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    XDBX News!!! Issue 64 - January 2018 In case you are wondering, the last newsletter was put out in January 2016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The News In Ten 1 - As we wait for Rockstar to release some content for Red Dead Online we are struggling a bit to get some interesting events for RDRO going. Bear in mind that getting good RDR events running on a consistent basis is one of our top priorities. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later but if GTAO is any indicator the best stuff will come long after everyone is bored with the game. 2 - Domestic Battery's fifth anniversary is on January 28th. Lann and the events hosts are currently working to put a fun list of anniversary events together in both GTAO and RDRO. Stay tuned to the forum for more info as we would love to have maximum turnout on both games if at all possible. And it you don't show up to at least 1 events Omar will round up a group with torches and pitch forks and hunt you down!!! 3 - Speaking of Lann, he heard the Butcher in RDRO is looking for an Employee of the Year. A year long competition to see who can make the most money in a single selling trip to the slaughter house!! And you all thought the JustHatched version of BACCAR racing took awhile !! 4 - If you are only hopping into GTAO for the occasional playlist because RDRO is soaking up your time and don't know what of the newer cars bring to the race then visit the Best Cars thread, Protocawl got us an updated list of Best in Class to save us time and money. Or, if you are like me you could bring a Zentorno to a horse race and still DNF...... 5 - A big thank you goes to Truelife for the time he has spent as a Vetting Manager. He stepped down recently to focus on IRL things. Protocawl who was a Manager without a defined role has taken the spot vacated by Truelife. This will give Protocawl new opportunities to balls something up, but not on a Dodge scale of ballsing it up. 6 - Trying to sort out if your ability is a disability? Several of your crew mates have good advice on RDRO Ability Cards if you are having a hard time figuring them out. 7 - The RDRO Fishing Tournament is underway, but it isn't to late to join in and have a change at winning a website award from the most weight (your 3 biggest fish added together) for the week and overall winner after 5 weeks. Burgermauger took the lead in the 1st week with 56lbs and 3 oz caught in the Dakota River. 8 - If fishing is your thing in RDRO, check out some of ZZTop's and Burgermauger's favorite Fishing Holes, or post up some of your spots so we all can cash in. If only we could just FISH FROM THE DAMN BOAT!! 9 - Got a date night? If you have to put the PS4 away for a bit and watch a movie with your better half but don't know what to watch, then you will be happy to know the great movie reviews by Con have been copied into the Article Database to make them easier to find. Just hope she doesn't pick out a Notebook or Driving Miss Daisy kind of movie.....if you are a female member of the crew disregard what you just read and don't tell Rose I said that....please... 10- Lastly, if you have not visited the website in awhile then you will notice it got a bit of a face lift with the addition of a Homepage. Hopefully it'll make the site look a bit more inviting than just a forum for new potential members. Or maybe it'll hide the forum from Dodge and he'll just go away. (Picture of XDBX by Con) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be Sure To Note The Following Unvetted Members If You Game With Them Aggaran (PSN = skynhammer) / BlackRabbit (PSN = BlackRabbit-78-) / Brainstick / DaRealJstyleZ / Ebon (PSN = Ebontune) / Hernstack / Kudisanga / Manny_AKA_Yolo / Millius / NickStix / p33t0 (PSN = TheRealp33t0) / SGT Air Raid ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Events Listing Monday Motor Mayhem, Mischief, and Merriment (M5) hosted by Crawford and The_Lady_A on Mondays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. Whacked Out Wednesdays hosted by DJW180 on Wednesdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. Thursday Night Thunder hosted by Dodge on Fridays at 3:30AM UTC for GTAO. Brokeback Fridays hosted by LimeGreenLegend on Fridays at 9:00PM UTC for RDRO. Gfred hosted by Potato on every 2nd Friday at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO. 2Bros hosted by Omar and Pete on Saturdays at 9:00PM UTC for GTAO and RDRO. Gunslinger Saturdays hosted by JustHatched on Sundays at 3:30AM UTC for RDRO. RSVP Reminder: - RSVP'ing for an event is very important so that the event host is aware of how many people plan to attend so that they can make the event tailored to the projected lobby size. So if you plan to attend and event please RSVP. Likewise, if you have done so and something comes up and you can not attend please un-RSVP so the host is not expecting you to be there. - To RSVP simply check the calendar for any event that you would like to attend, click on the event and there will be an 'Going' button on the right hand side. To visit the discussion thread for the event you clicked on, scroll down and click "View Discussion Topic" If you have any queries regarding this feel free to ask any Staff Member. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have you met nkaujrog?? (Our segment where we get to know more about our fellow crew members) 1. What's your first name and where are you from ? My first name is Maykou and I currently reside in southern California. 2. When and where are you likely to be found in GTAO and/or RDRO ? You can usually find me in the hair salon doing my hair and make-up or buying new clothes in GTAO. If not there, I'm probably in random missions. As for RDRO, I've not yet ventured into that realm just yet as I'm still in progress of finishing story mode. 3. Answer quickly : First IRL job ? First IRL car ? Favorite meal? Married ? Kids ? First IRL job was an assembler in a stationary warehouse. First IRL car is my 2009 Toyota Corolla CE. Favorite meal is purple sticky rice w/ Hmong sausage and papaya salad. I'm single, never married, and no kids. 4. What are your hobbies outside of gaming ? I used to record vocals over beats about 5-6 years ago, but since it was stolen I've not yet replaced it. I like to cross-stitch, karoake, edit images, and just chill with my family. 5. Favorite video game as a kid ? Killer Instinct Gold on Nintendo64. 6. Have you thrown up in a car? Not yet. 7. Do you believe in aliens ? Not necessarily, but I believe there's "something" out there. 8. You just got a superpower! What is it ? Invisibility! 9. If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them to experience your culture ? A Hmong wedding! Pig, cow, millions of family members, traditional clothing, alcohol, and food! 10. Any advice for new crew members looking to fit in ? Always try something once! Don't be afraid to speak up! We're all here to help one another. Have You Met Dodge? 1. What's your first name and where are you from ? Ryan from Peoria IL 2. When and where are you likely to be found in GTAO and/or RDRO ? Tall Tree or Grizzlies West 3. Answer quickly : First IRL job ? First IRL car ? Favorite meal? Married ? Kids ? Movie Theatre, Plymouth Laser RS, Burger, Yes, and 3 4. What are your hobbies outside of gaming ? My family, and Movies 5. Favorite video game as a kid ? Gran Turismo 6. Have you booze is to much for you? Assuming the question is, How much booze is too much? The only time I recall too much booze was at my bachelor party. The group all bought me shots of 151. That was 12 or 13 shots of 151 lined up. I did them, puked, and nursed a beer the rest of the night. So a dozen shots of 151 is too much. 7. Do you believe in aliens ? I think I do. 8. You just got a superpower! What is it ? Invisibility. 9. If the crew were to visit you, where would you take them to experience your culture ? Some of the coolest things on Peoria are the Riverboat Casino, the Peoria Museum, a Peoria Rivermen hockey game, and a rock solid burger at the Burger Barge. (Picture by Shortround) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The newsletter use to be a weekly thing, then went to bi-weekly. If 1 or 2 crew members would be willing to help out with it we could return this crew feature to a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis. If you think you can handle the Have You Met section or the News In Ten section of the newsletter let JustHatched (me) know. I can't always commit the time to writing but can get what is written coded into email form plus add in unvetted members, events, and double check links. I just need some help to do the rest on a regular basis. Our crew website domesticbatterygaming.com is quite active and is a great resource for GTAV and RDR2 gamers new and experienced, sign in and join the fun. Cheers and good gaming. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions or Comments about the XDBX Newsletter please contact: JustHatched. Parting Thoughts As I was writing this issue of the newsletter I was reviewing some old newsletters tucked away in a corner of the forum and I found a piece I wrote for the 2 year anniversary of the crew which I am copying here as it still hold true to this day as we come up on the 5 year anniversary. "When I started this crew I never imagined it would have ever grown into what it has become. I was merely looking for other people to game with, however I am very happy to have been the spark to the XDBX fire. For many or most of us we would have long shelved GTA if it had not been for this crew to keep things fun and active, I do not know for certain what I would be playing or doing had we not had this crew for the laughs. I/we have made mistakes along the way but the end result is truly a special group of friends, family and acquaintances. We don't always get along but we manage to continue on our path that hopefully sees us thru to GTA6 and beyond. We've developed some of the best players on the game which has given us a great head 2 head win/loss record, we've held countless playlists and events and still continue to find new ways to do things. Thank you for making the last 2 years an experience I will never forget, and while some of the details may get foggy, the route we took to get here will always be with me. Though I've not said it for awhile, I do not consider myself a leader, more of an organizer, all whom have had a hand in building this crew are the leaders who paved their path and mark among us. I'll see you in year 3 and beyond - Hatch"
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    Hey, everyone, sorry for the absence. I had spinal surgery and have been mainly stuck in bed. I tried playing, but the way I have my TV and bed in my room just isn´t easy to play games that require shooting and/or driving... I am far better now, so I will hopefully join you guys on something soon.
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    $313.52 https://youtu.be/GXa13p7Phig Could have more but I had had enough for this week and wanted to see what it was worth. So no last owl at all!
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    Added 20 players (16 earlier), and forced removal of BPH.
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    Tonight I’m gonna eat so much Chinese food that I might die
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    Taking the lead, current employee of the year! Nice sell, must have been hundreds of items.
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    Great job! I see you have the same trouble as I do sometimes when selling. Hitting the sell button and it not selling and not registering.
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    Correct, no limit on how long you spend looking for that last owl
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    These are mine, will update today if I get any better but I doubt I will now. 3 x 8.9 kg = 26.7kg = 58 lb 14oz (the game rounds to the nearest ounce)
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    @Dodge do you have an entry for this week? You said on mic you had been working on it the other day.
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    Amazing! Thankyou all ! Cheers
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    It is worth checking, but it's not the quickest by any means. A fair number of other muscles will kick its butt on a fast track without many technical elements
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    My entries for this round, all caught with worm on the shores of Flat Iron Lake. 9.02kg+8.96kg+8.65kg=26.63kg=58lbs 11oz
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    Welcome to the crew.
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    Hello & welcome.
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    The official WRC licence should be sold to Codemasters for DiRT Rally. In honesty, that's all this game has.
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