report" - Unvetted Members looking to join Domestic Battery - (Be Sure to Note them is you game with them) None at this time, - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew. Unvbomber <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "XDBX Events Schedule" - Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) hosted by Crawford and The Lady A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. - Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO. - Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO. - Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. -Flashback Friday hosted by Unvbomber on the opposite Fridays's as Gfred at 7:00PM UTC for GTAO - 2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. - Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO. - XDBX vs VANS presented by JustHatched on May 1st at 7:30PM UTC for GTAO. **RSVP Reminder: ** RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there. **To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic" If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "PB's DB OG's" - (by PB76) Welcome to PB’s DB OGs.....where we probe some of the crew’s earliest members.......Some say this crew member creates his own petrol by crushing dead organisms with his bare hands, and that he invented shoes.....all we know is he’s......... DavidCore89 Let’s begin with an easy one..........What is the origin of your username? It's a name that I originally used as a UK Hardcore DJ from 2010 until around 2013/14. I used to have weekly residency slots on several online radio shows, gained event bookings in southern England and had started to establish myself as an 'up and comer' before deciding that earning money rather than spending it had to take priority. I feel as though that career path isn't completely dead in the water Sounds like there’s something in the pipeline? Maybe towards the end of the year. You heard it here first folks.......So other than music, how else do you spend your spare time? Gaming! Actually, it's mostly work I have an eBay store selling video games and accessories, so that keeps me busy. So Video games are a huge part of your life. What are some of your earliest gaming memories? When I was about 4 or 5, one of my sisters had a Commodore 64 for her birthday, I think the first game I ever played was Paperboy on that. I have some great memories of that game and the C64 What about the first home computer or game console you owned yourself? It was a Sega Master System II and I had it quite a few years after release, maybe '95. At the time it was a big deal as I grew up in a poor area, most of my friends still had the original Master System or NES, if they were lucky! I've still got a Master System II and some games, although not the same one. Were you loyal to Sega after that? Yeah, well kind of After the Master System II, I jumped ship to the SNES which was a much more popular console at the time, with more games available. All of my friends had a SNES, so borrowing games was easy and pretty cool. I went on to own both Mega Drives, Saturn and the Dreamcast. They were all great consoles in their day. I also owned an N64 and Gamecube. So basically I've had the best of both. Since '97 I've stuck with PlayStation and I don't think I'd ever move to something else. Ahh the SNES, what were some of your favourite games for that? Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country were amazing! Best colour of Yoshi? Definitely green ! Good choice. So you’re from Wales, are you a proud Welshman? Very much so! I love my country, although I'm a bit disappointed that I never learned the language. What are the best things about being welsh? The best thing about being Welsh is probably how patriotic the people are. We're a small country with a big heart. Together stronger! Other good things include our glorious coastlines and beaches and the availability of our world-famous Welsh lamb and beef. Defeating England at any sport also makes being Welsh particularly nice The Welsh flag is pretty awesome too.........what sports are you in to? Football and boxing. I'll watch as much of that as possible. Big fan of the Olympics as well. Getting to see sports that I normally wouldn't is quite interesting. Who’s your team? Swansea City. Went to my first game in 2000 aged 11 when we were in the 4th division. I was instantly hooked by the atmosphere, singing and chanting. From then on I would attend every home game and most of the away games with the older dudes. Looking back, it's not really a place for 11 year old kids. I'd have to lie to my mother as she didn't like me going to away games, but I absolutely loved it! I don't go to any games now the club is owned by an American hedge fund trying to asset-strip the club. Do you still keep an eye on their results? How’re they doing this season? Yeah I still keep an eye on them. This season has been abysmal, we're basically playing with last season's under 23 squad after getting rid of the high earners in the first team following relegation from the Premier League Boxing....who have been your favourites? Have you ever boxed? Was a big Joe Calzaghe fan. Joe is a legend in Wales, everyone watched him. Now I enjoy watching Dillian Whyte and Josh Taylor. Both British fighters. I've done some white collar boxing in the past without any training. Since then I have got my amateur licence and started to train twice a week, but haven't had any amateur fights yet. Which other XDBX member would you least like to fight? JustHatched. He looks like he's settled a few bar fights in his time What has been your proudest moment as a crew member? Probably beating DDNL in a crew battle. They are one of the best all-round crews in the world, we put in one hell of a team performance to get the win. Do you still play GTAO much these days? I've done a couple of crew challenges and 1 playlist since October. I used to play every day, but I rarely have the time or willpower to stay awake until stupid o'clock now that I'm the wrong side of 30 It's still a great game though, and I do miss the crew playlists, so I'll try to jump on when I can. Which games do you focus on now? Nothing since finishing RDR2. I've had a lot of things change in my life during the last year, had to grow up and stop living my life like a child, so gaming has taken a back seat while I make up for lost time. I do still buy new and upcoming games, but I can't find the motivation to play. Gaming was always a place to escape reality, I guess it is for others too. However, reality soon told me that there are more important things to focus on. Actually, I do play a bit of Football Manager 19, so I guess it isn't all doom and gloom It would be a shame to see you give up gaming altogether. If you did, would the console end up on your eBay shop? I don't think I could ever part with my PlayStation or give up gaming completely. Have you ever sold something on eBay and felt guilty that some idiot has paid too much for it? I once sold a complete Batman Forever The Arcade Game on PS1 for around £220. Collectors say it's quite rare, but that's a lot of money for a PS1 game. It still had a £19.99 sticker on the case Wow! Anything you regret buying? Loads, but one thing in particular stands out. I bought an ab toner a few years ago and had an electric shock the second I turned it on Didn't fancy giving it another go. What were the last 3 things you googled? PS5. HSBC. Swansea Classic Car Show. When is the Swansea classic car show? If the weather is decent I'll go for a look around. I'd love to have a classic car to show. Maybe one day. Bit short notice for a XDBX euro meet-up. What classic car would you like to own? I'd really like a VW Beetle in black. There's something bad-ass about those. Nice choice. One final question..........You find a portal to the past and have an opportunity to prevent the assassination of JFK, how would you do it? Oh, the portal also transforms you into a domestic cat. I'd replace Lee Oswald's bullets with catnip and do a big turd on his pillow You know, that might actually work Thanks DC, that concludes the interview, do you have anything to add? I've enjoyed the Q&A just as much as I enjoy reading each issue of the XDBX Chronicle. Being gamers, it can be easy to forget that there's a real person behind our GTAO and RDRO characters, but that doesn't happen in this crew. We treat one another with a level of respect that most wouldn't associate with an online gaming community. I think our success and longevity stems from that. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, we all share a common interest. I've been here over 5 years, become 'part of the furniture' and I've met people who I would consider friends for life, and for that I salute you all! Here's to another 5 years. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Snapmatic by KernalHogan) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> "Closing Contemplation's" - (by JustHatched) Spring is here, RDRO is still a "Beta" and GTAO is the same ol same ol. This time of year means less game time for me (and net time as a whole) and I'm not to bothered with that this year because GTA is more routine now and RDR is the same (though I do plan to put in some time with it soon). I guess many of us will lock ourselves into other games for a bit off and on to fill the void, for me it's Ace Combat 7 and I have been thinking of dusting off the Star Trek Online fleet. I suppose if your are doing something non GTA/RDR and there is a crew member or 2 to hook up with in whatever game then please do so, let's keep the gaming side of the community as strong as ever. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> (Featured Video by Smurf) <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun. Cheers and good gaming. <<------------------------XDBX------------------------>> For Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, PB76 or Fido_le_muet. For Inquiries regarding any aspect of the crew please contact the appropriate Staff Member.
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    I dunno if this is an accomplishment but Broughy1332 recently played a Cannon Ball race I’ve made, on stream:
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    Apologies for neglecting the Introductions forum last few weeks, so I wanna make up for it by welcoming anyone that has joined us during that time and congratulate everyone that has already made it through vetting by now. I'm too lazy to dig up all the welcoming threads and bumping them, so welcome @MidNationMeech, @v_prisonbre4k, @Nybaal, @SaulHudson47, @ShortSweetNSassy, @Inferno032698, @SBeezy093, @ConGamePro, @yo_rosta, @starmonkeykiller, @Crawford1872, @Captain_Bill87, @Mijelly, @olbrish and @Lappy03. We most likely wont be gaming together (I'm still stuck on PS3), but I hope you're enjoying your time in the crew and I hope to have a chance to meet you all in game in a few months when I'll hopefully join the PS4 side of crew (fingers crossed). If you get a chance, please pistol whip Hatch for me and ram Dodge off the track for me. Tell them Z says Hi!
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    ME TOO No GTA yet though And no need to fear fellow PS3ers! My PS3 will still get plenty of love
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    Well, I did it finally. $685 later and i own a PS4 with GTAV That includes the $70 online membership I hope my old headset works with this, i spent a fortune already!
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    I am sad that the future will be less mobbing with the PS3 set of XDBX but happy to be able to play with my old friends who moved to the PS4 and all of the crew that joined post PS4 that I've never even played with.
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    Torrid & I just got back from a weekend in Los Angeles/Santa Monica. We went to see the Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, and Venice Beach. It was really cool. It was amazing to see how much detail Rockstar put into the video game. Obviously there are some difference, but for the most part, it's almost spot on. Pics will be in spoiler tags for those of you not on a computer. These are not all of my pictures. I took about 287 pictures and quite a chunk of those are family pictures. I'm just sharing some of my favorites. Hollywood sign as seen from Griffith Park. Some pictures from the observatory: Santa Monica (Del Perro):
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    I became responsible for Crew Vetting back around March 20th 2014. I looked today and found that my very first Vetting PL took place on 4/8/14. Way back when I monitored Vetting using a Spreadsheet Online that Furdog built. Thanks Furdog. It has been 7 months since we started this Vetting Process in XDBX. Im proud to say that we have had at least one member on the Vetting schedule for each week vetting has been around. We have never seen an empty Vetting week in XDBX.
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    Bought this a couple weeks ago. Its a 1991 S10. The guy whom built it passed over a year ago, his daughter has since had it and it pretty much has sat since then. We've been negotiating on this thing for awhile. I know it has a 383 V8, Comp roller cam, Edelbrock Airgap intake, 2 Edelbrock Performer Carbs, 700R4 trans with trans brake, and Ford 9 inch rear. It's a work in progress.
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    Omar recently posted about how his company suddenly closed and left him shocked and unemployed. Well I worked for that same company. I’ve been unemployed the last two months. Between my savings, unemployment insurance and some poker income I’ve been fine the past two months but I’m relieved to say that I am gainfully employed again. I am getting married next April and plan on starting a family immediately after so I’m glad I got this position now. I’ve actually been hired in the same industry I’ve been in the past decade+ by a company that’s bigger and better and my starting salary is slightly higher than what my last company paid me with a much higher ceiling! Another benifet is I will be telecommuting and working from home. I start on Monday Just wanted to share some good news.
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    Been thinking on this for a bit, dunno how many of you know (assuming most do), I left the crew a while back for reasons mostly due to me being ticked off at the world (XDBX included in that world, but lots of other things not PS4 related as well). Fact is I am still pretty well mad at most things around me, I don't see that changing any time quick, but Rose has been in to me to get over shit and move on, and I guess that starts here. So anyways, I sent my request to get back in the crew, guess I will need to revet.
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    We Aussies can seem like a strange lot to outsiders. It's because we generally are very blunt and call things as we see em, usually with some colourful adjectives to enhance the expression of the comment. We love our lingo and love it even more when migrants adopt our style of communication, showing us that they're really trying to be good Aussies. Here's a thread for ALL things Australian, feel free to add your own Aussieisms or just comment on the posts. I'll get it started with some of the new politically correct terminology they'd like us to start using in the workplace... ( fat fucking chance mate, I say )
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    25,000 PvP kills. Only had 41 when I joined the crew.
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    I've been waiting for this one for awhile. Surprisingly, it took less time to get there than the previous milestones, but... I just reached 1,000 Race Wins. Well, 1001 to be exact, but the 1,000th win was six laps of Under the Wing with four other randoms + contact + slipstream + catchup. One guy purposely took me out in the first lap--I returned the favor, pulled ahead, and was in first for the remainder of the race. One of the randoms parked his car and tried to block me during the third or fourth lap, but I took an alternate route and pulled farther ahead. It's been a long ride, but when I first joined the crew, I think I only had about 60 something race wins. Also, I managed to lap an entire field of randoms in an air race earlier. Granted, they all died multiple times, but still...I may not be the worst pilot in all of GTA after all.
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    I asked Santa for a real fire breathing dragon and he said "Be realistic will you" So I said, ok can I please have a girlfriend. Santa said "What colour would your like you dragon?"
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    One year at xDBx today! It's been like a whole new hobby unto itself, more than just playing a video game. It's the first time I've done online multiplayer and I couldn't have found a better group to play with.
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    XDBX News!!! By PB76 and JustHatched ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domestic Battery Bi-Weekly Newsletter June 4, 2015 Issue 52 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crew Social Media: Social Club - Facebook - Twitter THE NEWS IN TEN 1. While R* had our crew name "under review", we spent a short while called Cake battery, a hilariously witty name (at least in mind of the simpleton that changed it). For anyone that doesn't know......the reason for the crew name is explained here. 2. Justhatched has promised that when the site reaches 250,000 posts, He will drive to Dodge's house and duct tape him to the wall. We currently have around 75,000 posts. Expect to see Mrs.Dodge signing up soon and spamming like crazy. 3. Congratulations to LN-MLB, our latest supermoderator, who will join forces with DC to battle against the evil forces of missing search tags and misplaced topics. (It is unknown whether he now wears his underpants on the outside of his trousers). LN also takes up a ps4 events lieutenant role. 4. The PS3 F1 championship was won by Banketelli (which left him needing a new thumb), Fido had to settle for 2nd and GooN held onto 3rd. 5. The PS4 F1 championship got underway, with a total of 11 racers in 5 teams competing for the title (the 6th team, Squirrel_Army and PB76 are mainly there for the champagne-fuelled post-race parties). Desuno won all three races of the opening day 6. Crew challenge 39 was won by Adsyfindlay and Fido (again). Crew challenge 40 was won convincingly by Lann3. 7. A heist team made up of Xyon14, Wecang, Banketelli and Gooner became the latest (and perhaps scariest) ps3 criminal masterminds, a feat repeated shortly after by SeymorScagneti, Adsyfindlay, Davidcore89 and SanAndreasRealOG on ps4. 8. Squirrel_Army is currently working on recruitment video take 2, another montage of crazy crew clips set to JALJ's awesome 'unofficial' theme song. 9. SeymorScagneti commenced the XDBX Tennis Tournament. Time for grunting, fuzzy balls and love deuce. 10. Finally......well done to MoorJC, who becomes our latest 'crew member of the month' ============================================================================================= XDBX PS3 WORLD RANKING: Race - 551(-3) | Rally Race - 883(-11) | Non-Contact Race - 41 (-2) | Parachuting - 232 (-4) XDBX PS4 WORLD RANKING: Deathmatch - 442 (-16) | TDM - 158 (+4) | Vehicle DM - 195 (-10) | Race - 161 (+8) | GTA Race - 974 (-2) | Rally Race - 680 (-17) | Non-Contact Race - 33 (+3) | Parachuting - 35 (+3) | Tennis - 255 (+79) Note, only the items that XDBX is in the top 1,000 are shown =================================================================================================================== XDBX CREW MEMBER NEWS: - New Muscle looking to join XDBX, be on the look out for these folks. b17vic - billysyntax - Dixikid23 - Klarfenbqrg and zadk13l91 - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Vetted Members of the crew. SAPD-Duke, pete_95973, Piejudge, Onmylevel42069, TheBear1988, Gunmanmark, flapstucio, unclecorny and Garbology101 - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Representatives of the crew. Skorpian-AH - Congratulations to the following members on becoming Staff Members of the crew. LN-MLB **Please ensure to "Note" Unvetted muscle members, it could make the difference in them getting vetted into the crew or not. CLICK HERE for details**. **Looking for some GTAO help from the crew? Cotick has and is accumulating all the helpful posts and topics into one thread to assist everyone with their gameplay. CLICK HERE to view the thread.** =================================================================================================================== Video Of The Week by LV_Jag =================================================================================================================== Livestream Of The Week: Wraignbow Watch live video from Wraignbowgirl on www.twitch.tv =================================================================================================================== PS3 Snapmatic Winners PS3 Snapmatic Of The Previous Week by DeaD_GooN PS3 Snapmatic Of The Current Week by silenttigercd Scheduled Events By JustHatched All events shown in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Central Standard Time (CST). PS3 Weekly Events - The Action is Go: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Friday's (9:30PM CST Thursday's) - Host: Beez - Funky Fridays Vetting: Click for details Time: 8:00PM GMT Friday's (3:00PM CST Friday's) - Host: Banketelli - Fired Up Friday: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Saturday's (9:30PM CST Friday's) - Host: MoorJC - Throwback Saturday's: Click for details Time: 2:00AM GMT Sunday's (9:00PM CST Saturday's) - Host: Moorjc - Sunday Racing League: Click for details Time: 6:00PM GMT Sunday's (1:00PM CST Sunday's) - Host: Zmurko - DnR's Hell: Click for details Time: 2:00AM GMT Wednesday's (9:00PM CST Tuesday's) - Host: Dodge/SSRacing - Midweek Playlist: Click for details Time: 7:00PM GMT Wednesday's (2:00PM CST Wednesday's) - Host: Xyon - Domestic Battle Games: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Thursday's (9:30PM CST Wednesday's) - Host: Moorjc PS4 Weekly Events - EU Vetting Playlist: Click for details Time: 7:00PM GMT Thursday's (2:00PM CST Thursday's) - Host: Squirrel_Army - Racing Night: Click for details Time: 9:00PM GMT Thursday's (4:00PM CST Thurday's) - Host: Squirrel_Army - NA Vetting Playlist: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Saturday's (9:30PM CST Friday's) - Host: Torrid - G37/LN Playlist: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Monday's (9:30PM CST Sunday's) - Host: G37/LN-MLB - Screwball Sunday: Click for details Time: 7:00PM GMT Sunday's (2:00PM CST Sunday's) - Host: Squirrel_Army - Sunday Racing: Click for details Time: 9:00PM GMT Sunday's (4:00PM CST Sunday's) - Host: Gunmanmark - Multi Host Playlist: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Monday's (9:30PM CST Sunday's) - Host: JustHatched/LN-MLB - Monday Mayhem: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Tuesday's (9:30PM CST Monday's) - Host: LV-Jag/LN-MLB - F1 Racing Series: Click for details Time: 8:00PM GMT Monday's (3:00PM CST Monday's) - Host: No_Snacks - EU Vetting Playlist: Click for details Time: 8:00PM GMT Tuesday's (3:00PM CST Tuesday's) - Host: LV-Jag - Natural Born Killers: Click for details Time: 2:30AM GMT Wednesday's (9:30PM CST Tuesday's) - Host: Truelife/Seymour - NA Vetting Playlist: Click for details Time: 2:00AM GMT Thursday's (9:00PM CST Wednesday's) - Host: Ernyoung Special Events - FPS Friday Funtacular (PS4): Click for details Date/Time: Friday June 5, 7:30PM GMT (Friday June 5, 2:30PM CST)- Host: LimeGreenLegend - XDBX vs DARK (PS3): Click for details Date/Time: Monday June 8, 1:30AM GMT (Sunday June 7, 8:30PM CST)- Host: Dodge - Endurance Contact Racing AU (PS4): Click for details Date/Time: Monday June 15, 7:00AM GMT (Monday June 15, 2:00AM CST)- Host: ScottyB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Find ALL The XDBX Crew Meet ups Here:PS3 Calender - PS4 Calender - Scheduled Events - Event planning stages Events Planning. - Find Crew Head to Head meetup planning and scheduled Here: Crew Head to Head. ============================================================================================= RSVP Reminder: RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there. - To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'I'm attending' button on the right hand side. You can either click this here or if you look to the bottom left of this page you will see a 'view event topic' hyperlink. This will take you direct to the event details page and you can also RSVP from here, again by clicking the 'I'm attending' button. If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member or Representative. Have you met No_Snacks? By Fido_le_muet Our Bi-Weekly Segment Where We Meet The Person Behind The Controller 1. What's your first name and where are you from ? A: David (Dave). Spent my first 33 years in Victoria (S/E Australia). Now living on the border between New South Wales & Queensland, on the sunny Gold Coast (East coast Australia). 2. When and where are you likely to be found in GTAO ? A: I work from home & don't sleep as much as "normal" people, so you'll find me on at various times throughout the day, quite often at stupid o'clock in the morning, like right now (3:00am). :lol:Typically:4:00am to 7:00am doing a European playlist. (6-9pm GMT)Midday to 4:00pm doing a North American playlist. (2-6am GMT)6:00pm to 2:00am job hopping or free-roaming with whoever's on at the time. (4am-12pm GMT) 3. Answer quickly : First IRL job ? First IRL car ? Favorite meal? Married ? Kids ? A: Apprentice carpenter. Holden Torana (LJ). Roast lamb or beef with all the veggies & gravy etc.Married. 19 years.Two daughters. 16 & 18 years old. 4. What are your hobbies outside of GTAO ? A: Getting involved with my kids sporting activities. Formula 1 (although not so much this year) 5. Favourite video game as a kid ? A: Arcade games when I was a kid - Galaga, Double Dragon, Pitfall, Donkey Kong etc.Console games when I was a bit older - F1 & Gran Turismo, GoldenEye, GTA III. 6. Do you wet the toothbrush of brush dry with the toothpaste? A: Definitely wet. There's something seriously wrong with people who dry-brush. 7. Do you believe in aliens ? A: Not so sure about the "we come in peace" type of alien, but I definitely believe in life on other planets. It could be anything from single cell bacteria to some sort of intelligent being. 8. You just got a superpower! What is it ? A: Hardest question so far. Either the power to pause & rewind time, or the ability to fly. Both would be cool. 9. If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them to experience your culture ?A: Australia is a real mixed bag when it comes to culture.Probably start with a trip to the out-back. Find some kangaroos to ride around on.Then to a game of AFL - Australian Rules Football (real football).Finish the day with a classic Aussie barbecue at the beach with several cold beers (BTW, we cook prawns on the BBQ, not shrimp). 10. Any advice for new crew members looking to fit in ? A: Simply be yourself. You don't need to be a super chatty, funny or skilful player. You just need to be reasonably friendly, courteous & polite.Join other crew members in playlist, random jobs or free-roam sessions. Make the occasional post on the website.If you can do those things, you'll fit right in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Past Have You Mets?: JustHatched, BustyRose, Troysayshi, PB76, DavidCore, Fido, Wecang, Dodge, Furdog, LN-MLB, Locust, Ro9M, Erin, Danielle, Casey, Dead_GooN, Zmurko, Vishesh, G37, Matus, SSRacing, Rumdig, Cotick, Lann3fors, NewsBot, Beez, Banketelli, BrianM, Xyon, PDX96, Wraignbow, Rikster, Offroadmudpunk, LV_Jag, mattymcrae, Onrefne, Profane, ScottyB88, Mailbox_Bomber, DefaultBling, ronin1904, truelife98, skip_rat, Shortround, PapOiteE, Maha, Alchemist3321, Jesse, SeymorScagnetti, Squirrel_Army, TorridLS1, Juve, Haste, JusTokenII, Smurf, GeraldPhoenix, Kudisanga, Adsyfindlay, No_Snacks ========================================================================================== Our crew website DomesticBatterygta.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTA V gamers new and experienced. Currently the record for most members online in one day is (118) on March 12, 2015. Sign in and join the fun and lets see if we can break that record this week! Cheers and good gaming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched, Fido_le_muet or PB76. PS4 Snapmatic Winners PS4 Snapmatic Of The Previous Week by LimeGreenLegend =================================================================================================================== PS4 Snapmatic Of The Current Week by Squirrel_Army
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    Disastrous Team Challenge Results: I wonder how many times the Disasterpieces have been played this week.. Haste & Banketelli 17:14.470 Fido & Lann 17:31.479 Jesse & Ninja 17:42.610 rev & Onrefne 17:57.833 GooN & Dani 18:22.073 no_snacks & Mr. Jag 18:24.526 Ivowul & Seymor 19:09.509 Dodge & SSRacing 19:32.268 zmurko & Pb76 19:44.762 Hatch & Scottay 20:08.020 DC & SwedishWolf 20:15.505 Snake & ScottyB 20:39.889 LN_MLB & Lady Jag 21:39.126 Beez & ErnYoung 22:03.716 Please check your times Congrats to the winners, well deserved! Thanks to all participants! 150 replies (this will be 151) and 2300+ views in one week! I really enjoyed seeing this many members join in on the challenge, the battle for best times, helping each other.. thank you all very much for this
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    I just tell her that she has two choices: 1: Having Sex with me 2: Me playing GTA "alone" For some reason I always end up playing GTA
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    In the spirit of pure unashamed ego boost, I just wanted to share that Pier Pressure II just cleared the 1 million plays mark. For me, this is a huge benchmark, there are many much older TDM's that havent been played as much. It is less likely to reach the multi-million plays level now that R*-verification isn't as big news as it was 9+ months ago. people now have way more choices when it comes to R*-verified content to choose from. It is much more likely to get multi-million plays when the players are choosing from 5 or so DM's vs today when there are 27 to choose from. So to even get into the millions nowadays is a big deal IMHO. Sonuva Beach already cleared the half-million mark too which is a real surprise because I never felt that TDM was as good as Pier Pressure II, yet it appears to be at least as popular so far. It would give me great self-satisfaction to see both clear the 1 million mark.
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