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    ... uuu YEAH-HEH!!! Date of Event: TBC Time of Event in UTC: TBC Does Event Repeat: Unlikely, TBC If Event Repeats/How Often: TBC Event Host: AlCohonez (or other existing event holder if it ends up as a one-off during the usual event times) Amount of Players Allowed: 4 - 16 (max TBC based on final missions selected) Description of Event: A playlist made completely of vehicle-based adversary, versus and custom team deathmatches (?) WHERE YOU GET TO HIT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL, so some intense high-octane action where you get to cover some ground. Potentially also including modes where one team is on foot chased by the other in vehicles, or point to point races with GTA mode on, but I would like to keep these to a minimum. Ideally no modes where you sit in one spot like sumo or rpgs vs insurgents, etc. If interested, please give some recommendations of your own favourite fast-paced, vehicle carnage modes to be included in the playlist. Some examples include: hunting pack (+ remix), extraction, offence and defence, deadline, motor wars, turf wars, air quota, top fun, into the wild, acquire targets, etc. It could be a one-off extra event, or played at a time of a regular event if an existing organiser fancies a change or someone to step-in (and maybe it's own repeating event depending on future interest).
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    We got a chance to race the F1 cars in the latest 2Bros playlist and we cannot wait for this racing series!
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    Con puts his life on the line as I test his horror film knowledge. From the XDBX Film Podcast Episode 02  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuLqvRBQp3LrlWsgxdsdb6ypaw5SsyVR9
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    I second @djw180 I like his category and am too tired to think of one myself...
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    Cunning stunts will be up next week.
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    Comedy is probably the most subjective genre in film because if you don't find something funny then there's not much you can do about it. You can appreciate the premise, like @Spinnaker1981 said, but if you're not laughing, then you won't really enjoy the film. Even before seeing this for the first time ten years ago I knew I would like it because I was a fan of director Chris Morris' previous work on British TV (Brass Eye, Nathan Barley, etc), as well as that of his co-writers for this film, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, who created the brilliant sitcom Peep Show. Re-watching this for the first time in many years I was pleased to see that I enjoyed it just as much as I did back then. I still found the jokes funny, even though I knew the punchlines, I found the premise and the situations just as shocking, and there were parts that I still found weirdly touching. We start with a very arresting image, something that we've seen all over the news for the past twenty years, a jihad video. But we know something is different once Waj (Kayvan Novak) starts talking. "Ey up ya unbelievin' kuffar bastards" in a thick northern English accent, something really colloquial and close to home when you might be expecting a middle-eastern accent, like we've all seen on the news. He is shown to be with his friends and co-conspirators Omar (Riz Ahmed), Barry (Nigel Lindsay) and Faisal (Adeel Akhtar). Waj is mocked for having a replica AK47, and when told that it looks tiny he says that's just because he has "big hands". This opening scene sets the tone of the film perfectly; incompetent terrorists with evil intentions. The next scene, we see Omar at his very normal looking home with his wife and kid, editing his jihad video on his laptop. "They're all bloopers" he says, telling us that they will mess up at every opportunity. This also shows us the confused mentality that Omar has, he wants to attack western values but he clearly hasn't rejected them totally. The next shot is a long zoom in on a mosque from some distance, giving it the impression of surveillance, someone watching them. Then we get shots of a shopping centre that are framed like CCTV camera. We then see Omar at work, security at the shopping centre. He watches cameras all day. This reinforces the sense of surveillance that pervades the film, and really becomes the main directorial motif throughout the film. He gets an email inviting him to a training camp in Pakistan veiled as an invite to a "wedding". This gives his decision whether to go or not a real weight as it's showing that he's making a big commitment like an actual wedding, 'til death us do part. His co-worker, Matt, then asks him, in an unrelated conversation, "where do you see yourself in five years time?" This only gives Omar more to think about, will he even be alive in five years? We then get an establishing shot of what could be any town in the UK, which gets a surveillance style zoom from what seems like miles away right up to the house where the gang are meeting. One of them even says "are they looking at us through cameras?", giving us the first taste of the paranoia that they feel, and which will only intensify. Barry is giving them a lesson on how to stay under the radar, telling them that they should swallow their SIM cards, before demonstrating. This is set-up to something that will pay off in a huge way later in the film. There are lots of moments like that all through the film, something which you think was just done for a one-time gag coming back later in surprising and shocking ways. Omar then enters, telling them that he's been called up. Barry is angry at this, feeling like he's been left out, saying "why didn't I get the call?" to which Omar says "because you don't have an uncle in Pakistan." Because Barry is a convert, born a white British man, he feels like an outsider which, I think, pushes him to be the most radical of them all, like he's trying to prove his loyalty to the cause. This also gives him a sense of self-importance. In the next scene he complains "if I don't come with you to Pakistan, Islam is finished." The rest of the guys then just mock him for not speaking Arabic, probably making him want to act out even more. We're then with Omar and Waj in Pakistan. The establishing shots here show a busy and bustling city full of noise and people, quite a contrast to quiet northern England. Here is where Waj and Omar start to really take this seriously, saying how they'd kill each other if they had to, a decision that Omar will have to make later. Waj's stupidity and child-like naivety is also really shown here as Omar has to explain why they're doing this with an analogy about theme parks. He tells them that blowing up unbelievers will give him the fast pass to the front of the line for rubber dingy rapids. This also makes Omar feel like the dad of the group, something we see a lot of later in the film. They are then seen being driven through a mountain pass in darkness, making them really seem out of place and a million miles from home. When they all set up to pray to Mecca we get another great showing of Waj's idiocy as he can't get his head around the idea that because they flew over Mecca he has to pray to the west. I liked how in this entire Pakistan section only Waj and Omar are shown as being idiots, the rest of the cast play it straight, emphasising how incompetent and ridiculous our leads are. They then see a drone fly overhead. Omar wants to shoot it down, but is told it is too high, another little set up for a joke later. Cutting back to Sheffield is a real contrast to Pakistan, showing that people like Barry are so disconnected from what they're talking about. We see him sitting at a panel talking about Islam where he is being incendiary just for the sake of getting attention. Hearing him speak here really reminded me of Trump. His warped thought process is also shown here. When challenged that terrorist training camps really do exist, which he knows they do, he throws it back at them saying "if they didn't exist you'd have to invent them." He has a real victims mentality, which goes nicely with his outsider syndrome. This is also where we meet Hassan (Arsher Ali), a young wannabe rapper who interrupts the meeting by rapping, before showing that he has a bomb strapped to him. However, it turns out to be a prank, he doesn't really want to blow himself up, something that will come up at the end of the film. Of course, this kind of pointless exhibition is something that Barry would like, so he recruits him, telling him how bad the world has become, "we got women talking back. We got people playing stringed instruments. It's the end of days." In Pakistan Omar and Waj have been left behind at the base, not taken to an important meeting with the rest of the terrorists. They belong more in England than they do here. The locals see them as the outsiders. They talk about God's will and how this is all his plan, they have no responsibility for their actions. They then see a drone, and with it an opportunity to impress the locals. It's flying low enough to shoot down, so Omar grabs a rocket launcher, which gets Waj excited like a kid at Christmas ("fucking yes bro"), and proceeds to fire it the wrong way, back into the camp. Seeing this Waj just asks "is this God's will bro?" something he asks more and more later in the film. Omar tells him "just run away" which had real Monty Python and the Holy Grail vibes to it ("run away, run away"). Barry, Faisal and Hassan are trying to come up with a suitable target for their attack, and we are reminded that these are not people we are supposed to like when Faisal suggests they "put a bomb on a crow and fly it into a tower full of Jews and slags". The contrast in these characters being both ridiculous (bomb on a crow) and hateful (Jews and slags) is a fine line that I think Morris treads very well. It allows you to laugh at these people and not with them, which is an important distinction. Barry then proposes that the bomb the mosque to radicalise the moderates and kick off the holy war. This is exactly the kind of false flag conspiracy theory nonsense that someone like Barry, always on the outside of society, would believe. Establishing shots of the airport again have that surveillance feel to them as Omar and Waj return from Pakistan, planning to lie to Barry to save them the embarrassment. When they meet him Omar starts to say something before Barry interrupts "bollocks. You fucked up." You can't bullshit a bullshitter. He manages to bring him round when he tells him that they've been given the go ahead for their attack. Barry now doesn't care if they're lying or not, he gets to do what he wants to do. Waj then asks Omar "what about them Arabs?" (from the camp they blew up). Omar's manipulative side comes out again by telling him "they were bad...tribesman" leading Waj to believe that he's doing the right thing, God's will. At the end of this scene Barry's car doesn't start first time ("I fixed it myself") setting up an important scene later. At their next meeting, upon hearing of Barry's plan to bomb the mosque, Omar gets angry with him, telling him "my brother died defending a mosque in Bosnia", showing how actions around the world ripple and their effects can be felt in a different country, how the world is a small place. This cements Omar as the serious one of the group, the one with the real drive. This moment of tension is broken by Faisal suggesting "Let's bomb Boots. They sell condoms that make you wanna bang white girls". This is typical of extremists of any religion, blaming others for their own actions, how nothing is in their hands (God's will). Omar dismisses this as being too small scale, not important enough, which will come back later. There is a quick scene next where we see Waj and Hassan dancing to the song "Dancing in the Moonlight". I feel like this is important for their characters as it shows them as normal people just having a laugh. This paints the two as the sympathetic duo of the gang. If there is anyone in this film to root for, or to have any kind of empathy for, it's them. If Omar and Barry are the parents, always arguing, then Waj and Hassan are the two naive kids just going along with what their parents tell them is right. They are just too stupid (Waj) or wrapped up in their teenage anti-authority rapper persona (Hassan) to question anything, yet. There is another very important scene next, where we see Omar's brother, Ahmed (Wazim Takir) visit Omar, because he knows he's planning something. Ahmed is presented as a very conservative Muslim, he dresses in tradition clothing and won't enter the room because Omar's wife is present, he is mocked for keeping his own wife in a cupboard, to which he replies with one of my favourite lines in the film, "it's not a cupboard, it's a small room". Out of the two, most people would assume that it would be Ahmed who would want to perform such an attack on the western way of life, but he is a pacifist. It is Omar, who seems to have embraced the society he lives in, who wants to attack it. This made me think about Omar's motives, why is he doing this? Nothing we've seen in the film would make me think that he has a grudge against society. We've not seen him be abused because of his race or religion. He has a job, friends (Matt, not just his crazy friends), a nice house, a family, and a brother who clearly cares about him. There is nothing special about him. And I think that's the point. He feels so insignificant and impotent that he feels the only way to make a mark on the world, to be remembered, is to do something like this. Sometimes a motive like that can be more dangerous than extremism. The scene ends with Omar and Ahmed getting into a water pistol fight, a childish playact of violence, which in the ends pushes his brother away. Next we see a much darker side of Barry, which comes as a bit of a shock after the comedic outbursts of anger and all of the SIM card and car-key swallowing. He is making a bomb, and as he places each bolt in the bomb he gives it a target, "Jew...gay...gynecologist...innocent bloke, doesn't exist." It's such a sinister scene that really shows the depths of his hatred. He then intimidates Faisal, who is showing some second thoughts about blowing himself up. Barry gets right in his face and says "it is your choice, but you've already chosen to blow yourself up, haven't you?" This cements Barry as the antagonist of the film. None of them are good people, maybe Waj and Hassan could be redeemed if they get out, but Barry is a lost cause, willing to die, and kill, for his idiotic cause. There is some more foreshadowing next as we see Faisal in a field testing out his crow bomb idea. It goes wrong, of course, blowing up prematurely. The scene ends with the frame snap-shotting like someone it taking photos of what he's doing, the feel of surveillance is getting more pervasive the closer they get to executing their plan. We then get shots of the gang, minus Hassan, testing out explosives by blowing up a microwave in a field. This is all shot in night-vision, fireworks exploding white on green in the sky. When they return to the flat they find Hassan dancing with a neighbour, again a bit of normalcy for one of the likeable characters. However, I don't like the character of his neighbour. She leaves at the end after they lie to her, saying they're all gay, saying that they can't be friends anymore. So she's homophobic? I don't see why, or what this is trying to say, and it was all a bit awkwardly done, my least favourite part of the film by far. After she leaves, having seen all of their bomb making gear, Omar tells Hassan to kill her. "I want you to cut her head off and bring it back in a bucket". He then relents, saying "we're not really gonna kill her, are we?" Here, Omar proposes a violent act, but then goes back on his own idea. Here, he was able to do that, but later on in the film this will come back in a less retractable way. Because the neighbour had seen everything they need to move to a new location, taking all of the explosives with them. They all pile in to Barry's car, but on the journey it breaks down (pay-off), with Barry again passing on the blame. He was the one who fixed it, but he says "it's the parts, they're Jewish". He then gives confusing, contradictory instructions on how to run when carrying the explosives, "fast but slow, smooth but fast". This is just showing us his own confused thought process which leads him to such ridiculous conclusions. As they're running to the new hideout we see Faisal running through a field. He jumps over a wall, trips, falls, and blows up. The way they had been messing with the explosives you were just waiting for something like this to happen. When Omar catches up with them he asks where Faisal is, only to be shown a bin bag. Barry tries to play up this mistake as something good, "it was a martyr's death. He took out a sheep, attacked the food supply." Here is where Omar starts to realise that he can't really do this, he's surrounded by idiots, and maybe he's starting to question his own morality. He can't talk around anyone else though, so goes off on his own. He walks past his brother and his friends playing football in the park. He hasn't even got the heart to take the piss out of him properly, saying "you and your boys look like...something stupid." His brother can sense that something is wrong, and asks Omar to talk to him, but Omar feels like he's being condescended to, and storms off to find comfort somewhere else. He gets that from his wife, who encourages him to keep going with his plan. Had he talked to his brother maybe he would have been saved, but his wife and son are just as extreme as he is, maybe because of him, so she can only encourage him to do the wrong thing, which she thinks is the right thing. She says "it must have been God's will for him to get blown up by a sheep", so he has probably been giving her the same manipulative treatment that he's been giving Waj. She also knows that he's the leader of the group, and she is probably proud of that fact. She tells him "if they're going to blow themselves up in the wrong place, you've got to be there to make sure they blow up in the right place". His son even gets in on the act saying "God's in your heart, dad." In any other context this would be a really touching scene between a family, but they're encouraging him to perform a terrorist atrocity. It's a very potent juxtaposition. The next scene, where Omar goes back to the lads to make amends and lead them in the right direction is intercut with night-vision shots of a huge squad of armed police pulling up and preparing to storm the house. Inside, Omar is telling them that they should bomb the London Marathon, an idea he got from his work colleague who is a runner. At one point he tells Waj "you listened to your heart, and you did the right thing", setting up a conversation they'll have later. We then see the police storming the house, but it's Omar's brother's house. We even get to see the "small room" I think this shows that all along the police have been monitoring Ahmed all along. They assumed, because he is a conservative Muslim, that he is the one planning an attack. Before leaving for London, Omar goes to visit his wife at work at the hospital, but she is being talked to by the police, because of Ahmed. Omar pretends to just work there when going up to her, giving her a coded goodbye message, "I've finished my shift now, so I'm gonna take my tea to the top floor". As he walks off she looks so proud, and I felt a mixture of being touched at their relationship, and disgusted by what she's proud of. The gang drive to London, and we get some establishing shots of the marathon preparations, including a couple of snipers setting up on a roof overlooking the route. In a back alley, they lads are getting into their costumes when Waj starts to question what they're doing. "We're doing the right thing, yeah bro?". Omar tells him "what does your heart say" referring back to their earlier conversation, but Waj replies "it says it's wrong Waj, don't do it." Omar then goes into full manipulation mode, telling him that his heart is really his brain in disguise, and his brain is his heart in disguise, so he should listen to his brain, which is really his heart. This just confuses Waj into going along with things, rather than convincing him of the ideology and letting his choose for himself. This scene really made me hate Omar for doing Waj dirty like that. They are soon interrupted by a passing policeman who remarks, on seeing their big furry costumes, "you're gonna die in that gear, lads." There is a close up on Hassan's face when this is said that really shows the inner conflict, and the realisation of what he's actually doing. After the policeman walks off, Hassan runs after him, wanting to be saved. He shouts after the cop "I'm accidentally a suicide bomber," which confuses the policeman, who at first thinks it's a prank, but starts to believe him as he is so intense and panicked. He doesn't get a chance to turn himself in, however, as Barry detonates the bomb with his phone, and the gang run off in the chaos. Omar confronts Barry, saying "you killed him, you took away his choice," with Barry replying "did you give Waj a choice when you told him his heart is his brain." It is here where Omar goes back on his plan. He doesn't want to blow himself up anymore, he doesn't want Waj to blow himself up either, but Waj has run off, so Omar runs off after him. There are several shots of them all running through the streets next, which is a ridiculous image as they are in these stupid costumes. There is also no music, only the sounds of helicopters and sirens, they are being pursued. Waj runs into a kebab shop and takes everyone inside hostage, ironically they are all fellow Muslims. We then get the sniper scene. Omar is dressed as the honey monster, but the snipers are told to shoot a bear, so they shoot someone dressed as Chewbacca. This is a hilarious scene, with some great lines like "is a Wookie a bear?" and "it must be the right target, I just shot it." Omar calls Waj, who answers by saying "Are you in paradise, bro?" Omar tries to un-confuse Waj, who doesn't even think he is confused, because he took a picture of his face, and it's not his confused face. Omar insists "you are confused, I confused you", but at this point Barry tackles him, wrenching his phone away and swallowing the SIM card. But this time, he starts to choke on it, and in a stark lesson on why you never help strangers, a guy walks up to him and gives him the Heimlich maneuver, causing Barry's bomb to go off. Back to Waj in the kebab shop, and the hostage negotiator has arrived. It's Benedict Cumberbatch! Totally forgot he was in this. He calls Waj asking for his demands, Waj saying "I don't have any". The negotiator tries to talk to Waj about girls, saying "you're an arse man, aren't you?" Waj thinks he is being called gay, so he ends the call. During this scene we kept cutting back to Omar, trying to buy a new phone, but getting frustrated by how long it takes before giving up and leaving. He's running through the streets and all he sees is police. He runs into Matt, telling him he's with MI5. He borrows Matt's phone and calls Waj who asks him "tell me what to do, bro?" he is so used to Omar ordering him around he can't think for himself. Sadly, at this point the police storm the place and shoot Waj's one remaining hostage (he let the rest go). The police think they have just saved an innocent man's life, but all Waj can do is look at them and pathetically mutter "I'm sorry lads, I don't really know what I'm doing." Bang. We cut back to Omar, the phone is dead in his hand and we can see the full realisation on his face of what he's done. He's the only one left. Surrounded by police, he turns to Matt and says "tell them I was smiling". He then walks into the nearby Boots pharmacy and blows it up. Earlier he dismissed that as too small and unimportant, just like him. There is an epilogue over the end credits. We see Ahmed being threatened with torture. Matt still convinced that Omar was with MI5. A man from the earlier meeting where Barry met Hassan see on TV saying "the police shot the right man, but the wrong man exploded." We see Hassan freestyling a rap, trying to rhyme "creed" with "died" (di-heed) before Waj insults his musical taste, "with all due respect bro, you like Maroon 5." Then we see several scenes from throughout the movie, but from the perspective of CCTV cameras, reinforcing the idea of surveillance and paranoia that pervaded the film. Finally, we end with a laugh as we learn that the rocket that Omar fired the wrong way in Pakistan inadvertently killed Osama Bin-Laden. To wrap up I think this is a very well made film, at some points it does feel like a TV show, but that's natural since Morris comes from a TV background. The script is still relevant, and, most important of all for a comedy, funny. The main characters were all over the top, except Omar, but I still felt like they were real people, and I felt real conflict in rooting for Waj and Hassan to get out of this situation. I give this a real solid 8/10
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    You and a long gone member, LN, would have gotten along great. He had a very strict sense of humor and hated most every comedy film made. I saw that one in the theater and left wondering what the fuck I just sat through. Subsequent viewing though and I got it and laugh my ass off. When my wife first met me I was sharing an apartment with my brother. We had a cat named, X-Ray Cat. He couldn’t see criminals through wooden doors though. My sense of humor is fucked up and I laugh at pretty much everything. Strongly believe that ANYTHING can be joked about.
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    This is gonna take a bit longer than expected, dev is working on it
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    I've been playing Ace Combat 7 also lately to try to get the platinum trophy, I don't have it yet but when I get bored with campaign runs I hop into some online battles and have been kicked out of more lobbies than I can count for kicking random ass with far less capable aircraft than what they are using.
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    BJJ is the art of folding clothes while people still wear them. Also known as murder yoga. Have fun, and don't give up.
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    @JustHatched are you going to fire up the ps4 and set up a big wheels and air show? Or do you suck?
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    Still a horror fan for the most part. Been enjoying Korean movies like "The Yellow Sea" and "I Saw The Devil" recently.
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    Heck yeah. It will be interesting to see how his taste has evolved over the years, since we live 800 miles away. And although I may be older, he was always the more refined and distinguished one.
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    Been meaning to get in on this for a while.
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    This was Weston-super-Mare's beach at 9am this morning:
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    Not reading this one cause I wanna watch the movie first.
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    @LimeGreenLegend I watched Ad Astra a few weeks ago and gave it a short review already. It wasn’t the best story but it wasn’t awful. Just felt the science doesn’t go far enough in certain places.
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    @Fido_le_muet Brad Pitt does magical things with dog food in Hollywood, enjoy
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    Hosted by @LimeGreenLegend
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    Hosted by @djw180
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    No problem dude. Me need sleep anyway... Same
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    Thinking a bit more about the race events, whatever game they end up being in. I think a 1st place finish should always beat a 2nd place, not matter how big or small the winning margin. Hopefully all teams will be submitting race wins anyway. Same for DMs and other events if we do them.
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    I’ll take the 6 am to 8 am UTC time slot Saturday night Sunday morning. This will be my normal Saturday Night Madness time slot. I’ll host a PL of LTS’s Captures and silly races.
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    RDO races, ewwwww. Just leave that game out, lol. Good choice on Bikes and Supers for races because that is all that randoms will go for on a voting screen. This sounds fun so hopefully we get a lot of participation AND that participation actually does their part and participates.
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    As far as I know, there're 5 different solo showdowns; Name Your Weapon, Shootout and Most Wanted in the Shootout Series, Make It Count and Gun Rush in the Elimination Series. There's final standings in all of them but it's only Shootout mode (not the series) where players are ranked after number of kills. In Name Your Weapon and Most Wanted it goes by point. Usually the winner is the one with most kills but not necessarily. The elimination modes are pretty self-explanatory and it'd be hard to do anything with them. The others could work. But since they are not divided up in solo and team, you can't necessarily just jump in and play. It takes some luck. Another thing is, and I don't know if other's have this problem, but I can't get a showdown to load and it's been like that for a while now.
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    I’m more upset I missed the Rosemary’s Baby question. Of course the devil’s son would be born on the sixth month of the year!!
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    The nominations are in for the 2020 Academy Awards, with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, 1917, and The Irishman all getting ten each, and Joker leading the pack with 11. My predictions for each category is in bold. Best Picture 1917 Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage Story Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite Best Director Bong Joon Ho, Parasite Sam Mendes, 1917 Todd Phillips, Joker Martin Scorsese, The Irishman Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Best Actress Cynthia Erivo, Harriet Scarlett Johansson, Marriage Story Saoirse Ronan, Little Women Charlize Theron, Bombshell Renée Zellweger, Judy Best Actor Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory Leonardo DiCaprio, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Adam Driver, Marriage Story Joaquin Phoenix., Joker Jonathan Pryce, The Two Popes Best Supporting Actress Kathy Bates, Richard Jewell Laura Dern, Marriage Story Scarlett Johansson, Jojo Rabbit Florence Pugh, Little Women Margot Robbie, Bombshell Best Supporting Actor Tom Hanks, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Anthony Hopkins, The Two Popes Al Pacino, The Irishman Joe Pesci, The Irishman Brad Pitt, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Best Adapted Screenplay The Irishman (Steven Zaillian) Jojo Rabbit (Taika Waititi) Joker (Todd Phillips & Scott Silver) Little Women (Greta Gerwig) The Two Popes (Anthony McCarten) Best Original Screenplay 1917 (Sam Mendes & Krysty Wilson-Cairns) Knives Out (Rian Johnson) Marriage Story (Noah Baumbach) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino) Parasite (Bong Joon Ho & Jin Won Han) Best Cinematography 1917 (Roger Deakins) The Irishman (Rodrigo Prieto) Joker (Lawrence Sher) The Lighthouse (Jarin Blaschke) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Robert Richardson) Best Costume Design Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The Irishman Best Film Editing Ford v Ferrari (Andrew Buckland & Michael McCusker) The Irishman (Thelma Schoonmaker) Jojo Rabbit (Tom Eagles) Joker (Jeff Groth) Parasite (Jinmo Yang) Best Makeup and Hairstyling Bombshell Joker Judy 1917 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Best Original Score Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Best Original Song I Can’t Let You Throw Yourself Away from Toy Story 4, Randy Newman (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again from Rocketman, Elton John & Bernie Taupin I’m Standing With You from Breakthrough, Diane Warren Into the Unknown from Frozen 2, Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez Stand Up from Harriet, Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo Best Production Design 1917 The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Parasite Best Sound Editing Ford v Ferrari Joker 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Best Sound Mixing Ad Astra Ford v Ferrari Joker 1917 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Best Visual Effects Avengers: Endgame The Irishman The Lion King 1917 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Best Animated Feature How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World I Lost My Body Klaus Missing Link Toy Story 4 Best Animated Short Dcera (Daughter) Hair Love Kitbull Memorable Sister Best Documentary Feature American Factory The Cave The Edge of Democracy For Sama Honeyland Best Documentary Short In the Absence Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl) Life Overtakes Me St. Louis Superman Walk Run Cha-Cha Best International Feature Corpus Christi (Poland) Honeyland (North Macedonia) Les Miserables (France) Pain and Glory (Spain) Parasite (South Korea) Best Live Action Short Brotherhood Nefta Football Club The Neighbors’ Window Sariahs A Sister
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    @Sucio06 could you make your game stats visible on social club please. Once that check is done I'll get you your crew invite sent, site access updated, and your vetting started.
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    Parasite dir. Bong Joon-ho Parasite is described as a thriller/black comedy, which is true, but it also has the feel of a haunted house story about it. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho and written by Bong and Han Jin-won. It's the story of two families, one rich and one poor. The son of the poor family becomes, through some nefarious means, an English tutor for the rich familie's daughter. From there, every member of the poor family gains employment from the rich family, but they all pretend that they don't know each other. The first half of the film builds up a real sense of tension as they poor family insinuate themselves into the lives of the rich family. Then there is an incredible twist halfway through the movie that kicks off the momentum towards an incredible ending. This is such a well written movie, the characters are all so well rounded, no one is one dimensional. The rich family aren't portrayed as out of touch or snobbish, and the poor family aren't shown as being virtuous just on account of their poverty. The class difference is shown through their attitudes and perspectives. There is a rainstorm at one point in the film, the rich family comment that it was so refreshing for the gardens, and how the skies are always so clear after a storm. Meanwhile, down in the slums, everything has been flooded and there is sewage washing through the streets. The direction and the locations really sell the economical difference too. There is a great sense of verticality to the city, the rich up high and the poor down below, and this is shown throughout the film, especially the storm scene where we watch the water wash down the city. The acting is fantastic all around, particularly the poor father, Kim Ki-taek, played by Song Kang-ho. He really portrays a man who has spent his whole life hustling for every buck. I think I remember @Con saying he tried watching it without subtitles and got boreda short while in. Dude, get a copy with subs and watch it again, this is a brilliant film and rightly deserves all of the Oscar buzz it's been getting. 9/10
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    Will get back to you on this one for m5 related birthday fun, but there will be a PL
  34. 1 point
    Saturday 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST / Sunday 4:00am UTC / 3:00pm AEDT please. I might be able to host something else at another time but won't know for at least another week.
  35. 1 point
    I'll DM you
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    Love the write up @Con, that quote at the end gave me chills just remembering that scene! I see what you mean about the ending, but personally I love not knowing what happened between Winslow falling down the stairs and his final position, it makes it creepier when you let your imagination fill in the blanks. I imagined he just went full on primal, stripping naked and bellowing at the sky in the middle of a raging storm, falling from exhaustion only to have the gulls descend upon him. I've read a couple of interesting theories too. One is that Winslow died early on in the film when he falls while painting the lighthouse, and the following madness is his trip through purgatory. Another theory I really like is that Wake and Winslow are the same person. Winslow is alone on the island, and imagines this tough old father figure to help him, but as he gets madder his imagination gets more hostile, to the point of absolute madness. And you're right about that foghorn, I've been hearing it in my dreams and waking full of dread, covered in a fine film of sweat. The light. The light. is mine. I still feel weird a couple of days after watching this
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    Same here! I thought the ending was cool as I did not see it coming and for a second I was mad but then it made so much creepy sense. Go check out my review since ya already seen it bros.
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    Sherlock Jr. (1924) dir. Buster Keaton Another film from the 1001 Movies book, Sherlock Jr. is a black and white silent comedy directed by and starring the legendary "great stone-face" Buster Keaton in a dual role as a downtrodden cinema projectionist and, in the film-within-a-film, the titular Sherlock Jr. The film has nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes, the name Sherlock is just used to show that he is a great detective. The story is very basic. Buster is a poor projectionist and wannabe detective with not enough money to buy the fancy chocolates for his sweetheart. While visiting her, his rival for her affections steals her father's pocketwatch, pawns it, and frames Buster. Thrown out by his sweetie and her father he returns to work where he falls asleep while a film is playing. In an incredible sequence his spirit rises from his sleeping body and walks into the screen, becoming part of the film. There were parts during this where I have no idea how they did it, it's so impressive. The film he was watching mirrors his real life situation, but with pearls instead of a watch. All of the characters in the film transform into their real life counterparts, with Buster assuming the role of the great detective. Through an incredible series of set-pieces, stunts, slapstick, and hilarious performances Sherlock Jr. solves the case, just as his sweetheart in real life discovers that he is innocent. He is woken by her where she tells him that she knows the truth, and in a really funny and touching scene Buster mirrors the end of the film still playing where the hero embraces and kisses the girl, but in his own inimitable style. You may think that a silent film from nearly 100 years ago wouldn't be very funny, but I was laughing for the entire 45 minutes. Everything in this film is funny, from the big stunts to the small character moments. The main event of all Keaton films are the stunts, however, and here they are jaw dropping. Particularly the motorbike scene where he is sat on the handlebars of a motorbike, but unknown to him, the driver falls off, and we watch him ride a motorbike from the handlebars as he weaves through traffic and in front of trains! In another scene, after running the length of a train's roof, he jumps onto a water pump thing, where a huge spout of water dumps onto his head. He didn't know it at the time, but this broke his neck. Fucking mad lad. I was also amazed by how meta it was. Cinema was still very young, but here we have a film about a film, where the main setting is a cinema, and one of the biggest stars of the time played a projectionist who dreams of being a star. It's an incredibly advanced story for the time. If you're hesitant at watching a film this old, don't be. This is funnier than anything Will Ferrell has ever done. 9/10
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    I have no plan, will work till I die or am a cripple at which point I have made it clear I will sponge off my kids.... Seriously though, farm land is the plan, crops make money most of the time. All you need to do is own the land and get someone to farm it, split the cost and profit 50/50. Right now off the field we have it makes enough to cover taxes and propane for the year and that is a huge thing to for the most part not to have to worry about. By the time I retire my house will be 100% solar/wind powered and will sell the extra power to the power company, and I have no plans to buy new cars ever. SO my plan is more about reducing what I need to earn to cover the bills rather than have to continue to worry about getting more
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    This looks crazy ... hahahaha ... not gonna read too much about it. My initial thoughts are...holy shit, these dudes had the guts to make a comedy around fucking Jihadists. Then I remembered that i will be watching JoJo Rabbit soon.
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    You never saw the first one? The first one isn’t really about the monsters and more about the family. It’s worth a watch for sure, bro. Yes in part 2 they are showing us more of the creature but I trust John Krasinksi, even if the second one appears to be more “campy” than the first one.
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    I never RSVP but when it is TNT I am a permanent fixture.
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    Do whatever, it's your PL Issi classic v asbo would be good
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    Two spots where some protection (from flying off) could be used:
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    I have been stepping into their daily mixed playlist when I can.  This was a TDM with a bunch of players from different crews against a lot of HABA members.  Their playlists are fun and they are clean players for the most part.  Even the people outside their crew that join.
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    I have a solo lobby for Funky Fridays (RDO Edition)!!!!!! Let's have some fun and see how long we can keep it!
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    Lets kick off 2020 with a magical genre... Fantasy
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    Mowed the lawn with some company, she loves to roll in the newly cut grass. The green sticks for a long time.
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