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    I was arena war racing in that cool Enhanced suit! I love that thing. Even if my feet are forced into a size 4 boot. lol
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    New outfit fer da girl! Kifflom!!!!!!
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    I think you might be able to sacrifice gold bars and not have to wait for the rank up. Look into that brother.
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    I'll edit the OP with some rules and the dates and lakes rivers tomight
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    Anyone noticed that when you're not making an attempt at this challenge you come across lots of easy kill animals, but if you then go to a nearby butchers to have a go at this and go back to the exact same spot there's none to be found anywhere!!!
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    Final results. Congratulations to Proto in 1st and Omar in 2nd, I was 3rd and Con 4th. @Protocawl 1:18.480 @omarcomin71 1:20.012 @djw180 1:20.883 @Con 1:24.852
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