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Started watching this FX Aussie produced show called "Mr InBetween".  Damn! This guy is a true sociopath! A gangster of some sort.

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Air Disasters : Lethal Turn (Season 11 Ep. 5)


[September 26, 1997 - Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 - Death toll: 234]

The Good: The mystery of why a flight crew would be instructed by Air Traffic Control to turn Right towards the airport for landing and instead the plane takes a Left away from the airport and directly into the side of a mountain. As always the show's production value is superb. The mix of re-enactments and actual disaster aftermath footage is always used expertly. In this reenactment they even sprayed fake sweat on the investigators foreheads since the crash happened in the hot Indonesian forest, that is attention to detail. The CGI of the plane crashing is haunting and well done. The only awesome thing about these shows is that the global flight industry learns from the crashes and improves equipment and training almost immediately after every crash which end up saving millions of  lives in the future. 


The Bad: The Captain takes a Left turn out of habit. Checking the air condition controls at the moment the wrong turn was taking caused the co-pilot to miss that the Captain had made a mistake and was surprised by his instruments when he looked back at them and immediately contacted Air Control to clarify the turn it was too late as they were already heading into the mountain due to the confusion. Although the Auto-Pilot was destroyed on impact, Auto-Pilot failure was ruled out due to passing maintenance records which meant the flight was deliberately put on the wrong path by the pilots. The altitude that assisted in the disaster was directly caused by input mistake by the Captain. By the time the ATC realizes the flight crew might be making a wrong turn, the plane has descended too much for them to rescue the plane from crashing.


The Ugly: Forest fires, pollution, the confusing instructions from the ATC and general lack of clarity caused the disaster. It's one thing to take the wrong turn, but it's still another to be flying low enough to even be at risk into running into terrain. The ATC had a chance to prevent the crash since radar displays flight data. Sadly, Radar refreshes every 12 seconds...a less advanced system was being used so by the time ATC radar refreshed, the flight had already made the wrong turn and descened too much. But why didn't the Ground Proximity Warning System alert the pilots in the cockpit they were close to the ground? After investigating the FDR shows the alert went off five times but in the actual cockpit recording, it is only heard once a mere four seconds before impact which doesn't seem right so they enhance the audio and discover the alert they thought they heard in the cockpit recording wasn't from the GPWS, but from the co-pilot and ultimately uncovered that the GPWS doesn't activate under certain terrain. The alert that should have been heard in advance in the cockpit never sounded sealing the flight's fate as that was their last chance of avoiding the crash. 

Final thoughts....5/5....Just one of the best shows I watch on television as the investigation always keeps you guessing as to what could have occured. This is just another heart-breaking episode as the disaster could and should have been avoided but the procedures and equipment in place to prevent such things from happening all failed massively. Basically what happened was the pilots were familiar with the airport they were approaching, but instead of approaching from the Right side of the airport they were asked to approach from the Left side, setting in motion this horrible disaster.  Human error, system malfunctions, poor flying conditions were the perfect recipe for this disaster. The only positives are that the Indonesian airline industry upgraded their radars, put in place better communication protocols...and did everything so that something like this never occurs ever again.

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Don’t know if this has been mentioned before but I’ve been watching Mr Robot recently. It’s an excellent drama based around hacking. 

It stars Rami Malek whose in the new Bohemian Rhapsody film as a young hacker whose trying to take on the system. 

I don’t want to say too much about the premise of the show to avoid spoilers. There’s massive comparisons to be made to a well known film. I won’t mention what film it is as it will give away too much. 

Im part way through the third season and I’m definitely hooked. 

I think it’s only available on Amazon Prime but it’s worth a watch. 

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