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    I am getting married in April and just 3 days after the wedding my new wife and I will be off to Italy for our honeymoon. Neither of us have ever been. Neither of us have even been to Europe. We will be spending 4 days and 3 nights in Rome. Our hotel and room has a view of the Colosseum! Then we will take a train to Florence and spend two nights there in a beautiful Villa. Then from there we take a train to Venice where we will spend our final 3 nights. So far the only thing we have planned officially is that we booked a Vatican and Colosseum tour with one of the companies that allows you to skip the lines and have your own english speaking tour guide. With these private tours you get access to some spots the general admission tours do not. We are very excited for that. But other than that nothing specific is planned or booked except eat lots of pasta and wash it down with lots of wine and gelato. We will also look into the Gondola experience in Venice of course. Anyone with Italy experience in any of these three areas have any advice, tips or suggestions?
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    Congratulations to Spud in 1st, Lann 2nd and Proto 3rd. Thanks to everyone who had a go. Full results are @Potato 3:42.485 @Lann 3:44.452 @Protocawl 3:47.829 @omarcomin71 3:51.547 @djw180 3:53.270 @Crawford1872 3:53.926 @The_Lady_A 3:58.705
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    I've been to Venice and Florence, but it was over 10 years ago, so a lot will have changed. Both are amazing cities. Venice can be quite expensive and smelly if it's warm and humid. I guess the main thing I'd say is there is a lot more to Italian food than pasta and pizza, and I know you like your food so I'm sure you'll make most of that. Their pizza is very different to British and American. Expect horrified reactions if you suggest putting peperami or pineapple on it.
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    I visited Rome with my girlfriend back in 2013. I was expecting something beautiful and I was not disappointed. You have to visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum/Palatino just next to it. That should be your priority. I see you booked a Vatican tour with line skipping. Well done cause the Vatican line is fucking huuuuuuuge ! When we visited the line was easily 1km long. Luckily we had booked our tickets in advance and it was a great feeling to enter without waiting while everyone else was waiting for several hours Anyway, there is stuff to see at each corner. Temples, ruins, columns, piazza... My favorite spot was Piazza Navona. Other must see : the Pantheon, Isola Tiberina, Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi Fountain (tons of people there, forget your dream picture alone in front of the fountain). Haven't seen it but the big park near Piazza del Popolo with the Villa Borghese is beautiful. The Caracalla Baths are probably worth your time as well. I regret not having the time to visit. And if you have time left and aren't exhausted, cross the river and go to the Trastevere district. About food, the pizzas were OK but not better than what we have here in France. That was disappointing. Pasta on the other hand, best I've ever tasted. I was a student at the time so couldn't spend much at the restaurant but I regret not trying other meals like Risotto. Just lose yourself in the little streets of Rome. Just walk, don't try to reach a destination. Perfect destination for a honeymoon (well after Paris of course )
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    Very nice. Have never been to Italy but spent time in Germany and Hungary. Take your time and enjoy it, Europe is beautiful. Really wanting to go back sometime.
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    Cats on Glass Tables - https://i.imgur.com/sZ8PYF6.jpg
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    I recovered from the bluescreen incident. Went to go sell again today. Struggle alot to get to sell, had to R2 L2 around and stuff. Had recording set to 15 minutes, it took longer and no pic of my starting money. Had 93 different types to sell, one was a cougar. Anyway, the last 71 was caught on tape and added $426,22 to my bank. Set your recording to more than 15 minutes!
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    @Protocawl Up until now: 1:17.3 in Toros 1:17.6 in Contender Its freakin close for me
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    I mentioned during Two Bros that I had a picture from this movie right above my TVs in my man cave. Here it is
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    Congratulations @omarcomin71 & @pete_95973on your excellent Crockett & Tubbs photo, you got the most votes! Second goes to myself for this one inspired from American Graffitti (which I just caught on TV recently). Third is a three way tie between @Pb76, @djw180 and @omarcomin71 Thanks to everyone who participated and voted.
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    Sadly my female corgi Luna Mae passed away this September. We just recently got another corgi puppy and named him Walter. With our other dog Quigley. They even have an Instagram gallery at quigleywaltercorgis.
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