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    ... uuu YEAH-HEH!!! Date of Event: TBC Time of Event in UTC: TBC Does Event Repeat: Unlikely, TBC If Event Repeats/How Often: TBC Event Host: AlCohonez (or other existing event holder if it ends up as a one-off during the usual event times) Amount of Players Allowed: 4 - 16 (max TBC based on final missions selected) Description of Event: A playlist made completely of vehicle-based adversary, versus and custom team deathmatches (?) WHERE YOU GET TO HIT THE PEDAL TO THE METAL, so some intense high-octane action where you get to cover some ground. Potentially also including modes where one team is on foot chased by the other in vehicles, or point to point races with GTA mode on, but I would like to keep these to a minimum. Ideally no modes where you sit in one spot like sumo or rpgs vs insurgents, etc. If interested, please give some recommendations of your own favourite fast-paced, vehicle carnage modes to be included in the playlist. Some examples include: hunting pack (+ remix), extraction, offence and defence, deadline, motor wars, turf wars, air quota, top fun, into the wild, acquire targets, etc. It could be a one-off extra event, or played at a time of a regular event if an existing organiser fancies a change or someone to step-in (and maybe it's own repeating event depending on future interest).
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    Time for the results, congratulations to Proto & Lann in 1st, Spin & Skorp 2nd, me and Rammmstein 3rd. Thanks to everyone who took part. @Protocawl @Lann 104.505 @Spinnaker1981 @Skorpion 105.406 @djw180 @RammsteinDUDE 106.842 @Crawford1872 @Schumi6581 109.897 A new challenge, taking on randoms in races and DMs (maybe other events) is about to get started. Probably a solo challenge. https://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/forums/topic/21325-crew-challenge-204-xdbx-vs-the-rest-of-the-world/
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    Making the draw now. Pairings excluded are Proto & Spin, Me and Spin. So us 3 go into the same pool, rest random. DJ, Proto, Spin ,Ally Lann, Rammstein, Skorp, Schumi The randomise the orders and the teams are @Spinnaker1981 @Skorpion @djw180 @RammsteinDUDE @Crawford1872 @Schumi6581 @Protocawl @Lann Other people very welcome to join, make your own teams or pair up as you sign up. It would be nice to get at least one more team.
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    At some point in the last month, I got level 1000! Pretty proud of that. Race wins - 2559 Race losses - 5778, obviously against crew. Players killed - 27.9k Not as good as some, but I'll take those numbers. That's a 31% win pct in races with 8339 races total. My K/D is a bit to be desired at .90. But that most definitely nearly all crew kills and deaths. We all know I'm not an ace at combat. Total Play Time - 152D 8H 38M. Total Race Time - 6D 17H 16M. That's nearly 16 wins per hour! This might be an incorrect stat...
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    OK then, results time. Congratulations to Proto for the win, Lann in 2nd and Omar 3rd. Thanks to everyone who took part. @Protocawl 11;32.8 @Lann 11:37.7 @omarcomin71 11:49.2 @Spinnaker1981 11:55.9 @pete2581 11:57.1 @Con 12:06.0 @djw180 12:15.7 @SINISTER120 12:44.6 Full resuslts in the spreadsheet https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ap5syCuQuxjRiyR6FcuJO_wV5Pcq?e=uEbbhx Thanks to everyone who had a go.
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    Date of Event: Time of Event in UTC: Does Event Repeat: If Event Repeats/How Often: Event Host: Amount of Players Allowed: Special Rules for Event: Description of Event: Any interest in a once a month crew vs crew thing? The idea/draft so far is that each month any number of crews can join. Each crew will get 1 or 2 battles. The number of players from each crew will also be more flexible. The jobs will be a greater mix than the Clash, and they will not all be serious. So overall a very relaxed thing. Could include things like; LTS ”this vs that”, Contact racing, and even Dirty Hotring racing, Adversary modes, King of the hill, and all that old stuff as well. Anyone wanting to help take this forward to see if it could work?
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    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. If you like Kevin Smith films, and I do, then you'll probably enjoy it but it's not his best. The first 20 minutes or so had the feel of a TV comdey sketch that didn't know how to end. Other than Kevin Smith himself the cast (almost all his usual crowd) really show their age, maybe that was part of the point he was making about re-booting old films, I don't know. Matt Damon and Ben Aflfeck looked particularly old, but again maybe that is how they actually look in real life and in this did not have the same make up they would normally have for a film. And Jason Mewes sounded like he was breaking a new pair of false teeth in.Anyway I get the point he was making about lack of originality in Hollywood but if you hadn't seen every other Kevin Smith film you probably wouldn't understand most of it. An enjoyable 90 mins for a £5 rental, but glad I didn't pay the cinema price for this. 6/10.
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    I couldn't possibly let that happen normally, but I can't guarantee my attendance this weekend, so it's all his to balls up I guess.
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    I am in for any team centered around either kingdoms or vikings. Bud or Fosters, not so much.
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    Not trying to discourage you from yet another retirement, but think of how clean a 2500 race win, 20,000 kill, rank 1000 retirement would be!
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    Tonight's races are a mix of different types covering as many classes as possible, not decided on all classes yet. Some clearly not very serious, but a couple are proper racing with the usual XDBX race etiquette. The order is to be decided later then no doubt randomly re-arranged by RockStar anyway. GTA races are pickups only, stay in your vehicle, treat all other road users as badly as you like. Meet up at the Casino race track. 50-50 Afternoon Typhoon - Boats Beachmaster - Tractors * American Mile - oval Clappers Street circuit - street race Cross Town Traffic - bicycles, heavy traffic & contact (of course) Eff The Traffic - Phantom Wedges & Ramp Buggies Escape the Police - GTA G-Force - stunt race Great Turns of Fire - road race Hot Drain Circuit - Hotrings Legion Circuit - stunt track No Room For Error - Jets That Damn Aqua - Blazer Aqua * * customs off, someone please remind me! @LimeGreenLegend are you planning on using any of these later? I have other options I can switch to as some of these are good for 1st person.
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    I agree with that! And I find the premise of the movie very well thought of! I just find the jokes not funny because they take them to extremes of stupidity. A bit less would be a lot more for this movie, in my opinion and only from the first 55min...
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    Today i practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the third time this week and third time ever. I have never tried any such sport before. Bruised but happy trying something new.
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    Fun fact, the kid that played the original Danny Torrance lives in my home town back in Kentucky. He is a teacher and my wife took one of his courses at the Community College. He has no interest in discussing the movie or anything about its filming.
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    My playlist will have a mix of fun races, serious races, serious combat and fun combat jorbs. One is a Nakota dogfight @JustHatched
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    1 week to go @pete2581 @Lann @Protocawl @Con @SINISTER120 My current best in a race is about 25s winning margin. In a combat job it's a margin of 1 kill, and it was only 6 opponents on the other team, although I haven't made many attempts so far.
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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Not really into dinosaurs, ugly fuckers, although this movie was better than I expected. 6/10.
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    Anyone got any DMs done, with 7 or more opponents, 10 mins, no owned weapons? I haven't. @pete2581 @Lann @Protocawl @Con @SINISTER120 Me and Beez attemtped some on Wednesday night and I have just tried now (Sat morning). Seems to me hardly anyone joins when you host, if you go on call then chances are you get put into one with owned weapons, or its more than 10 minutes. Tried quickjoining and it always puts me in a King of Hill rather than a DM. So I think we need to modify the rules. Rather than just (T)DMs it is now ANY R* combat job, so long as the final result screen shows KILLS and DEATHS - so that we can rank it the same as we would rank a DM. It amounts to the same thing, killing randoms in R* jobs, just not restricted to DMs. Be aware you may need to scroll down the results screen to see all the other team if it's a 16+ player job. What I need to see on the screen shot is your kills and deaths and the same for all the other team. Same max 10 minute time limit. Same rules as far as ranking our performances goes. How does that sound? We could maybe allow owened weapn (T)DMs as well?
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    Our film for Oscar season, with a best actor winning performance from Maximilian Schell, is the 1961 courtroom drama Judgment at Nuremberg, nominated by @djw180. Directed by Stanley Kramer (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) and with a cast including Spencer Tracy, Judy Garland, Burt Lancaster and Marlene Dietrich as well as Schell, the film tells the story of the Nuremberg trials, where prominent Nazis and Nazi collaborators were tried for crimes against humanity. As well as the best actor Oscar, the film also won the statue for best adapted screenplay for Abby Mann, and was nominated for nine other awards, including best picture, best director, the films second best actor nomination for Tracy, best supporting actress for Garland, and a host of technical awards. Many of the film's stars took a pay cut to make this film as they believed in it's strong moral message. This is one of the first films to use actual footage of concentration camps, shot by allied soldiers, and presented in this film as evidence for the prosecution. The film was premiered in West Berlin (the balls to do that!) with most of the Germans in attendance leaving in silence at the end credits. I've not seen this film myself, but am looking forward to doing so as some of my favourite films, 12 Angry Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, are courtroom dramas. It is also important that we never forget what the Nazis did, for those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. here in our decision is what we stand for; justice, truth, and the value of a single human being
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    Figured first correct posted answer get to post the next quiz.. No editing your answer What cars are these rears from? 1234 5678
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    Yeah this is the reason I didn’t see it for a few days. I’d sign up but I just don’t have a bunch of time right now to dedicate to it.
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    This is very good film, quite brave of the people involved, I bet many film makers would not go near it. I do find it a little hard to understand at times if something was meant to be funny and I just didn't find it funny or some bits are meant to be more serious, even quite touching in places. e.g. the relationship between Omar and his wife and son. His wife knows he is a suicide bomber, but I'm not sure if his son does. There are some hilarious bits though, Waj making his video with a toy gun, Omar and Waj accidentally killing Osama bin Laden with miss aimed missile, Barry the 'brave' leader happy to send others to their deaths but not so keen to put his life on the line, and the always brilliant Kevin Eldon as the incompetent police sniper killing the wrong person after debating with his colleague whether someone in a Chewbacca costume or someone in a Honey Monster costume is the 'target in a bear costume' they have been told is the terrorist. That last bit might have been even funnier where it not for the fact that the police have made such lethal mistakes in real-life. I live in Sheffield, the city where this was filmed. And I find it very difficult not to pick faults relating to the locations, I just can't help myself. There's lots of locations I recognise, such as a place where I used to work and a place I walk past on my way to work now. We see Omar on tram watching a TV screen, they don't have those on Sheffield trams and given he is on his way to work, at Meadowhall shopping centre, he is also clearly on the wrong tram line! There's other things as well, but of course 'accuracy' of the locations does not really matter because, as far as I recall, they never say the story is based in Sheffield. But the one thing I do think matters a bit is them using the Sheffield half-marathon to shoot the scenes that are supposed to be the London marathon. Anyway, I enjoyed watching it again. I'll give it 7/10.
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    By 330am I’ll be a wad of shit but I’m going to do my best to stay awake so hope to see you there. Feel better in the meantime.
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    I nominate My Left Foot with Daniel Day Lewis.
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    You can still watch it and post a review in the existing thread for this film. That would be cool.
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    We've already done that film It was literally the first one we did!
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    I accidentally watched this a few years back. Lmao. What had happened was, I was looking for The Disaster Artist (2018) and the stream service played The Artist (2011) I watched a few minutes waiting for James Franco and the color to arrive and it never did. I was pissed but intrigued at this B&W film, but had zero interest in watching it. A few days later, I gave the search another try and once again it played The Artist but this time I ended up watching the whole thing. I do remember liking it despite the B&W and silent format. This is the first time someone mentions it here and is why I never had shared that story before.
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    The Personal History of David Copperfield dir. Armando Iannucci The Personal History of David Copperfield is a period comedy film based on the Charles Dickens book and directed and co-written by Armando Iannucci (I'm Alan Partridge, Veep, The Death of Stalin). It stars Dev Patel as Copperfield, with a supporting cast of fantastic actors including Hugh Laurie, Tilda Swinton, Paul Whitehouse and my personal favourite Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. They all play characters in this film, no one feels like a real person, but here that's not a bad thing. That's how Dickens wrote his books, everyone was over the top to emphasise their characteristics. Except for Patel as Copperfield. He is brilliant in this film, giving a real grounded performance despite all of the madness around him and helping the audience to accept the madness. The plot is the story of David Copperfield's life, as told by Copperfield. He goes from riches to rags to riches to rags to riches again, and I really felt all of the highs and lows along with him. The script is peppy and feels modern, despite being based on Victorian literature, and the set design is full of colour, the opposite of what you think of when you think of this period in history. The direction is also lively and inventive, some surreal imagery and fourth-wall breaking kept me engaged for the duration. It's also very funny, which is a good thing since it's a comedy. I particularly loved Benedict Wong as Mr. Wickfield, an accountant always looking for a drink, and Tilda Swinton as Betsey Trotwood, Copperfield's aunt, who is constantly plagued by people riding donkeys through her garden and can't stand it. I would recommend this film to anyone who wants a laugh, wants to see some madcap characters with brilliant dialogue, and who wants a bit of heart and warmth from their main character. 8/10
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    Judgement at Nuremberg, with Maximilian Schell wining best actor at the 34th awards.
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    Then I nominate the only french actor to ever won this award : Jean Dujardin in The Artist
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    I’ll spin that wheel later for sure.
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    2325 race wins. 18,202 kills. Rank 981. Character retirement (for real). Really hoped to hit rank 1k before finishing but it is what it is.
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    Maybe an Overtime Rumble? They’re double money right now.
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    nice post @Fido_le_muet, I recently watched all of his films too. I won't write any reviews, but here's my personal ranking. (I'm not gonna score them, for me they're all at least 8/10, except Deathproof, and I'm counting Kill Bill as one film, because Tarantino does, and I can't watch Vol. 1 without watching Vol. 2 right after). 1. Jackie Brown 2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. Pulp Fiction 5. The Hateful Eight 6. Kill Bill 7. Inglourious Basterds 8. Django Unchained 9. Deathproof
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    The Mrs and I are rewatching almost all of Tarantino's filmography in order. Last one we saw was Deathproof. Pulp Fiction The best to start. A well deserved Palme d'Or at the Cannes Festival. I love everything about this film. The movie is cut in chapters that are not shown chronologically. This is cool cause you know what's gonna happen later on and how the characters got there. But at the same time, you wonder if you're gonna see what happened before a certain scene. The thing is you can't know and that's very cool . The characters are awesome. I mean have you seen Vincent Vega ? That guy looks so dumb the entire movie. He just walks around with Jules looking dumb. But he's awesome nonetheless. Love when is on screen. Great acting from John Travolta. And Jules ? Bad motherfucker indeed. So charismatic ! SLJ is the best. Probably my favorite actor ever. The way he delivers his lines ! He is helped by fantastic writing, as usual in Tarantino movies. Anyway we go back and forth and watch these scenes focusing on Jules, Vincent and boxer Butch. Their stories revolve around one another and around Marselus Wallace, a gangster. Every cast member is amazing. The music is fantastic. The dialogues are now known by everyone who's ever watched a movie. It is a cult classic and a masterpiece. No need to say more, I'm sure all of you guys have seen it several times. I love it. Zed's dead baby ! 10/10 Jackie Brown Another brilliant film that I love mostly because of the music and scenario. Pam Grier is the titular Jackie Brown, a flight attendant for a small mexican airline. She's smuggling money for a Compton gangster, Ordell (SLJ). She's caught by ATF agents who want her to work for them to betray Ordell so they can arrest him. Over the course of the movie, she creates a plan to double-cross everyone and leave with half a million dollar. The plot is great. I couldn't find any weaknesses in the plan and everything makes sense. No plotholes. Pam Grier is fantastic, as is SLJ as always. There is also De Niro who plays a sorta dumb ex-con. I loved when he loses it on the parking lot and kills Ordell's girl Melanie. She was pissing him off and kept going and going and going and you coult tell things were gonna go very wrong for her and that RDN was slowly becoming angrier at her and all of a sudden he shoots her in broad daylight ! Fantastic scene. I can't reduce the movie to that single moment but I loved it. The funky disco soundtrack is incredible. Really adds to the atmosphere of the movie. I find it incredibly rare when the music is the key element of a movie. The one thing that brings the film together and makes it stand out over other movies. Guardians of the Galaxy was like that. But I like that it's something rare because when you see a movie like that, you can instantly feel how essential the music is to that feature. Anyway, another treat from Tarantino. 9.5/10 Kill Bill Double movie ! A story of vengeance split over 2 movies, one being vastly superior to the other IMO. It's the story of a bride, member of a squad of deadly assassins who is murdered on her wedding day along with the groom and all the guests. Except she survives and comes back to kill each member of her old gang finishing with their leader : Bill. Again the movie is cut in chapters. One chapter per target. She kills each of them and ends up killing Bill. The end. Very quick summary but that's not what's to note about this movie. Volume 1 starts with the bride paying a visit to Verinta Green aka Copperhead (they all have snakes nicknames) at her suburban home where she leaves with her cute daughter. They fight. Hardcore fight scene but they stop suddenly when the kid comes back from school. She sees that something's off cause the two women are bleeding quite a lot but her mom sends her to her room. They stop fighting for a while and talk nicely in the kitchen but keeping on their guard and you can feel the tension between them even though they engage in calm conversation. Eventually they fight again and the Bride kills Copperhead in front of her daughter who came back to the kitchen. Oof. That was a bit hard. The girl remains silent while the bride tells her that her mom had it coming and that she'll be waiting if she decides to get revenge one day. And she leaves. Then we flashbacks to watch how the bride came back to life. We learn that she was raped several times while she was in a coma. When she wakes up, she kills one of the guys who was coming to rape her and steals his Pussy wagon, a big bright yellow pick up truck She goes to Japan to see Hatori Hanzo, the famous katana maker who creates a blade for her despite being retired and swearing never again to create a weapon. Then it's time for target 2 : O-Ren Ishii, Yakuza Queen. The bride goes to a Tokyo restaurant where Cottonmouth (Ishii) is going with her bodyguards and a few henchmen. The fight breaks out and we get to meet the Crazy 88, Ishii personnal army of katana wielding yakuzas. A bloodbath ensues in the restaurant and the bride kills every last one of them before killing O-ren Ishii. This is one of the most beautiful fight scene ever. It's wonderfully done and the imagery is amazing. It's so over the top ! Everything is exagerated. Fountains of bloods erupts from severed limbs. The killed guards make insane sounds and faces when they die! It's wonderful. It's an enormous amount of violence but the exageration with the blood and screams and stunts and acting makes it very easily watchable, even if you're susceptible to violent imagery. I like how this is the opposite of a previous scene in the movie, where we learn the background of O-Ren Ishii in anime style. We get a flashback sequence when the yakuza queen was a little kid where we see gangsters killing her parents at her home right in front of her. The entire scene is in japanese anime. I felt like I would be detached from the violence because it was drawings and not live action but I found myself very disturbed by the on screen violence. Much more than usual when watching a live action movie. Volume 2 is the continuation of the story. The bride goes to kill Budd (Sidewinder), Bill's brother at his trailer but he knew she was coming and blast her with a shotgun loaded with rock salt. He calls Elle Driver (California Mountain Snake) to sell her the bride's katana. Instead she comes and kills him with a black mamba snake hidden in his trailer. A fight breaks out and the bride plucks out Driver's remaining eye and leaves to confront the final target : Bill. Before that we get a flashback that shows how Bill sent the bride to train with the legendary martial arts master Pai Mei. She goes through hell during her training and Pai Mei ridicules her the whole time but she earns his respect eventually. In the present time, the bride learns that she has a daughter (she was pregnant with Bill's child at her wedding) who survived the shooting and has been living with Bill the whole time. Conflicted for a bit, she still kills Bill with the secret Five Points Exploding Hearts technique Pai Mei taught her and flies off into the sunset with her daughter. The end. Volume 1 is much better than Volume 2 IMO. Vol. 2 feels like a regular movie while Vol. 1 is much more. Everything is better in Vol. 1, especially on the creative side. The anime scene is wonderful and the Tokyo fight scene is incredibly made. Acts 2 and 3 pay homage to classic martial arts movie. Vol. 1 : 8.5/10 Vol. 2 : 6/10 Deathproof Review coming soon
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    Cunning stunts will be up next week.
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    See this is news to me.
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    Yep, can’t wait to help host some of our favorites of all time! My reaction when I was told I could have some time off from work...
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    You and a long gone member, LN, would have gotten along great. He had a very strict sense of humor and hated most every comedy film made. I saw that one in the theater and left wondering what the fuck I just sat through. Subsequent viewing though and I got it and laugh my ass off. When my wife first met me I was sharing an apartment with my brother. We had a cat named, X-Ray Cat. He couldn’t see criminals through wooden doors though. My sense of humor is fucked up and I laugh at pretty much everything. Strongly believe that ANYTHING can be joked about.
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    This is gonna take a bit longer than expected, dev is working on it
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    I've been playing Ace Combat 7 also lately to try to get the platinum trophy, I don't have it yet but when I get bored with campaign runs I hop into some online battles and have been kicked out of more lobbies than I can count for kicking random ass with far less capable aircraft than what they are using.
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    BJJ is the art of folding clothes while people still wear them. Also known as murder yoga. Have fun, and don't give up.
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    I just checked that and that is correct. I removed @pete2581 & @zztop911 from "maybes" and @djw180, @Crawford1872, @Skorpion & @Beez from the RSVPs, so if you guys are attending tonight, please RSVP again here:
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