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    An animal I was chasing ran into the river. I lassoed it and tried to pull it out but it pulled me in and it just got worse from there. ?
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    A short video made with @Con and @LimeGreenLegend 
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    I was arena war racing in that cool Enhanced suit! I love that thing. Even if my feet are forced into a size 4 boot. lol
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    New outfit fer da girl! Kifflom!!!!!!
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    I think you might be able to sacrifice gold bars and not have to wait for the rank up. Look into that brother.
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    I'll edit the OP with some rules and the dates and lakes rivers tomight
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    Anyone noticed that when you're not making an attempt at this challenge you come across lots of easy kill animals, but if you then go to a nearby butchers to have a go at this and go back to the exact same spot there's none to be found anywhere!!!
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    Damn, I only just saw this, must have been living under a rock, but that's some solid voice acting, @LimeGreenLegend!
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    Final results. Congratulations to Proto in 1st and Omar in 2nd, I was 3rd and Con 4th. @Protocawl 1:18.480 @omarcomin71 1:20.012 @djw180 1:20.883 @Con 1:24.852
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    It just gives you better accuracy, the reason you're not seeing my reticle is because of another setting I changed. I don't recommend doing that though.
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    Id try to beat you but I have a lot of excuses lined up. I’ve only had the game a few days so still learning. I’m very tall so it takes a long time to get brain signals to my hands I’m a lot older with aching muscles, plus my crippled knees struggle to cope with the squats. I have coordination reminiscent of Bambi on ice. I also have the reaction time of a sloth. Have you seen the LIV videos of Beat Saber? The mixed reality videos really show the game off.
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    I thought this would never end, but I could not give up and I could not lose
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    My horse started behaving very strangely when I tried to lead it.
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    Well after a bad session of poker Arthur took it out on the whole gang and the gang fought back...literally.  But who wouldn't be in an antagonizing mood after losing to Uncle!?
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    I thought you had posted your experience with him. ... I really did not know what to do because I was confused as to why I had accidentally shot him when all i was trying to do is get off the horse and hold the R2 to access the action list to give the blind man at least $10. Instead i took out the weapon and since i was holding down the L2, I shot him...I wish I had my mic on cause this is what I said..."Oh fuck, no, no, i didnt want to kill him, oh he is alive cool, wait...what!...motherfucker, you lucky this is my first time in this town and I don't want a wanted level, piece of shit dick."
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    Really not sure if this is a mild spoiler or a PSA, either way, my intentions were amazing and then it happened again, I hurt someone by mistake, but this time...even my horse approved.   Kindness....that is what I will name my gun from now on. 
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    Was it maybe a 2nd hand horse that had previously been trained for dressage?
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